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condiscend; condishun; condita; condite; conditio; conditional; conditionally; conditione; conditioned; conditioner
  1. Metcalf accepted the bet, with the condition that he might choose his ground.

  2. But the degraded condition of the home slaves then excited comparatively little interest.

  3. Bad although the condition of Scotland was at the beginning of last century, there were many who believed that it would be made worse by the carrying of the Act of Union.

  4. One of the risks of benevolence is its tendency to lower the recipient to the condition of an alms-taker.

  5. A middle class could scarcely as yet be said to exist, or any condition between the starving cottiers and the impoverished proprietors, whose available means were principally expended in hard drinking.

  6. The perils of the Welsh roads had next to be encountered, and these were in as bad a condition at the beginning of the present century as those of the Highlands above described.

  7. The more Miss Asher sees of me in an unengaged condition the less she will like me.

  8. These steers are pastured from several months to two years, or according to their condition and the rapidity with which they fatten.

  9. In dry seasons, where the soil covering is not deep, the land bakes and cracks, and in this condition it can not be cultivated.

  10. This condition gave origin to the adage "first come first served," and frequently carried the late arrivals over night and, at times, prolonged the trip to procure a few bushels of meal three or four days.

  11. The responsibility for this condition has been traced to the hunters who frequented this region prior to its settlement and wantonly set fire to the forests in order to destroy underbrush, the better to secure their quarries.

  12. The present condition of education in Loudoun is hopeful, public instruction being now popular with all classes.

  13. One condition the parent insisted upon: Alvin was not to run the launch alone until an expert pronounced him qualified to do so.

  14. The unique condition of Muscongus causes some queer things.

  15. Draw her out on land and cover her with canvas for the winter, so as to keep her in condition for a bigger outing next year.

  16. Inasmuch as the current had swept it forward in the first place, the action would have been repeated but for a curious condition which quickly showed itself.

  17. The preliminary condition was that you either had to call a curse down on yourself, or sell your soul to the devil.

  18. Here for a long time her condition seemed to improve.

  19. The second condition was particularly galling to Arina Petrovna.

  20. However abject Yudushka's condition was, he preserved an attitude of reverence toward the sanctity of these days implanted in him in his childhood.

  21. He believed we might better our condition by pushing into the wilderness, for when a man's land is overrun by two armies, as ours had been, farming is a poor trade.

  22. Instead of spending his time in useless words, Paul began cleaning his heated rifle, and otherwise putting himself into condition to do a like service if the occasion should suddenly require it.

  23. You're in no condition to work nor to look for work--just out of the hospital.

  24. In my crippled condition I could not have done much--I have no knack for money making.

  25. The chimneys were in a dilapidated condition and a number of loose brick lay about.

  26. One look at that perilous passage-way was sufficient to assure me that in my wearied and unnerved condition to recross it was a feat utterly impracticable.

  27. Such was the condition of affairs that called forth the exclamation reported at the beginning of this story.

  28. The snow was in capital condition for snow-shoeing, and the two sturdy boys thought nothing of the tramp there and back.

  29. Only those who are in good condition and at home on their skates should undertake to play hockey.

  30. When Hugh reached Archie he found him already half exhausted, and when, grasping him with his left hand, he strove to force him upward against the current, he realized that ere long he would be in the same condition himself.

  31. Although hardly in condition for a sprinting match, Squire Bibston had been renowned for fleetness of foot in his younger days, and he showed a surprising turn of speed as he dashed down the road after the fleeing boy.

  32. The advantage of the artificial slide is that it can be kept constantly in order, and therefore may be in first-class condition for sliding when the snow is altogether too soft and deep upon the hills.

  33. To deliver on a date not later than September 15 to the Imperial Japanese authorities without condition or compensation the entire leased territory of Kiao-chau with a view to the eventual restoration of the same to China.

  34. France, too, was not at all in a condition for facing a war.

  35. Those who survive are in little better case, as the injury to their lungs appears to be of a permanent character and reduces them to a condition which points to their being invalids for life.

  36. What with the unsatisfactory condition of their affairs, and the death of her mother, Mrs. Burton was sadly troubled; but the long lane was now to have a turning.

  37. Such, then, was the woman and such the condition of the woman upon whom devolved the duty of considering the manuscripts of one of the most original men of the 19th century.

  38. Baker consented to do so, only on the condition that Sir Richard would not dispute his medical orders.

  39. Now various types of farming make distinctly different demands upon the time of the farmer and so to a considerable extent they condition his social life.

  40. In rural America this is possibly due to the fact that our farms are scattered and the condition of needy families may not be noticed.

  41. Numerous studies of the actual condition of the rural church in many parts of the country all show the futility of denominational competition in maintaining two or three churches where only one is needed or can be supported.

  42. She proved that the physical condition of the school-house was reflected in the physical condition of the children.

  43. During the past fifteen years there have been a series of careful studies of the condition of the rural churches in various parts of the country.

  44. The condition of the cemetery is a good index of community spirit.

  45. United States as a whole, which is higher than that of fifteen foreign countries for which statistics were available in 1915, we face a condition which cannot be neglected.

  46. The origin of the canal is found in the naturally open condition of this coast, and in the old fears of invasion, not so long since dead; for there are still those who vividly recollect such alarms even in the reign of Napoleon III.

  47. When Queen Elizabeth visited the town, and granted it the empty honour of a Mayor and Corporation, it was very much in the condition it occupies now.

  48. At the beginning of May, although reduced almost to the condition of a helpless child by his sufferings, he was taken again to the west; this time to Clifton, near Bristol.

  49. A perusal of the quaint and voluminous contemporary records of Elizabeth Barton's career disposes one to the belief that her ailments brought on a condition of temporary, but recurrent, religious mania.

  50. Whether this condition led the sheep downward, or whether the good condition of the lowland was unknown to them and they came in desperation, I know not.

  51. I asked him if he was glad to be alive, asked his opinion concerning the weather, the condition of his flock, and finally, told him that game preserves was one of my hobbies, and in such refuges I trusted he had a deep interest.

  52. Archie was not permitted to enter the sick room, but from time to time he received assurances that the patient's condition was "satisfactory," and at intervals Dr.

  53. In spite of his good-natured assent she continued to pile up excuses for her husband and explained in great detail the rundown condition of the children which made it necessary to get them out of Washington as quickly as possible.

  54. We are two brunette sheep far astray from the home pastures and not apologizing for our color or previous condition of servitude.

  55. The owner is obliged to leave just after settling in it, so it's all in perfect condition and if it meets our needs we can go right up.

  56. He was in pressing need of a change of clothes but he was in no condition to proceed to Portsmouth to redeem his suitcase; an impression that was confirmed unexpectedly by his captor.

  57. IV That night the Governor's condition took an unfavorable turn and Dr.

  58. It might well be worth while for a man or woman to be honest and moral within a given condition or quality of society, but it did not matter at all in the ultimate substance and composition of the universe.

  59. By this time Carlotta had heard enough of Eugene's life to understand what his present condition was.

  60. She lay in bed on Monday when Eugene was away at the office and composed a long letter in which she practically gave the history of Eugene's life reiterating her own condition and stating what she thought Eugene ought to do.

  61. When he saw he had a little money in reserve he began to think of looking up the Art Institute, which had been looming up in his mind as an avenue of advancement, and find out on what condition he could join a night class in drawing.

  62. In the next place, facing this crisis, he had declared that he would marry her, and because of her distressed condition he thought he might as well do it now.

  63. Her condition did not appeal to Eugene in this situation.

  64. Well, you certainly have improved your condition since then.

  65. With you, everything would be perfect, whatever my condition might be.

  66. Only, Angela was constantly watching him these days and, besides, more girls would simply mean that his condition would be aggravated.

  67. They felt that this condition could not continue in a one-man concern; and this made the work harder, for it bred disloyalty in certain quarters.

  68. He was delighted to tell Angela, for this would rob their condition of part of its gloom.

  69. The latter did not propose that any such condition should continue.

  70. Once he had gone she fancied she might have made a mistake matrimonially, for he was so impressionable--but his condition was such that she did not deem him to be interested in anything save his recovery.

  71. I'm sure with what I know now of your record, and what you have attempted to do in connection with my daughter, and the condition of your wife, that he will not require your services very much longer.

  72. She called herself a bride of Christ, she had visions and revelations, she denied the efficacy of masses and fasts, and she had the faculty of determining the condition of consciences by the sense of smell.

  73. A project, drawn up by a Spanish bishop, of matters to be urged on the Council of Lateran in 1512, affords a glimpse into the deplorable condition of the Church which was so deeply concerned with the salvation of the Marranos and Moriscos.

  74. Moreover he took into consideration the condition of the Holy See, deprived of its temporalities by the French Republic.

  75. It was inevitable that, in the effort to create a new Spain, the fate of the Inquisition should be involved, especially as its disabled condition invited attack.

  76. The condition was somewhat prohibitive, for Chopin had his own way to make, and his own living to earn; but with characteristic docility he undertook to consider the proposal, and wrote off at once to Elsner for advice.

  77. Chopin's condition was still serious enough to cause grave anxiety, and his outburst of petulance was not an aggression of deliberate unkindness, but a half-conscious aberration of disease.

  78. In the first place, the condition of music in Bohemia was, at this time, entirely different from that in France or Germany: its outlook far more desperate, its prizes far more unattainable.

  79. As might be expected, the change of political condition produced an immediate effect on the national temper.

  80. In the midst of all this, Mr. Carleton came in — he was just then on the wing for America, and he had heard of the poor creature's condition in a visit to his father.

  81. Fleda's own nerves were in no condition to stand another shock, when she left her and went to Hugh's door.

  82. I shall be exceedingly obliged to you if you will put me in condition to defend myself.

  83. Yes, Sir; but candour will allow that we are not in a condition in this country to decide the question by a tour de force.

  84. Mind and body could get no repose, sadly as the condition of both called for it.

  85. It was in vain to tell herself they were selfish; mind and body were in no condition to struggle with anything.

  86. I did not know," said Fleda, quietly, "that it was by design of the rulers of England that so many of her lower class are in the intellectual condition of our slaves.

  87. That's one of his hobbies — ameliorating the condition of the poorer classes on his estates.

  88. Perhaps it was only the particular locality, for if ever a place showed bleak and winter-stricken, the little town of Quarrenton was in that condition that morning.

  89. There was not a solitary thing that bore an indication of comfortable life, unless the curls of smoke that went up from the chimneys; and Fleda was in no condition to study their physiognomy.

  90. From what you tell me I gather that your--mother--is in a more critical condition than I imagined.

  91. Mere Pitou, having made sufficient concession to her guests' feelings by that revised estimate of the condition of the eatables, was moved to withering sarcasm.

  92. But Tom seemed to recognize no distinctions of class, age, or previous condition of overlordship.

  93. Perhaps I should have asked you first: but she was quite satisfied when I told her that she owed her changed condition to the person whose duty it was to provide for her.

  94. The one condition on which I shall consent to help is the completest isolation for Nan.

  95. Tis a sign of crudity and indigestion to disgorge what we eat in the same condition it was swallowed; the stomach has not performed its office unless it have altered the form and condition of what was committed to it to concoct.

  96. In the evening, however, the Swiss general, Du Cornet, sent in to capitulate, and his surrender was accepted on the condition that he and his garrison should be allowed to march out with the honours of war.

  97. Garibaldi had, on entering Messina, been received with tremendous enthusiasm, and at once, while waiting for the reinforcements now pouring in, set himself to work to improve the condition of affairs in the town.

  98. The French Assembly declared that for France to aid in suppressing a people determined to obtain their freedom was altogether in contradiction with the condition on which the republic had been instituted, and sent M.

  99. Garibaldi returned on shore, and at a great meeting of the citizens explained the terms to them, and stated the condition that he had rejected.

  100. She felt sure Mary had only called for an unkind purpose, and that she would cruelly misrepresent her appearance and condition to Gavin.

  101. You saw that the root of the evil was in our own land, and that the expatriation of the best part of our colored population, so far from abolishing slavery, would render the condition of the enslaved tenfold more hopeless.

  102. Of the dwellings of the place, fully twenty were of a quality that denoted ease in the condition of their occupants, and bespoke the habits of those accustomed to live in a manner superior to the oi polloi of the human race.

  103. The third and last condition of society in a "new country," is that in which the influence of the particular causes enumerated ceases, and men and things come within the control of more general and regular laws.

  104. Of course, the Parisienne did not hesitate an instant about becoming the wife of un avocat; for, agreeably to her habits, matrimony was a legitimate means of bettering her condition in life.

  105. It was coupled with the condition that I should retire from the service, travel for five years, return home, and marry.

  106. By this time both the salt-water and the fresh-water sailor were in that condition when men are apt to think aloud, and the commodore had lost all his awe of his companion.

  107. Were I a general, and had I an independent command in war offered me, I should accept it only on condition that I should have the charter to shoot every war correspondent found within fifty miles of my headquarters.

  108. His elder brother, the Grand Duke Constantine, had the good sense to know that his mental condition rendered him unfit to rule.

  109. So serious appeared his condition that the troop sergeant-major directed him to ride straight back into barracks, giving him strict orders to go to hospital the moment he arrived.

  110. His fetterless condition gave him many advantages and some opportunities.

  111. Her normal condition was that of a nursing-mother--nobody could remember the time when Biddy Malony had not a brat hanging at that bosom of hers which she was wont partially to conceal by an old red woollen kerchief.

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