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devel; develes; develop; developable; develope; developement; developements; developer; developers; developes
  1. The only difference is that in this case there is little probability of high-card strength being developed on the left.

  2. Archimedes developed the proportions necessary for effecting this comparison, in his treatises on the sphere and cylinder, the spheroid and conoid, and in his work on the measure of the circle.

  3. It is always with some degree of hesitation that I introduce geographical details into my books, as I well know that a taste for the study of physical geography has not been developed among my countrymen.

  4. That orchestra, by the way, from what I hear, seems to have developed into something remarkable.

  5. He developed it in every imaginable form.

  6. No doubt dwelling with such a genius has developed her.

  7. Piano teaching has developed immensely in America since the date of the first of the foregoing letters, and not only such celebrities as Dr.

  8. Fraeulein Gaul, on the contrary, with whom Lebert has taken the greatest possible pains, thinks him a magnificent master, and certainly he has developed her admirably.

  9. He hastily gave her a hybrid plant which his eagle eye had discerned among the growth of silene acaulis and saxifrage, a real miracle developed under the breath of angels.

  10. Divine patience, developed by harsh usage, and the constant concentration needed for his meditative life, had bereft his eyes of the audacious pride which is so attractive in some faces, and which had so shocked our masters.

  11. But the antipathies that arise from the inversion of affinities have, very happily, been recorded when developed in famous men.

  12. Under the angular or the vertical incidence of the sun's rays nature is developed the same, but not the same; identical in its principles, but totally dissimilar in its outcome.

  13. The fierce and gloomy tone of this finale is relieved by the phrases given to the three women who foretell Mahomet's triumph, and these motives are further developed in the third act in the scene where Mahomet is enjoying his splendor.

  14. His senses were developed to such perfection as gave them the most sensitive keenness, and every part of him suffered from this life in common.

  15. After the first few days of matrimony, Cora developed a passion for restaurants, whither she expected him to accompany her.

  16. Her highly developed business instinct regarded it as more or less satisfactory, that at the suggestion of Mr. Rudge he had opened an account at a bank.

  17. He was a type new to the Sybarite; and he might have taken pleasure in his primitive attitude to life had it been possible for such a developed mind to take pleasure in anything.

  18. The more he developed the more hopeless she grew.

  19. The department has developed its own plan of time payments, which is much like the piece-work system employed in trade.

  20. With the fundamentals of trade problems established, arithmetic is further developed along special lines of trade to meet the demands of the business world.

  21. You have built towns and railroads and developed mines and carried the twentieth century into new outposts.

  22. She had developed into a very pretty girl, alive, ambitious, energetic, with a shrewd eye to the main chance.

  23. Early in 1917 these qualities were further developed in the Bristol Fighter.

  24. This primitive protection developed into the armoured machine mentioned later, which was about to make its appearance at the Armistice.

  25. Battle of the Aisne, the first attempts were made to extend its scope by the use of wireless for artillery co-operation, and by air photography, both of which developed rapidly.

  26. And there had to be developed a new spirit, combining the discipline of the old Army, the technical skill of the Navy, and the initiative, energy and dash inseparable from flying.

  27. The sniggering had developed into suppressed laughter, and James suddenly stopped the even flow of his oratory, brought his giant fist down on the deal table and sent everything flying.

  28. His face wore a thoughtful appearance; his eyes were penetrating, and under a massive forehead there rested well-developed eyebrows, betokening keen observation.

  29. There was to be trouble outside Cape Spartel, and they were anxious to get through the stream before the gale had developed strength.

  30. Jimmy had developed a form of religious mania, insisting on the theory that he was, as a preacher, a direct descendant of the Apostles.

  31. We have had living grafts of some of the named Crath varieties which we suppose developed from some of the wood imported from Poland by Rev.

  32. The war developed in earnest and I matriculated at a defense plant.

  33. Maximum hardiness is developed only by trees that support a large area of normal leaves continuously from the time of foliation in the spring until late fall when they are killed by frost.

  34. Some of the transplanted seedlings have developed a twig canker at a bud, but I've never seen them kill one and even when we don't prune it out, the tree overcomes it by new growth.

  35. Many have found that grafted trees could be produced and grown successfully but that graft union troubles developed in a certain percentage of the trees either soon after grafting or a few years later.

  36. Nuts that are extremely hardy in the more northern latitudes, appear to have developed this hardiness gradually throughout many generations.

  37. It has made good growth and has developed into a fine shade tree for the lawn but has not borne.

  38. There are three well-equipped tree nurseries, and a fourth is being developed in the eastern part of the province.

  39. It was a slow process and a dangerous one, for only small patches could be burned at a time, lest the small fire escaped past control and developed in an instant into a great blaze.

  40. But while this expedition brought out all the peculiar traits we have spoken of, yet his later expedition developed qualities which circumstances had not previously shown.

  41. But although Stanley developed his character under free institutions, he was not born under them, he being a native of Wales.

  42. He was called to a greater field--though he never thought it so--and was foremost among those who developed the telegraph system of the country almost from its infancy.

  43. But by this time sentimentalism was too fully developed and widely spread to be more than checked.

  44. In 1735 a far more important poet of sentimentalism arose in Henry Brooke, an undeservedly neglected pioneer, who, likewise drawing his inspiration from Shaftesbury, developed its theories with unusual consistency and fullness.

  45. Simon, for his part, developed similar and even stronger sentiments; and he had wit sufficient to perceive that any increase of friendship must come from him.

  46. In fact, Mr. Fogo, from an attitude of indifference, presently developed mild interest in the coming battle and was often at hand when Bartley donned the mittens.

  47. But meantime, on the other side, matters developed steadily.

  48. That this 'mystical tendency' should be appealed to and developed is a statement open to very great doubt.

  49. As our hands are developed for grasping, and the various organs of the body for their respective functions, so mental and emotional qualities are developed in their due course for a rational social life.

  50. But by the great majority of theologians there is assumed a direct supernatural influence in the states of mind developed during adolescence.

  51. Theories of marriage and sexual relations generally are developed with a logical fearlessness peculiarly Russian.

  52. That they found expression in so disastrous a form was due to the fact that the disciplinary agent of these passions, a developed social consciousness, played so small a part in the life of the monk.

  53. Further, it is part of the natural 'plan' that there shall be developed impulses and capacities suitable to each phase of life as it emerges.

  54. He was a strong candidate for the Democratic nomination for the presidency in 1852, and his strength was still more developed four years later when he was the favorite candidate save one, James Buchanan, who finally received the honor.

  55. When General Garfield assumed his new duties he found various troubles already well developed and seriously affecting the value and efficiency of the Army of the Cumberland.

  56. Though physically weak he was wonderfully developed in personal courage.

  57. His childhood was made up of neglect which developed a cold, distant nature.

  58. From such a beginning the business developed into an immense establishment, with a profitable business, which he carried on for over thirty years, when he retired.

  59. While he has made millions in the new systems he has opened in the West, our territories and new States have been wonderfully developed and enriched billions of dollars.

  60. The three most distinguished parliamentary leaders hitherto developed in this country are Mr. Clay, Mr. Douglas, and Mr. Thaddeus Stevens.

  61. He mastered the publishing business, and he developed a marked business capacity in that line.

  62. He developed a system in his business; he paid every bill on the spot; if he could not pay cash, instead of the regular custom of book accounts, he gave his note, thus no complications could arise to embarrass him.

  63. The proletariat will never conquer unless it proceeds to struggle after struggle; its power is developed and its energy let loose only through action.

  64. In less than ten minutes riots had developed at several other points, mounted and foot policemen being switched from one location to another to quell the fighting.

  65. The exclusion from the Soviets of all who think differently from the Bolsheviki developed gradually.

  66. From this," continues Mr. Ackerman, "he appears to have developed into a general agitator.

  67. The constructors consider the power developed by these engines very moderate, on account of the low piston speed specified in this particular case.

  68. The negative image is developed in the ordinary way, but the development is carried much further than if it were to be used as an ordinary negative.

  69. In this way impressions could be very rapidly taken of positive proofs, and enlargements made, which might be developed in hot water, just as in the ordinary carbon process, and at least we should have permanent images.

  70. The advice I gave my wealthy friend was given before the Stevens Institute had developed in the direction it has now.

  71. I asked, wondering how the sailor-lad who had become a drummer-boy had finally developed into a solo orchestra.

  72. It was the Creek war and the war with England which developed his extraordinary energies.

  73. It was this latter question, connected with internal improvements and the sales of public lands, in which Clay was most interested, and which, more than any other, brought out and developed his genius.

  74. If Lincoln had not been gifted with innate greatness, though unknown to himself and all the world, to be developed as occasions should arise, no fortunate circumstances could have produced so extraordinary a career.

  75. They were afraid everything might be sold before it came to their turns, and had it not been for the well-developed muscles of Gertrude and Laura, the fort might have been stormed and the stores raided.

  76. I'll send them both to you as soon as we have developed and printed them.

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