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Example sentences for "heightened"

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heigh; heighe; height; heighte; heighten; heightening; heightens; heighth; heightned; heights
  1. It was obvious he was still thinking of Lylda and her sister and with a heightened admiration and respect.

  2. Then, with heightened color in his cheeks, he closed them again.

  3. Though poorly clad, his dress was unstudiously elegant, and a fine black mustache heightened the dignity of his appearance.

  4. This young girl kept her feet in motion; her complexion was heightened by a reddish glow, which lent an additional charm to her radiant black eyes.

  5. If anything, their respect would be heightened by his generous offer of reimbursement.

  6. The villagers proceeded uniformly into the building, with a decorum and gravity that nothing could move, on such occasions; but with a haste that was probably a little heightened by curiosity.

  7. The accidental injury you have received from Judge Temple has heightened the sense of your hereditary wrongs.

  8. The moral effect of the vindication would not have been heightened by either a precise declaration or a general acknowledgment of the extent to which the writer had himself profited by such exhibitions of virtue.

  9. It is not surprising that Mrs. Shelley entered this comfortless and altogether unsatisfactory place of abode with drooping spirits, and that every week she spent in it heightened her aversion for the place.

  10. I now first applied to diversions (of the graver sort, particularly to music), but in vain; they rather raised my desires and heightened my anguish.

  11. His affection was now heightened by gratitude, and he frequently interceded with his father for his deliverer's emancipation, but in vain.

  12. It is native feeling heightened and improved by principle.

  13. Desire is not now set to gain salvation, but is turned towards a heightened intellectual individuation, showing itself in nervous mental activity.

  14. Can it also be proved that such highly-marked differentiation between the sexes is in all cases necessary to reproduction--that this heightened male attractiveness is a progressive force in the service of the race?

  15. They have thus recommended and followed asceticism in order to arrive at a heightened spirituality.

  16. But the fact is that the increased powers of recollection and heightened complexity of nervous organisation among men, led to different habits and social customs, separating man radically in his love from the animals.

  17. It was not the possibility of danger which brought that heightened colour to her cheeks, that restless sparkle to her eye, which made her heart beat so violently that she was forced to stop every now and then to take breath.

  18. Artificial improvements have been made rendering the channel more navigable, but the weirdness of the scene is heightened by the flashes of lightning and the low, reverberating thunder claps that were followed by slight rain.

  19. Meeting men of all parties and all classes, Maltravers was struck with the heightened tone of public morals, the earnest sincerity of feeling which generally pervaded all, as compared with his first recollections of the Parisians.

  20. This was undoubtedly true, so far as her form of government was concerned, and was in all likelihood heightened by the circumstances under which he received his early training, as well as by the connections formed in later life.

  21. The most striking indications of this kind are afforded by the elephant, whose highly developed intelligence is heightened and supported by an experience of a lifetime which sometimes extends to two hundred years.

  22. But he was now married; and she condemned her heart for the lurking flattery, which so much heightened the pain of the intelligence.

  23. The recent excitement had heightened his color, and, besides, he always strove to look his best and cheerfulest with Charley.

  24. Priscilla noticed Martine's heightened color, and an idea that had come to her at Yarmouth now returned.

  25. And then an odd thing happened, and it struck a real terror into the heart of the Marquise and heightened that which was already afflicting her fat lover, Tressan.

  26. The change was visible in his heightened colour, in his flashing eyes, and in his twitching mustachios.

  27. There, with hands folded decorously in her lap, with heightened color and serious eyes, she looked shyly up at him.

  28. Wild as the scene had hitherto been, it was yet further heightened by a loud explosion, which sent fragments of burning embers falling even around the boats.

  29. That though the pleasures arising from such pure love may be heightened and sweetened by the assistance of amorous desires, yet the former can subsist alone, nor are they destroyed by the intervention of the latter.

  30. The lives of the senators were exposed to his jealous suspicions, the dishonor of their wives and daughters heightened the gratification of his sensual passions.

  31. The view of arms and of danger heightened the effect of the military song; and the passions which it tended to excite, the desire of fame, and the contempt of death, were the habitual sentiments of a German mind.

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