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Example sentences for "daintiest"

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daimons; daimyo; daintie; daintier; dainties; daintily; daintiness; dainty; dairies; dairy
  1. Rough tinted cartridge paper can be treated the same as cut leather and the daintiest of candle or lamp shades can be made of them.

  2. Slight as the story is, it is by no means unamusing, and the music, which is a piece of the daintiest filagree-work imaginable, has helped to keep the little work alive to the present day.

  3. It ripples along in the daintiest fashion, sparkling with wit and gaiety, and if it leaves no very definite impression of originality, its craftsmanship is perfection itself.

  4. Rouen, where summer's sun tarries longer, and winter's frosts pinch not the daintiest fingers.

  5. They were the tiniest, daintiest things, of the smallest ever seen in harness, but with all the ways of big horses, therefore amusing in their very grace.

  6. She screwed up her eyes, and grinned with delight, spreading her mouth wide, and showing an incredible number of daintiest little teeth.

  7. Above all other styles of fly-fishing, it calls for the most delicate tackle and the very daintiest hand.

  8. Here is a piscina enclosed within a group of pointed arches, whose lovely Early English enrichments form one of the daintiest features of the cathedral.

  9. The daintiest of caps rested on her gray hair like a crown, and several little ringlets about her ears gave the charm of quaintness to the patrician face.

  10. The Daintiest and Prettiest of Souvenirs.

  11. ALL in the daintiest cradle That baby could wish to own, It lay contentedly winking, Where Polly had left it alone.

  12. We want you to know all about the "Elfin" Watches The daintiest little watches ever made, and the smallest made in the United States.

  13. Ivory Soap contains less of impurities, less of free alkali and more real soap than any of them; that is why it can be used without injury to the rose leaf skin of the baby, to the sheerest of linens or to the daintiest of laces.

  14. Upon this head rests the daintiest of morning caps, all white lace and delicate ribbon bows, that match in color her trailing gown.

  15. And to the Christmas numbers he gave some of his best and daintiest work.

  16. Oft haue I spoild my kisses' daintiest diet, To spare Thy quiet.

  17. Man's daintiest care, & caution cannot spy The subtile point of his coy destiny, Wch way it threats.

  18. And an exquisite Jill, in green and white and gold, ruffled it with the daintiest air and a light in her grey eyes that shamed her jewellery.

  19. The daintiest things that were ever created.

  20. Why," replied Guido, staring at him, "here was the daintiest dancing.

  21. In short, where is the very best and daintiest of every thing to be had, for the best and daintiest little bride the sun ever shone on?

  22. But now that I set it in daintiest rhyme, You flourish my trumpet all the time.

  23. Both these doubts are solved in the most masterly fashion by the concluding line, which not only carries the modulation with consummate ease, but completes the organic outline of the melody with the daintiest delicacy and finish.

  24. Notwithstanding her indignation and scorn, she could not suppress a cry of mingled astonishment and admiration at what she saw there, for the receptacle contained the daintiest lingerie imaginable.

  25. An elegant writing-desk, of unique design, and furnished with everything a lady of the daintiest tastes could desire, stood near another sunny window.

  26. When she presented him, the daintiest little fellow, mouse-color, with touches of red and gold on wings and throat and the prettiest pink bill, I met her guilty look with one of sheer astonishment.

  27. Gentle little Quakers they seem in the daintiest of dove-color plumage.

  28. These daintiest hands belonged to his beloved Julie Kunze, to whom Dame Rumor said he was engaged.

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