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Example sentences for "conquers"

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conquering; conqueror; conquerors; conquerour; conquerours; conquest; conquests; conquestum; conquete; conquista
  1. But the virtue that conquers passion, And the sorrow that hides in a smile, It is these that are worth the homage on earth For we find them but once in a while.

  2. It masters time, it conquers space, It cowes that boastful trickster Chance, And bids the tyrant Circumstance Uncrown and fill a servant's place.

  3. The injured man challenges and conquers him in single combat, when, having the ruffian at his mercy, he raises him from the ground, pardons him, and makes him his bosom friend.

  4. His patience never doth abate Howe’er we sin and fall; Be patient with thyself, and wait Till patience conquers all.

  5. Rome conquers the world and educates all nations into the same state of mind as its own people.

  6. On the other hand, nothing so effectually conquers fear, as a great and lofty idea springing from the dominion of love.

  7. A witch by fear, not force, like Hannibal, Drives back our troops and conquers as she lists.

  8. The Regent conquers and the Frenchmen fly.

  9. When the gods are battling, men can do nothing; where Set conquers Osiris, who can bar the way to him?

  10. He conquers the gods at command of Osiris, the lord of the mountain Amenti.

  11. It is not simply deliverance from the penalty of sin, but the development of a divine life that conquers sin.

  12. In the intercourse of dear friends, or in the discourse of the orator, there is a personal influence, distinct from the word spoken, which persuades the heart and conquers the will.

  13. Its blue is the ocean shadow That hides in her dreamy eyes, And it conquers all men, like her, And still for a Union flies.

  14. He conquers earth, air, and sky respectively by these three Vedas.

  15. Trita, scarcely Triton, is the Persian Thraetaona who conquers Vritra, as does Indra in India.

  16. By sheer force of will she conquers Negly and rushes past him to the door of the room where her lover lies.

  17. Restrain yourself, and fill your mind with strains Such as the Muse who conquers men will teach you, And you will charm him by your dulcet songs.

  18. Thus the conquering Christ comes, and those whom He conquers by His love, He shifts by a great emigration out of the dominion of that darkness which is at once tyranny and anarchy, and leads them into the happy kingdom of the light.

  19. But all must be severed before the ruthless tyrant who conquers conquerers, and has justly been styled, "the king of terrors.

  20. In brief, let this suffice in her commendation:--She strengthened David and conquered Goliath, she overthrows her enemies and conquers herself.

  21. He therefore conquers in the song of the Lord, who takes pleasure in His praise, not in his own; that "He that glorieth, let him glory in the Lord.

  22. For in this life, when this conflict has arisen, either pain conquers and death expels the feeling of it, or nature conquers and health expels the pain.

  23. For when the soul conquers itself to a due subordination, so that its unreasonable motions are controlled by reason, while it again is subject to God, this is a conquest virtuous and praiseworthy.

  24. Sittius, in the African war makes a successful diversion against Juba and conquers even the important Cirta (Bell.

  25. Luria is a noble Moor who commands the armies of Florence against Pisa, and conquers Pisa.

  26. So the strong man conquers the Fates, whom even Apollo could not subdue.

  27. He meets and conquers Death and brings back Alkestis alive to her husband.

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