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culta; culte; cultes; cultivable; cultivate; cultivates; cultivating; cultivation; cultivations; cultivator
  1. The cultivated ferment is then added to the wine in shallow vessels and the process is carried on as described above.

  2. From Bacchus Walk the family went to Birdcage Walk, where I have heard there was a large garden in which my grandfather assiduously cultivated dahlias, for he seems to have been passionately fond of flowers.

  3. The country was cultivated and fertile, and the prospect from the windows of the coach was very fine.

  4. The grass is cultivated in the northern states, the grain in the middle states, and the cotton in the southern states.

  5. A cotton plantation in the south can be cultivated by slaves.

  6. The farms were small, but the farmers cultivated as much land as they required, and there was no poverty.

  7. They sowed grain and planted potatoes and cultivated pasture land; the owner here buys root vegetables from his cotters; he hasn't time to toil with such things himself; there's a great deal of work in it.

  8. He was the one cultivated man in the neighborhood.

  9. I do not of course mean that the philosopher can be supposed to know each of them accurately, like the artist himself--but only as much as may be expected from the free and cultivated citizen.

  10. The whole village contained but seven houses, and was cut up into cultivated fields and gardens.

  11. He owned twenty or thirty slaves, and cultivated a good garden.

  12. About the better-cultivated portions of Lombardy there is an almost regal look.

  13. Winthrop had evidently that keen relish for rough life which the gently nurtured and highly cultivated man has oftener than his rude neighbor, partly because, in his case, contrast lends a zest to the experience.

  14. It is not to be supposed, however, that the mob of cultivated Englishmen know how to dine in this elevated sense.

  15. As the morning advanced, the settlements grew thinner, until suddenly, upon reaching the crest of a hill, a great stretch of cultivated lowland lay spread before them.

  16. Cocksfoot (orchard grass) was cultivated with great success and numbers of sheep were fattened on it.

  17. Phraates, after yielding to Augustus in the matter of the standards and prisoners, appears for many years to have studiously cultivated his good graces.

  18. This town was situated at the distance of nearly three hundred miles from the Armenian frontier; but the way to it lay through well-cultivated plains, where food and water were abundant.

  19. I think there have been dry years when I have cultivated our potatoes as many as fifteen times.

  20. The soil has been badly neglected, and when cultivated the methods have not been such as to promote fertility.

  21. The older fields that your grandfather cultivated are less productive now than when he received them from our generous government.

  22. The cultivated areas produce small crops of corn, wheat, and an inferior grade of tobacco.

  23. Starting with a little piece of land, we spread out more and more, and got more and more enriched, and more and more growing clover, and by and by we got all the cultivated land growing it.

  24. These are Lincolns words: "'No other human occupation opens so wide a field for the profitable and agreeable combination of labor with cultivated thought, as agriculture.

  25. This soil has been cultivated for upward of two hundred years, but it is now little valued and is covered with oak and pine over much of its area.

  26. He kept a store as well as cultivated a farm.

  27. That lately he had cultivated a small farm in this neighbourhood for his own advantage.

  28. It was surrounded by a considerable extent of cultivated ground, and the dwelling was situated in the nook of a wood-covered hill, whither it seemed to have crept for protection.

  29. Here the natural capacity of each, cultivated and strengthened by the difficulties of their previous lives, had soon gained them an important rank in the Society, whose members are generally below the ordinary standard of intelligence.

  30. The low, straw-thatched houses were scattered at considerable intervals along the road, and the country having been settled but about thirty years, the tracts of original forest still bore no small proportion to the cultivated ground.

  31. Barbados is very flat, thoroughly cultivated and said to be the most densely populated bit of land in the world; all of which guide-book gossip was discouraging to a naturalist.

  32. It is well known in our gardens, grows wild in some parts of England, and is cultivated in Surrey for the supply of poppy heads to the London market.

  33. Baron Richthofen, writing in 1872, says that the poppy then was cultivated only on hill slopes of an inferior soil, but one sees it now on land of all kinds, both hill and valley.

  34. The poppy may grow wild over a continent, but be cultivated only in a part.

  35. Rice is cultivated during the spring and summer months (that is, the rainy season), for the grain only grows where there is abundance of water.

  36. That the poppy is extensively cultivated in all the provinces of China proper as well as in Manchuria, and that there is probably three or four times as much native drug produced annually in China as is imported from abroad.

  37. Since 1872, when Baron Richthofen visited the province, a great change has taken place in this respect, for it appears to have been cultivated then on hill lands only.

  38. There was no poverty in du Maurier's skill in illustration; but one is compelled to believe his resources as an artist never fully revealed themselves for the lack of the encouragement which only a small cultivated public is prepared to give.

  39. It was because the Victorians cultivated magnificence that his somewhat rhetorical art described them with such reality.

  40. Brussels Sprouts are cultivated for the small heads, which are attached to the stem.

  41. Is especially mentioned as easily cultivated by drills in a garden, and is one of the finest and richest flowers in the world from which the honey-bee can extract its food.

  42. The Indian striped or riband grass, which is cultivated in gardens, would answer admirably for hay.

  43. We passed fields just red with wild strawberries and in places where the land had been cultivated and the grass was sort of low, they grew away up and were large with big clusters, too.

  44. They were as large as the small cultivated berries with a most delicious flavor.

  45. Here my father cultivated a fine garden which included, besides corn, beans and other usual vegetables, some fine sweet potatoes, which were quite a novelty in the town at that time.

  46. There was an eight acre patch of wild strawberries where Indians had cultivated the land on our new claim about where our house stands today.

  47. The wild plum found in the woods my father cultivated and they were as large as small eggs and looked like small peaches.

  48. But most interesting of all was the poet herself, in middle life, with fine, womanly face, friendly manner, and cultivated mind.

  49. I felt the power within me to paint; I cultivated it, and have produced works that have won the favorable verdicts of the great judges.

  50. A cultivated and artistic family have, of course, been an invaluable aid in Mrs. Butler's development.

  51. Her father was a well-to-do banker; her mother a cultivated woman of Scotch descent, from Aberdeenshire.

  52. These talks were given weekly, from eleven o'clock till one, to twenty-five or thirty of the most cultivated women of the city.

  53. There were no hardships in my youth, but care was bestowed on me and my brothers and sisters by a father and mother who were both cultivated people.

  54. Gifted with a naturally fine organ, he has cultivated it arduously and to excellent purpose.

  55. The ear must be cultivated to know a pure, beautiful tone and to love it.

  56. If it lies dormant, it can be cultivated and brought to bear upon the singer's work.

  57. The singer without memory--a cultivated memory--does not get far.

  58. An easy, graceful, buoyant position is essential; it can be cultivated in front of a mirror, from the first lesson.

  59. It studied delicacy, and sought a cultivated enjoyment in evanescent shades of feeling, and the fantasies of unsubstantial grief.

  60. After the Gheya crop has been cut, the field is in general cultivated with radishes, mustard, or some other crop, that is usually sown about the time.

  61. The kinds of rice which are cultivated in this crop are very numerous, and it would be tedious to mention their names, as I have no observations to make on any one in particular.

  62. It is cultivated exactly as cotton is among the hills.

  63. The mustard called Sarishi by the Parbatiyas, and Turi by the Newars is mostly cultivated as a pot-herb.

  64. The ground is afterwards cultivated for rice.

  65. This country is cultivated with the hoe, and the crops are, 1.

  66. Between Maka Paka and Hethaura are a few cleared spots, like it cultivated by rude tribes, who shun all communication with travellers, and dwell in the recesses of forests which protect them from the Gorkhalese.

  67. From Leraghat to Dewghat are two days’ journey, having the cultivated lands of Chitan to the right, and Nawalpur, the residence of a Subah, to the left.

  68. Between the Mahananda and Tista the Sikim Raja possessed a low tract, four or five coses wide, which is inhabited by Koch, and cultivated with the plough.

  69. Although a cooler country than the valley of Nepal, it is the best cultivated in these parts, partly with the hoe, partly with the plough.

  70. To Jaresang, a town in a plain well cultivated country.

  71. Still, on reaching the cultivated land, he looked carefully ahead of him, for he was surprised at the advance the young lady had gained on him in so short a time.

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