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Example sentences for "buoyancy"

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buona; buone; buoni; buono; buoy; buoyant; buoyantly; buoyed; buoying; buoys
  1. There was something in the buoyancy and force of his mood that seemed to make Catherine shrink into herself.

  2. There was no lack of rope on board, and the buoyancy of the raft was considerably increased by a number of life-buoys and belts.

  3. There was something extraordinarily precarious in the state of these unhappy men, since they had no means of knowing whether the buoyancy of the raft would maintain the weight of them all, when the ship, at last, went down.

  4. You don't allow for our national buoyancy and uplift.

  5. It combines the dignity and monumental qualities of the first of the Virgins at Amiens, with the living buoyancy of the Virgin on the Gilded Portal.

  6. Illustration] The great advantage of effecting this by the buoyancy of light vessels instead of a burthen of weights, as in Fig.

  7. Device by Means of Buoyancy Through Media of Different Densities An account of this appeared in "Mechanics' Magazine," 1825.

  8. I felt a buoyancy of spirits as I leapt ashore, and picked up some of its clean pebbles to see what kind of geological testimony they bore to the actual character of their parent beds in the Appalachian range.

  9. This was certainly a social mode of conquering the wilderness, and gives some idea of the buoyancy of American character.

  10. She was American, past question, to transatlantic eyes; yet these found in her only the original buoyancy and freshness of that nationality, without a gleam of its so-termed coarseness.

  11. She alone knew the bleeding pride, the balked aspiration, the thwarted yearning, which this pathetic and fictitious buoyancy hid.

  12. The very idea gave buoyancy to my step and manner, and made many of my companions inquire what had put me in such unusual spirits.

  13. And when one is no longer very young the spring and buoyancy seem to go.

  14. Save for a natural buoyancy of spirit she might have wept her way across North America.

  15. A puddle gathered about her knees in the bilge, sloshing fore and aft as the craft pitched, killing the natural buoyancy of the canoe so that she dove harder.

  16. All the buoyancy of his inherent Americanism returned to him.

  17. The glorious day restored all his buoyancy of spirits.

  18. The log may not have been sufficiently buoyant, and the adventurer may have added to its buoyancy by using his arms and legs.

  19. One compartment may be injured so as to fill with water, while the others, being uninjured, their buoyancy will still keep the ship afloat.

  20. The surroundings had a kind of buoyancy even to the spirits of the badly clad and badly fed soldiers, which caused their stale bread and "cush" to be eaten with a relish.

  21. Let but one person enter the room of whose sympathy he did not feel secure, and his powers forsook him as suddenly as the buoyancy of a bird that has received a mortal shot in its wing.

  22. I belonged to a reptile race, if the wings by which we had sometimes seemed to mount, and the buoyancy which had seemed to support our flight, were indeed the fantastic delusions which he represented them.

  23. His health was good, but this buoyancy was based on something deeper than that; his health was good because of it.

  24. With a buoyancy hard to define and possibly not justified, Wimble watched her.

  25. But there welled up in his heart a gladness of such buoyancy as only falls to the lot of youth.

  26. The new softness, the new pride, in your voice, the buoyancy in your laughter--they have been audible to me all this evening.

  27. She brought to the dinner-table that night a buoyancy of spirit which surprised her companions.

  28. Captain Willoughby's tidings had begotten that new pride and buoyancy in Ethne which he had so readily taken to himself.

  29. I say it is not the buoyancy of ignorance.

  30. They take no strength out of the hand, and they put much strength and buoyancy into the heart.

  31. I have also such buoyancy of spirits, that life seems to me a very, very great blessing, and I do at times strive to make it useful to those around me.

  32. I continue to mend in strength, and feel at times the buoyancy of early days.

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