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  1. Thrieve, Wi' a my buildings there: Adieu!

  2. At the inner end of this passage is another gate, opening into the castle area, which is enclosed by a wall, and occupied by buildings of various epochs.

  3. Among the modern buildings the town-house, and parish-church are chiefly deserving of notice.

  4. The town is situated about a mile and a half to the east of Banff; and in the grouping of its buildings presents an aspect sufficiently romantic to arrest the attention of every stranger who has a taste for the picturesque.

  5. The public buildings of Workington are chiefly of modern date, and the houses disposed into two clusters in that called the Upper town.

  6. The streets are spacious, and many of the public buildings of elegant design.

  7. But of all the buildings on this rock the chapel is the most ancient, and there is reason to believe that it originally served as the parish church of Dunnottar.

  8. The composition was usually a dark foreground with trees or buildings to right and left, an opening in the middle distance leading into the background, and a broad expanse of sunset sky.

  9. Almost everything about the public buildings in painting and sculpture was symbolic illustration, picture-written history--written with a chisel and brush, written large that all might read.

  10. What makes it of special value is the large number of ground plans of typical buildings and the sketches of bits of detail of columns, arches, windows and doorways.

  11. And then the sun sank below the black cloud, painting its peaks with gold, and filling the caverns with yellow light; church spires, tall buildings and electric-light towers filed by with solemn dignity and then stood motionless.

  12. The buildings are on the other side of the island," said Merry.

  13. The town loomed ahead of them, closer and closer until at last they sped into a street where the buildings gave them protection from bullets.

  14. It was evident that at some period in the past the town had gone through a surge of prosperity, for there were several quite majestic buildings whose cornerstones bore dates of the late twentieth century.

  15. Its inhabitants must have sighted the approach of the Atavars for they were scurrying into buildings and basements, leaving the way clear for Peccary and Staghorn.

  16. Different church buildings likewise reflect the character of the general habits of thought and feeling of those worshipping in them.

  17. You will notice, moreover, that everything is semi-transparent, and that accordingly you can see the picture of what is going on inside of buildings as well as outside of them.

  18. During his visitation throughout the rambling buildings Obada had looked out for spots that might suit his purpose, and two hours after sunset he had lighted fire after fire with his own hand, in secret and undetected.

  19. Whither had their forefathers transported, not merely their beneficent institutions, but their vast temples and tomb-buildings which covered so much space?

  20. I don't care what people say about those crazy old tumble-down buildings of the Middle Ages, they may be beautiful and all that, but they're useless nowadays.

  21. No such office buildings in the world," the boy answered enthusiastically.

  22. We watched his departure, thinking it quite possible that they might be lurking about the buildings in order to effect his ruin.

  23. We soon reached the public buildings referred to in a previous part of my story, and from thence he conducted me through the subterranean passage until we reached fair Tawe’s shore.

  24. Footnote 263: As to the enormous cost in labour and money of such buildings as the Propylaea and the Parthenon, cp.

  25. The public buildings of the eleventh century are to this day among the greatest in Italy.

  26. She was in fact more opulent, as her buildings themselves may prove, in the sixteenth century than in any preceding age.

  27. Leave abundance, which is the source of daintiness, and yon pile of buildings approaching near the lofty clouds: cease to admire the smoke, and opulence, and noise of flourishing Rome.

  28. As sites for buildings it is well to avoid soft ground, on which the movement is always greater than on hard ground.

  29. The public buildings include a town hall, library, cottage hospital, mechanics' institute and memorial hall.

  30. Among the principal buildings are several attractive churches, the city hall, and the club-house of the Woman's Club of Orange.

  31. Shillong, where the stonework of bridges, churches and other buildings was absolutely levelled to the ground.

  32. Much of the area which suffered most disturbance was a wild country, sparsely populated, with but few buildings of brick or stone from which the violence of the shocks could be estimated.

  33. And better than buildings and grounds, more vital than equipment and endowment, are the trained minds and pure hearts that, in ever increasing numbers, are being freely offered on the same shrine.

  34. Magnificent buildings are being erected with seemingly little thought of cost provided only that they serve their purpose.

  35. A RODEO AT LOS OJOS The sun beat down on the dry grass, and the punchers were squatting about in groups in front of the straggling log and adobe buildings which constituted the outlying ranch of Los Ojos.

  36. They told us they had been fighting all night, and that the stockyards and many buildings were on fire.

  37. Rumors of the destruction wrought in the city reached Stanford within a couple of hours and were easily credited, for buildings had been shaken down at Stanford.

  38. He is a Cambridge boy, who made a fortune in California, and then gave a lot of public buildings to his native town.

  39. Wooden houses almost all intact, but every chimney down but one or two, and the higher University buildings largely piles of ruins.

  40. Its carriages were not yet lit, and it looked black and cold and cheerless, like those burned buildings they had seen at Balerno; and anyway, she did not want to take that train.

  41. The ruins of the old Mission buildings were sad to see, but the human ruins were sadder.

  42. He had once gone with his shearers to San Fernando, and there he had seen in a room of the old Mission buildings a dozen statues of saints huddled in dusty confusion.

  43. Some of the buildings were partially surrounded by a wall built of sods, as an enclosure for the horses.

  44. In one of the buildings was the sutler's store, an institution that was always present at every post, where supplies both wet and dry were obtainable.

  45. When the army reached Fort Bridger they found it desolate and the buildings burned.

  46. All the buildings at this point had been burned by the Indians very recently, and we were informed that the few small structures there then had just been erected by the Government.

  47. With few exceptions, the buildings were made of adobe and contained two rooms.

  48. As we passed on to where we camped beyond it, we observed three small buildings made of cedar logs, also a quartermaster's building, and a small barracks of the same material.

  49. The most imposing of the buildings was a billiard parlor, as indicated by the sign on its front.

  50. Hemis abounds in decorated buildings most picturesquely placed, it has three hundred lamas, and is regarded as 'the sight' of Ladak.

  51. The rugged crest of the rock on a spur of which the palace stands is crowned by the fantastic buildings of an ancient gonpo.

  52. That they had gone down and not up I was sure from my knowledge of these ancient buildings and the methods of the Warhoons.

  53. Close to the east wall, beneath the overhanging balconies of the second floors, I crept in dense shadows the full length of the courtyard, until I came to the buildings at the north end.

  54. The buildings upon the south side of this square did not appear to be inhabited, as I could see no lights, and so I decided to gain the inner courtyard through one of them.

  55. Nothing occurred to interrupt my progress through the deserted pile I chose, and I came into the inner court close to the rear walls of the east buildings without detection.

  56. The travellers passed through a succession of gardens and walled enclosures, in the course of their inspection of the various pavilions, kiosks, and buildings comprised within the precincts of the palace.

  57. The river-banks lay deep in the shadow of luxuriant tropical forests, in the recesses of which the ruins of ancient buildings were sometimes visible.

  58. The town is disappointing inside," she says, "although there are some fine buildings still left.

  59. The Mexicans, when at the height of their power, required buildings for public use, and this was doubtless true of the people who inhabited Uxmal and Palenque.

  60. Amongst other buildings they found one large terraced mound, with buildings arranged on it in a very significant manner.

  61. The buildings were massively built and richly ornamented.

  62. This principle of construction is substantially the same for all the buildings in the interior of the court, and indeed for all the buildings at Palenque.

  63. We presume very few will now question but what the buildings he here describes are ruined communal buildings, much like the structures in Arizona.

  64. Mr. Stephens tells us that three ranges of buildings occupied the summit, and his drawings represent the same.

  65. Buildings were then put up parallel to the four sides, thus inclosing a court.

  66. But we need not doubt but that this was the type of communal buildings erected by the natives of Cuzco.

  67. This was a terraced mound, faced by buildings on three sides, leaving an immense stair-way occupying the fourth side.

  68. The principal attraction about these buildings is the beautiful facades which overlook the court-yard.

  69. But, now that the buildings are tenantless and going to ruin, it must impress all beholders with a sense of the changes wrought by time.

  70. The general appearance of all is the same--low ranges of buildings on terraced mounds, and ornamented facades.

  71. The buildings were of two stories, with small apertures or loop-holes for defence, when besieged.

  72. Those who call these buildings palaces, think the houses of the ordinary people have all disappeared.

  73. Owen explained his plans for the regeneration of society in detail, exhibiting a model of the buildings to be erected.

  74. These stores are rented by the month just as other portions of the buildings are, and the owner, on going over his books for a period of five years, found that the average duration of tenancy in them had been less than eight months.

  75. Three buildings were fitted up for professor's houses.

  76. The Financial Agent further reported the need of additional college buildings on account of increased attendance of students.

  77. The duty of removing the College and preparing the buildings and premises at Ashland, and making other necessary arrangements, was devolved on the "Executive Committee, which consisted of Richard Irby, Dr.

  78. That many mistakes were made in this work, and in the location of the buildings and other matters, was not to be wondered at.

  79. This property embraced all the buildings then standing on the thirteen acres, now constituting the campus of the College at Ashland, with some other lots adjacent.

  80. The buildings on the campus had been remodeled and repaired, and were in fair condition for occupancy, and for the work and use to which they had been converted.

  81. Though the buildings were extemporised, the whole arrangement was comparatively convenient and comfortable.

  82. As the buildings stood when completed, they were as good as those of any other college in the State had, and possibly better.

  83. This was considered to have been a better location for college buildings than the first occupied, and the project might have been carried out but for want of means to erect the buildings.

  84. A committee was appointed to draft rules for the government of the Board, and one to obtain drafts of buildings for the College.

  85. The bowling-alley and other buildings also became dormitories.

  86. The funds on hand and subscriptions did not suffice to supply the buildings necessary and other outfit.

  87. The largest building was the hotel, which had several buildings attached.

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