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Example sentences for "daintiness"

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  1. Small, fringed napkins or doilies on and overhanging the shelves help to impart an air of daintiness and make a pretty setting for the dishes.

  2. They are her stocks and bonds, giving forth daily their bounteous, beauteous yield of daintiness and comfort, and paying for themselves many times over by the atmosphere of nicety and refinement which they create.

  3. Nothing could exceed the skill and daintiness with which the costume is painted, and the characterization of the head is more sympathetic than usual, offering a most winsome type of beautiful, good womanhood.

  4. Her study at Aman-Jean's and Colarossi's gave a certain daintiness and grace to her work, which is more Parisian than British in style.

  5. Mrs. Baker claims that in this method she gets "the strength of oils with the daintiness of water-colors, and that it is beautiful for women and children, and sufficiently strong for portraits of men.

  6. There lived here a mistress who would have dwelt daintily on a desert island; a master whose daintiness was, as it were, an investment, cultivated by the owner for his advancement, in accordance with the laws of competition.

  7. These impressions of her daintiness and demureness are particularly vivid in a picture my memory has retained of our walking together, unattended, to Susan Blackwood's birthday party.

  8. I can't remember her dress, only the exquisite sense of her slimness and daintiness comes back to me, of her dark hair in a long braid tied with a red ribbon, of her slender legs clad in black stockings of shining silk.

  9. She would not like the daintiness of that room deflowered.

  10. Its cool daintiness made it seem the symbol of another world, a world without depths or shadows, a world that did not feel--a happy world!

  11. He reinforces, he doubles the French daintiness by Italian finesse.

  12. The characteristic of French work had always been a certain nicety, a remarkable daintiness of hand, une netteté remarquable d'exécution.

  13. But this elegance, this manner, this daintiness of execution are consummate, and have an unmistakable aesthetic value.

  14. From the daintiness of elegance to the arrogant disgust of folly the word carries meanings numerous and diverse enough; it must not be cruelly burdened with all the laudatory occasions of an undiscriminating egotism.

  15. Her form had lost its bud-like daintiness in the full flower of motherhood.

  16. The house is large but not striking, without architectural beauty and surmounted by a heavy ugly roof, so that only by means of flowers can any daintiness be given to the whole.

  17. Little bags of lavender or rose-geranium leaves laid on closet shelves add much to the daintiness and freshness of the clothes kept there.

  18. A certain degree of order, daintiness and formality should characterize every meal, but these things do not depend upon the number of courses, nor upon the presence of a waitress.

  19. There remains but to say that ideal dining room and pantry work combine military order with a daintiness which puts pansies into finger bowls.

  20. It makes variety and daintiness if this decoration is flowers or a plant or even a silver or glass vase rather than food in any form.

  21. The same cleanliness and daintiness which are necessary in her work should also be hers personally.

  22. The struggle has worn all the daintiness and refinement out of her.

  23. He stole a sidelong glance at her--she was the personification of daintiness from the black patent shoes showing beneath the flouncing of her skirt, to the white hat with its clusters of roses.

  24. In a breath, or the half of a breath, Graham saw the whole breathless situation, realized that the white wonderful creature was a woman, and sensed the smallness and daintiness of her despite her gladiatorial struggles.

  25. To the eye, it seemed almost that one could see through the pink daintiness of fingers, hand, wrist, and forearm, neck and cheek.

  26. Elsie's piquant daintiness was more than ever fascinating to him.

  27. Just as much as he, she had a right to feel her heart leap within her at the sight of luxury and daintiness and beauty.

  28. From the tip of her slim satin slipper to the ribbon in her hair, she was dressed with a daintiness which set her beauty proudly off.

  29. The man's half-audible sigh was also very expressive, for after his grim life he found the brightness and daintiness of the little room very pleasant.

  30. She had been used to lodging-houses, to pensions, greasy and public, to the vulgarity of inns; and all this daintiness and freshness charmed her with a sense of repose and personal property.

  31. The impulsive ones, who like the romance of Touraine and the daintiness of valley of the Indre and the Cher, will find little to their liking around Algiers.

  32. During the nineteenth century a small group of men were especially instrumental in transplanting the daintiness and refinement of modern French light opera into indigenous German productions.

  33. These are the men who have been instrumental in transplanting the daintiness and refinement of modern light French opera into indigenous German productions.

  34. Little daintinesses of living came to her naturally, with only a hint, just as daintiness of person had come.

  35. She knew what therr homes were like--comfortless, rough, and bare, with neither daintiness nor convenience.

  36. The maid could never hope to match that daintiness of arrangement with her own ash-coloured locks, but she meant to try.

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