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departit; department; departmental; departments; departs; departures; departyd; departyng; depasturing; depauperate
  1. The departure of the soul is not always voluntary.

  2. The departure of my brave little sister, clever-witted counsellor, and dearest companion seemed to leave such a void in my life that in the first hours which followed her departure I mourned for her as one grieves for the dead.

  3. It was not probable that the woman Tueski would place any obstacle in the way, provided I did not attempt to leave as well; and I came to the conclusion that the best possible course would be for Olga to take her departure at once.

  4. And she rose from her seat as if she hoped their departure might take place that minute.

  5. Intelligence of this was directly sent to Bradbury, who proceeded to make arrangements for his own release: this was soon effected, and it was on the eve of the day of his departure that Grimaldi saw him in the madhouse.

  6. The summer passed pleasantly away, the whole of Grimaldi's spare time being devoted to the society of his wife and her parents, until the departure of the latter from London for Weymouth, of which theatre Mr. Hughes was the proprietor.

  7. And in October the great event that was recorded in the annals of the colony inaugurated a new departure in their career.

  8. It was he who finally found them their home, after their many futile searches--half a house in their own street and terrace, vacated by the marriage and departure to another colony of the lady who played the piano that was out of tune.

  9. The little man was looking so ferocious, and his departure from her side appeared so imminent, that she changed her tone quickly after putting this question.

  10. We are here as the realization of a truth--the fulfilment of a prophecy; we must attest a new departure in the moral and intellectual development of the human race; for whichever of us does not, must suffer annihilation.

  11. It is a new departure in history; it is a new door opened to the development of the human race, or, as I should prefer to say, of humanity.

  12. But the young king entreats his mother before his departure "to instruct the poor, homeless princess in all kindness.

  13. The attempt to obtain a free departure from the hall to die in open battle fails, since Kriemhilde fears Hagen might escape her vengeance.

  14. When, after the departure of the queen, the child is searched for, he is not to be found.

  15. A change of period is indicated by the departure from the disc-shaped nimbus.

  16. As the beginning of canopy work in glass it marks a very eventful departure in design.

  17. Questions such as these are much more to the point than considerations of the date at which some new departure may have been made.

  18. The excessive use of opaque paint was not so much a new departure as the exaggeration of a tendency which had grown with the growth of glass painting itself.

  19. That is a new and characteristic departure (page 159).

  20. One may have a strong personal bias towards strictly mosaic glass, and yet acknowledge that success justifies departure from what one thought the likelier way.

  21. The one quite new departure in sixteenth century technique was the use of enamel colour (see Chapter VIII.

  22. They are at once the types, and the best examples, of the glass painter's new departure in the direction of light and shade.

  23. The use of stain, which was the beginning of a new departure in glass, does not pronounce itself before the fourteenth century.

  24. In any case these horizontal bands across the window mark departure from the earlier style.

  25. With the change which came over the spirit of later thirteenth century architecture some new departure in the design of glass became inevitable.

  26. No great stress has been laid in the foregoing chapters upon this new departure in naturalism, because it did not so very vitally affect design.

  27. We took a new departure together, were blown over a few times, and tumbled over, no matter how often; but we hit the ships to a notch.

  28. Returning on our track, and taking a new departure toward the east--open water again.

  29. Thanks to the incessant labors of our commander, and the exhaustless liberality of Mr. Grinnell, most of our deficiencies were made up, and we effected our departure in time for the navigation of Baffin's Bay.

  30. Immediately after Captain Dawe's departure a scene of rioting began, ending in an uproar that filled me with disgust.

  31. Soon after my departure these men heard the voices of natives in the woods, and presently they appeared themselves in numbers which rapidly increased until there were collected together about two hundred men, women, and children.

  32. It was found however impossible to procure the necessary horses for us before the next day, and our departure was consequently delayed until the morning of the 9th.

  33. Zahn, of the Foreign Office, who had arranged the details of our departure and gave him a gold cigarette case as a souvenir of the occasion.

  34. He was perfectly cool, although naturally much pleased when I informed him that his departure had been arranged.

  35. The time of our departure had not been publicly announced, but although the automobiles, etc.

  36. These special trains were started from the Charlottenburg station, in a quiet part of Berlin so that no crowd was attracted by the departure of the Americans.

  37. The thirteenth saw the departure of our first special train containing Americans bound for Holland.

  38. Officers of the Prussian army were present at the departure of the trains and gave flowers to all the nurses.

  39. Before the departure of Langhorne, I had succeeded in getting Germany to agree that six American army officers might visit Germany as military observers.

  40. No untoward incidents occurred at the time of their departure which was, of course, unknown to the populace of Berlin.

  41. When I finally obtained permission for their release and departure from Germany I had to send some one with the parties of Japanese to the Swiss frontier in order to protect them from injury.

  42. I told her of the Ultimatum which, I had received at six o'clock that evening from Zimmermann and I told her that I was sure that it meant the breaking of diplomatic relations and our departure from Germany.

  43. Bluebeard room of the house, being regularly locked on his departure to dinner, about six o'clock, which usually was his final departure for the night.

  44. On a tablet on the departure side is an inscription to the honour of George and Robert Stephenson.

  45. At the east end of the departure side of the railway station is the Station Hotel, very comfortable, but the prices are rather more than moderate.

  46. In front of the departure side of the Chemins de Fer de Lyon Station is the Grand Hôtel de l’Univers, and under it a Café Restaurant.

  47. On the departure side of the railway station is the +Terminus Hotel+ (dear).

  48. On his departure Hacks was presented with a small vial, the contents of which would suffice to produce a fearful epidemic of cholera.

  49. In 1688, just sixty-eight years after the sailing of the pilgrims, another famous departure took place from the coast of Holland.

  50. A few days after the departure of the steamer Ulysses radically changed his method of living.

  51. It appears that she did a great deal of work here and in other ports, sending word to the German submarines about the departure of our transports.

  52. And the poor professor on his departure would find his hat crown dented in or its nap roughened up, or he would sally home innocently carrying spitballs on the skirts of his overcoat.

  53. He had suspected something serious in the captain's arrival, his long interview alone with the mate, and the departure of the latter passing silent and scowling before the door of his galley.

  54. The morning of its departure he went ashore without any thought of going to the center of the city.

  55. At the same time, the injurious word, the cutting insults with which she had accompanied her departure caused sharp pain.

  56. The Mediterranean was for them only a port that they crossed carelessly on departure and arrival.

  57. Only a few days after his departure his faithful friend Van Arteveldt was murdered at Ghent, in a disturbance caused by a furious faction of the populace.

  58. Edward, his eldest son, was just on the eve of departure with his wife Eleanor for Palestine to join St. Louis in the Crusades.

  59. Not only the Catholic, but also the Protestant church is a “Balaam Church,” and since the departure of the apostles no true church has existed.

  60. This departure from the traditions of Quakerism, however, met with vigorous opposition, and the protesting party, known as Evangelical Friends, pronounced more decidedly than ever for the authority of Scripture.

  61. The chief promoter of this new departure was =William Penn=, A.

  62. The German bishops set themselves to train the clergy in hierarchical views, and by a rule of terror prevented any departure from that theory.

  63. Blavatsky on her departure had entrusted the keys of her dwelling and her mysterious cabinet with its various panels, falling doors, etc.

  64. The Supreme Church Council supported the consistory, and issued a strict order to its president to suffer no departure from the confession.

  65. Soon after Alexander had taken her departure those interested in town also began drifting toward the outbound trail.

  66. Suddenly, into the telegrapher's consciousness flashed the suspicion that in the departure of this unknown observer lurked some hidden menace.

  67. He made an appointment to meet the Empress there; and as she was to arrive on the 25th, the Emperor consequently arranged his departure so as to arrive only a short time after.

  68. An hour after his departure he said, "If the allies do not in good faith desire peace, this armistice may become very fatal to us.

  69. There were several things for her to explain;--among them, her taking it upon herself to see that Noble received a copy of the Oriole, and also her sudden departure from home and rather odd protraction of absence therefrom.

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