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  1. Secondly--To inundate the provinces with publications against the Assembly; and by commissioners, sent nominally for other purposes, to obtain remonstrances from the departments against its further continuance.

  2. It is, therefore, clear that his final measures, in reference to these three great departments of his political life, were rather concessions to the force of events, than the voluntary policy of his own mind.

  3. II A List of the Departments of France, and of the Ancient Provinces from which they have been evolved.

  4. In spite of the changes of the times and conditions of life, the ancient capital of Belgica Secunda still remains the chief city of the Departments of the Marne, Ardennes, and Aisne.

  5. A List of the Departments of France 356 III.

  6. My dear Lord Lyons,--I have made known to the President and to the heads of departments the agreeable communication you have made to me in regard to the reception of Vice-Admiral Milne on the occasion of his visit at this capital.

  7. Field celebrated last night, with the assistance of a multitude of his fellow-citizens, many of them eminent in various departments of public life.

  8. It has more wisely made all the departments co-equal and co-sovereign with themselves.

  9. He would make it a rule of political action for the people and all the departments of the government.

  10. A man may do good work in many departments of life, of which no one will ever hear beyond a narrow circle.

  11. Whole departments of eunuchs came into existence at court, and these were soon made use of for confidential business of the emperor's outside the palace.

  12. Moreover, a number of technical departments had been created--in all, a system that might compare favourably with European systems of the eighteenth century.

  13. With infinite tact and admirable self-denial he gave free scope to ministers whose superiority in their various departments he frankly recognized, rarely interfering personally unless absolutely called upon to do so.

  14. But when finance departments became more completely organized, the free port system fell out of favour with fiscal authorities: it afforded opportunities for smuggling, and impeded uniformity of action and practice.

  15. The nation was proud of his genius, and displayed something of his energy in all departments of life.

  16. Freeland is the seat of the Mining and Mechanical Institute of the Anthracite Region, chartered in 1894, modelled after the German Steigerschulen, with elementary and secondary departments and a night school for workmen.

  17. For illustrations the author is indebted to the Home Economics and other Departments of the Agricultural College at Cornell University and to the Home Economics Department of the School of Agriculture at Alfred, N.

  18. In this manner of mediation religion has exercised a strong influence upon the other departments of life; and in this sense, to-day, an influence of natural science upon the whole circle of existence will be readily acknowledged.

  19. At first the tendencies characteristic of the individual departments directly contradict one another; indeed, this is inevitable, if they are not systematised in some way.

  20. The individual departments must be developed far enough to reveal their particularity and to produce a characteristic tendency of their own; but they must remain within a whole, to receive from it and to lead back to it.

  21. But the attainment of independence by the individual departments brings great perplexities with it, which make a definite counter-movement necessary.

  22. Then from the whole the method must also be extended to the departments that are not brought into prominence by Kant; it must discuss, for example, the possibility of history in a characteristically human sense.

  23. The acknowledgment of the multiplicity of tasks that are involved in all the departments must be a source of great danger to life, if every department of human experience does not serve the development of an independent spiritual life.

  24. Can we deny that in the chief departments of the spiritual life the present already clearly shows tendencies to such a degradation?

  25. The particular nature of these departments has its basis in that life, and they must prove their capacity by advancing it.

  26. The case of the other departments of life is the same as that of religion: the character and the value of all achievement depend entirely upon the range and the kind of substantial spirituality that they evolve.

  27. It thus became necessary that departments of administration (provinciae) should be determined and assigned.

  28. The president of the audiencia territorial of Manila and the presidents of the departments of said court and its fiscal received $25 per annum.

  29. The surprising result of this inquest was, that the police departments within the stated time reported no less than 38 bodies of infants that had been fished from the Rhine, but whose mothers had not been found.

  30. Sodomy is far more widespread than most of us imagine; the secret documents of many police departments might reveal appalling facts.

  31. The public prosecutor asked all police departments along the Rhine from Ludwigshafen to the boundary of Holland to report whether within a definite time the body of a child had been washed ashore.

  32. The only departments that kept modestly in the background were those upon which the execution of the move fell.

  33. Meanwhile also the departments with the paramount and immediate needs grew bitter and restless.

  34. This average of tender and poetic souls in three departments of France is enough to revive the enthusiasm of writers as to the Furia Francese, which nowadays is more apt to expend itself in business than in books.

  35. This strange production caused a great ferment in the departments of the Allier, the Nievre, and the Cher, proud to possess a poet capable of rivalry with the glories of Paris.

  36. A late and signal instance may be adduced of the intimate connexion of the speculative and the minute departments of history.

  37. But both in this and the other departments of his work, we are bound to estimate Hume, as we do great workmen in all departments of mental labour, not by the state of his science at the present day, but by that in which he found it.

  38. His works are of great authority in the practical departments of the law.

  39. All the departments of the historian's knowledge are more or less blended with each other.

  40. The resident superior is assisted by the protectorate council, consisting of heads of French administrative departments (chief of the judicial service, of public works.

  41. Three of the San Francisco departments occupy a group of three handsome buildings in the western part of the city, overlooking Golden Gate Park.

  42. This condition obtained in a far greater degree with the cavalry employed in the "outpost" departments than with the infantry or the soldiery of the large armies.

  43. To my astonishment, the honors paid by the departments to a Parisian celebrity awaited me.

  44. He is also ex-officio a member and often chairman of the municipal departments or commissions, such as the board of public works, the school board, the harbor commission.

  45. Before the disunion, two of these eight counsellors were without portfolios, and resided alternately at Stockholm, while the other members presided over six executive departments in Christiania.

  46. The following eight executive departments are in charge of ministers: 1.

  47. Some few of them have intellect enough to be trusted with the more responsible departments of their business, but such cases are quite exceptional.

  48. It would be endless to enumerate the various departments in which steam and machinery might be advantageously applied in China.

  49. His devotion to certain departments of natural science has been running parallel with his devotion to poetry, and if learning is something wider than scholarship, he is the most learned poet of his time.

  50. Always in reading a prose story by a writer whose energies have been exercised in other departments of letters there is for the critic a special interest.

  51. When we teach we must restrict ourselves to the smaller, and yet how great, departments which we are actually masters of.

  52. The great Johannes Müller was the last biologist who was able to keep these departments of organic inquiry together, and who won equally immortal honours in both divisions of the subject.

  53. Fully twenty years have now elapsed since the great Johannes Müller died, the last naturalist who could command all the departments of biology.

  54. In nearly all the various branches of the textile industry the bulk of the work in the weaving departments of such branches consists of the manufacture of comparatively simple fabrics.

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