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Example sentences for "conquering"

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conquerd; conquere; conquered; conquerer; conquereth; conqueror; conquerors; conquerour; conquerours; conquers
  1. David's blood was leaping through him, and in him were the lightness and the all-conquering strength of youth.

  2. Since his talk with Helen David's hope of conquering the future had been constantly high.

  3. The applause doubled and the band thundered into "Hail the Conquering Hero.

  4. This is a rather satisfying doctrine for those who do not feel quite equal to the effort of conquering vicious or unfortunate tendencies.

  5. The ordinary man knows his limitations better; he recognizes the fact that he may be ill, and gives in quietly and rests, so that nature may employ all her energies in conquering the infection.

  6. It seemed that all other therapeutic factors must give way to definitely accurate doses of antitoxic principles, directly opposed to the toxins of disease and {70} capable of conquering it.

  7. A concentration of attention on the idea, not only of conquering but of being able to conquer, will be secured.

  8. Indeed this is one of the unfortunate features in completely conquering the habit.

  9. Besides, this law represents a very wonderful capacity for withstanding pains and aches and conquering disinclination that would otherwise seem impossible.

  10. At Huddersfield, Yorkshire, a Roman temple was discovered and an altar inscribed to Antonius Modestus of the sixth conquering legion.

  11. Place, profit, power--these were in view of whoever now joined the conquering sect.

  12. Not only as a token of the conquest she had made, but also as a gratification to her pride, the conquering republic brought the gods of the vanquished peoples to Rome.

  13. The results of this culture were carried to other lands by the conquests of Alexander, and subsequently by the conquering Romans.

  14. In short, there was nothing recognizable of the conquering potentate who had kept such state at Milan, except the affected simplicity of his personal life and conduct.

  15. He who in his youth surpassed thee in battle, like thee shall close with conquering hands the wounds of his country.

  16. The conquering republic was over the sea; it was a spurious one which had remained at home to be humiliated.

  17. Russia, Turkey, and Austria were in coalition: Russia would despatch troops to defend the Turkish capital and to aid in conquering Italy.

  18. It is, however, needful to observe the means by which she was able to survive the dire perils of her early youth and to develop the colonising and conquering agencies of her maturer years.

  19. And yet in 1828, the conquering march of the Russians to Adrianople had awakened that people to a passing thrill of national consciousness.

  20. Russia resumed the conquering march of the Czars southward, captured Bessarabia, and forced the Sultan to grant certain privileges to the Principalities of Moldavia and Wallachia.

  21. The two great colonising and conquering movements of recent times are those which have proceeded from London and Moscow as starting-points.

  22. In the political psychology of the Afghans, the tardy arrival at Cabul of presents from India argued little friendship for Shere Ali, but great dread of the conquering Muscovites.

  23. They burned without flicker, those spires of yellow flame, slowly conquering the dying twilight, till in their soft radiance the room was full of warm dusky shadows, the night outside ever a deeper black.

  24. Tiglath-pileser, after a time of quiescence and decay, raised up Assyria to be once more a great conquering power, and energetically applied himself to the consolidation and unification of the empire.

  25. At the present time, in Christendom, the one conquering power in literature, the one fascinating absorption of thought in society, is that connected with the cultivation of physical science.

  26. There is no outermost darkness to which his heavenly and all conquering light cannot shine.

  27. Martha soon did it resign To the beauteous Catharine: Beauteous Catharine gave place (Though loth and angry she to part With the possession of my heart) To Eliza's conquering face.

  28. I Here let my Lord hang up his conquering lance, And bloody armour with late slaughter warm, And looking down on his weak militants, Behold his saints, midst of their hot alarm, Hang all their golden hopes upon his arm.

  29. Though peace with olive bind his hands, Confessed the conquering hero stands.

  30. Can't be exactly a conquering hero the first night you put them on, can you, Roger?

  31. The conquering and lasting potency of it resides not alone in loveliness of expression, but in loveliness of character.

  32. Thus should I have had a chance of conquering myself and winning clear of all the horror that lay before me.

  33. Thence upon his all-conquering way, he marched upon Castel San Giovanni, whence he sought to oust the Sforza, and at the same time he committed the mistake of attempting to drive the Gonzaga out of Soragna.

  34. I care not; but progress demands a new and conquering organism.

  35. That's the right ring,' said the General, not without conquering a feeling of repugnance towards the vicinity of the bag.

  36. When, urged no more by Passions gale, Or impulse unforeseen, Humanity shall faint and fail, Upon its ruins will prevail The conquering Machine!

  37. Among the thousands stood the Conquering One, Still, lone, and unresisted as a sun!

  38. The Hour had conquer'd earth's all-conquering race.

  39. But on the marge as on the wave thou art, 89 O conquering Death!

  40. It is not in my Army alone that my resources of Conquering consists!

  41. He employed some weeks in conquering Italy as far south as Naples, but from this work he was recalled by the approach of an Austrian army to raise the siege of Mantua.

  42. Conscious that Spain had gained in strength by the loss of her widespread foreign dependencies, he had no intention of conquering that country.

  43. If England could not conquer America alone, what hope was there of conquering America joined with France with the whole house of Bourbon in its wake?

  44. The first difficulty was to restrain the ambitious desires of France, where the propagandist and conquering spirit seemed for the moment to have been reawakened by the late revolution.

  45. He was convinced that, unless the tribes could be federated into compact opposition to their conquering enemies, the hunting-grounds of his people would speedily be converted into the homes and cities of the paleface.

  46. Such winding-sheet as theirs no rust, no, nor all-conquering time, shall bring to naught.

  47. Here it recalls several prophecies, and as a designation of the Messiah, shadows forth His conquering might, all to be used for deliverance to His people.

  48. A handsome young fellow, with a conquering air!

  49. He felt himself on his own ground; it was here and not in the waste places that his work lay, here that he was formed to conquer, here that he was conquering fortune.

  50. The conquering people may impose its own methods of production upon the conquered (e.

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