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Example sentences for "dainty"

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daintier; dainties; daintiest; daintily; daintiness; dairies; dairy; dairying; dairymaid; dairymaids
  1. Vexation was stamped upon the dainty face, with its soft brown eyes, as she raised her veil.

  2. Why had the once lovely creature come back from Europe to disturb the memories of her other radiant self, and to turn those dainty photographs of her earlier person into lies?

  3. Her bright eyes roved to the dainty table near at hand.

  4. She sat down at her dainty writing table, and in a steady hand she wrote: "I am going away to-morrow, and I may never see you again.

  5. But he shuddered as he thought of his dainty lady being subjected to the vicissitudes of a long trip on those primitive Russian railways.

  6. Then she held up a dainty lavalliere, with a pendant containing a superb pearl.

  7. Unconscious of the other's words, she remained kneeling at the side of the dainty sofa with its far from dainty burden, her arm still about the neck of the man who slept upon it.

  8. I liked best the simplicity of the large, open, ready-to-receive ones filled with clean, dainty sand.

  9. They stood in a circle and were told (Howard rubbed his hands in a dainty manner) that "this is the way we wash our clothes.

  10. He went on up-stairs then, and presently Fairy came down with the dainty silk gown trimmed with fine soft lace.

  11. She did not notice the dainty room into which she was conducted.

  12. She gave a scornful toss of her dainty head, and struck out madly for home.

  13. Gauzita, with a touch of dainty impudence.

  14. A little flutter of white from a clump of brush attracted his eyes, and he extracted from the brambles a dainty handkerchief still fragrant with the personality of the girl he loved.

  15. When everybody was stuffed with good things, the dainty Prince and Princess remained for an hour to play with the other children, "just like real folks," as Elsie Meyer declared.

  16. Strolling along down the path which led to the fell, I saw in one spot where the ground was soft the impressions of a foot--the small, dainty foot of a well-booted woman.

  17. Pale shades of pink and green were the prevailing tints, but all had a lovely iridescence where the sun shimmered through their dainty forms.

  18. The boys are but shallow, sparkling pools compared with this little girl with her self-repression and dainty aloofness.

  19. Then there is Baby, a dainty elfin Dresden-china little creature of five, as fair as an angel and as deep as a well.

  20. RAPE OF THE LOCK, a dainty production of Pope's, pronounced by Stopford Brooke to be "the most brilliant occasional poem in the language.

  21. And he clasped to his breast the dainty form of Nele all shivering with fear.

  22. And Nele said to Ulenspiegel, taking a tear from out the corner of his eye with her dainty finger: "Thou art sad, my beloved?

  23. But the men: "The Frenchies are dainty to-day.

  24. The word savage could not apply to anything so exquisitely dainty in manner and appearance; and yet one felt the long line of savage ancestry at the back of her, a wildness no other European nation would show in such a flower of its race.

  25. The late afternoon found Mell in dainty attire, seated on the front porch, gazing wistfully in the direction of the Bigge House.

  26. There was a dainty little sail sweeping across just at the bend of the river; I have seen many since; I never forget that one.

  27. Daisy, I used to think she was an extremely dainty and particular little person.

  28. He had nothing in common with the dainty little room of lights and flowers and shining silver, and the smartly dressed couple who were dining there.

  29. A dainty tint of gray was considered more suitable, either to her own complexion or the age of the bridegroom.

  30. The flowers faded and died unchanged in the vases, and there was no dainty woman's work lying about--that litter of white and colored shreds of silk and muslin, which give to a room an inhabited appearance.

  31. A perfume of violets, and the more dainty scent of primroses, pervaded the garden.

  32. Besides this rustic embarrassment which hung like a clog about me out-of-doors, within-doors I missed wofully the dainty feminine ways I had been used to.

  33. There were of course none of the little dainty luxuries about it with which I was familiar in my mother's bedroom.

  34. A delicate gray-silk dress, a dainty lace cap, a perfect self-possession, a dignified presence.

  35. Half a dozen laughing children were chasing one another in noisy glee, their bright sashes and dainty dresses gleaming in the last rays of the golden orb.

  36. But with Gibbie, and even with the dainty Ginevra, he could not yet bring himself to talk anything but his mother-tongue.

  37. When she beheld all that I had accomplished she was amazed at my ability and the pluck shown by my making these dainty articles with pen and brush while sitting in bed.

  38. For this kind act I am indebted to Miss Helen Weidersheim and her sister, Mrs. Gruenhagen, who had informed the ladies of the Exchange of the dainty work I had done.

  39. Looking through the door of the dainty place you could not see the girl's face; for she had turned her head, and her chin was resting upon her slim, white hands, as she read from a book that lay upon her lap.

  40. Presently he heard a rustle in the dry bushes beside him, and, looking he saw a fallow doe making her way with quick but dainty tread towards the lake.

  41. This book is Miss Bell's best effort, and most in the line of what we hope to see her proceed in, dainty and keen and bright, and always full of the fine warmth and tenderness of splendid womanhood.

  42. Through curtains beyond was the bath-room, with every dainty requisite that a woman of fashion could desire.

  43. Her face was beautiful, with a singular and weird beauty which owed nothing of its fascinations to the ordinary charms of delicate outlines and dainty coloring.

  44. Minny made flannel shirts for him, and he wore them: she trimmed his moccasins, and the dainty cambric ruffles which he wore when in grand costume were got up by her hands.

  45. She cast a sad and wistful glance around the dainty room and on its glittering contents.

  46. On Monday morning Mary had a dainty breakfast all ready for them at seven o'clock, and Patsy and her father departed with light hearts for their work.

  47. In the cosy chamber of an apartment located in a fashionable quarter of New York Louise Merrick reclined upon a couch, dressed in a dainty morning gown and propped and supported by a dozen embroidered cushions.

  48. She wore a gray dress with white collar and white apron and cap, and seemed so dainty and sweet that the Major and Uncle John approved her at once.

  49. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "dainty" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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