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Example sentences for "bids"

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bided; bides; bideth; bidh; biding; bidst; bield; bien; bienes; bienfaisance
  1. That holy man, That Clarinsal, whom I am bound to honour, Perversely bids me think of thee no more.

  2. His phrase, his look, His steady countenance, raise something here, Bids me beware of him.

  3. Erda bids thee beware" plate 15 Fafner kills Fasolt plate 16 "To my hammer's swing Hitherward sweep Vapours and fogs!

  4. Adieu, the bustle of departure in the hall bids me hasten.

  5. The second degree of grace is more special: that GOD gives freely to every man who is a good and reasonable creature: and this grace stands ever at the gates of our hearts, and knocks on our free-will, and bids it let it in.

  6. And to insure this, our friends in Ohio should not be eager to encourage new experiments, but to concentrate their capital and talent, as far as possible, on that Association which bids fair to accomplish the work proposed.

  7. We consider our condition bids fair for the realization of at least a share of happiness, even upon the earth.

  8. But ne’er in battle throbbed a heart so brave, As that which beats beneath the Scottish plaid; And when the pibroch bids the battle rave, And level for the charge your arms are laid, Where lives the desperate foe that for such onset staid?

  9. He is justified in rejecting the bids of insane persons, minors, drunken persons, trustees of the property, and perhaps in some cases of married women.

  10. Thus, by statute, many municipalities can make contracts, or those of a particular kind, only on sealed bids or proposals and after proper advertising for bids, etc.

  11. My father bids us say That, though he cannot have you at his table, You may ask any other thing you like And he will give it you.

  12. I had even thought I knew your voice and face, but now the words Are so unlikely that I needs must ask Who is it that bids me put my hunger by.

  13. A few of the lines seem to sink almost lower than Scott, and suggest a Gilbert parody: "He bids thee come without delay With all thy numerous array.

  14. He bids thee come without delay With all thy numerous array; And take thy lovely daughter home: And he will meet thee on the way With all his numerous array White with their panting palfreys' foam: And, by mine honour!

  15. Sinclair, whose absurd vanity bids him thrust his finger into every man's pie, proposing that Hurst and Robinson should sell their prints, of which he says they have a large collection, by way of lottery like Boydell.

  16. Sir Ryence of North-gales[52] greeteth well thee, And bids thee thy beard anon to him send, Or else from thy jaws he will it off rend.

  17. Then downe came Jacob at the gate, 25 And bids her packe to hell, Thou false deceiving knave, quoth she Thou mayst be there as well.

  18. Though reason says, thou shouldst forbeare, And stay thy hand from bloudy stroke; Yet fancy bids thee not to fear, Which fetter'd thee in Cupids yoke.

  19. Then raising from their lacquered gloom Old keepsakes, tokens of undying love, A golden hair-pin, an enamel brooch, She bids him bear them to her lord.

  20. Knocking at the jade door At the western gate of the golden house, he bids A fair maid breathe his name to one more fair Than all.

  21. On such a truth the singer rests his own confidence; such a truth he lays, like a cold hand, on the hot brows of the plotters, and bids them pause and ponder.

  22. New Testament endorses the conception of the "wrath of God," and bids us take heed lest, if we cast it away, we maim His love.

  23. Telemachus now takes the matter in hand, orders his mother out of the way somewhat abruptly (since the fight is soon to start), and bids the bow to be carried to Ulysses in face of the outcries of the Suitors.

  24. She appears to Nausicaa at the beginning in the form of a dream, and bids the maiden look after some washing.

  25. She bids him give up his raft to the anger of Neptune, throw away his clinging wet garments of Calypso, and swim to the land of the Phæacians.

  26. But he shuns her question, bids her make fresh vows to the Gods, and goes off to look after his guest, the prophet Theoclymenus.

  27. The lady now bids adieu to all sadness and melancholy, and gradually regains all her former beauty.

  28. He bids fair to lose that, as well as break all our hearts.

  29. Brother Gerard," cried he, in his tremendous tones, "Kate bids you run for your life.

  30. The very name of Isis is etymologically connected with knowing (eidenai); and the goal of her sacred rites is "knowledge of the first and sovereign and intelligible, whom the goddess bids us seek and find in her.

  31. What is that, which, when my Laura kisses, Dyes my cheek with flames of purple hue, Bids my bosom bound with swifter motion, Like a fever wild my veins runs through?

  32. For," said Waif, "the Patron bids the cards come out just as he likes.

  33. Well pleased before With this fair stranger-youth's ingenuous face, He bids him welcome with a courtly grace, And on the morn proclaims to all his band This warrior shall receive his daughter's hand.

  34. Bele I wear not a retainer's steel;* For wounded honor bids divide The sacred bond it once revered.

  35. In most things I would not oppose them, but in this case I must do as my own heart bids me.

  36. Now could he hug bleak Zembla's bolted snow, Now to Arabia's heated deserts turn, Yet bids the biting blast more fiercely blow, The scorching sun without abatement burn.

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