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Example sentences for "alter"

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altazimuth; altbabylonischen; altchristlichen; alte; alten; altera; alterable; alteram; alteration; alterations
  1. Yet he is always ready to listen, and even to alter his opinions at a moment's notice, though that notice must be good.

  2. He is bound by no orders, but has perfect freedom to alter his plans should circumstances seem to demand it.

  3. In other words, graduated doses of poison may alter the physiological activity of living cells, inducing pathological phenomena, while larger doses kill them.

  4. He said that it had been his painful office and duty in the previous year to attend the burning of a female, he being at the time Sheriff of London; and he moved to bring in a Bill to alter the law.

  5. The balance pan should be exactly under the filings on the magnet, in order that any which might fall from it should not alter the weight.

  6. Attraction of this kind does not alter the physical or chemical properties of water.

  7. In those localities where the air is subject to change, and is in a more or less enclosed space, or, at any rate, in an unventilated space, it may alter very considerably in its composition.

  8. In a dry state, however, hydrochloric acid does not alter vegetable dyes, and does not effect many double decompositions which easily take place in the presence of water.

  9. Every precaution must be taken to prevent the access of moisture to the interior of the apparatus, which might also alter the composition of the solution or properties of the solvent (for instance, when using acetic acid).

  10. This is why, for instance, the juice of the grape when contained in the skin of the fruit, which allows access of the air but is impenetrable to the germs, does not ferment, does not alter so long as the skin remains intact.

  11. Then the second hoisted Alter from the cot and they carried her out of the hospital.

  12. He took Let firmly by one arm and Alter by the other and marched them down the hall.

  13. He only stepped up to them when Alter pushed open the door at the end of the hall and bright light from Geryn's room fell full across them.

  14. Alter didn't say for a long while; when she did, they were ready to believe anything.

  15. Then Alter and Tel slipped beneath the rail on the stage and dropped down to the floor (Alter still wore the hospital robe and the cast on her left arm) while Arkor, Jon, and Petra used the metal stairway to descend.

  16. Alter closed her eyes, then opened them wide and shook her head.

  17. Alter stumbled once, but the guard caught her.

  18. Geryn nodded, drew a breath through his teeth, and then allowed Rara to lead him up the stairs as Tel and Alter watched.

  19. Suddenly his eye-stalk caught the great form that he knew must be Arkor coming down over the rocks (with Alter and Tel.

  20. He tried to tell Alter what he felt, but after a minute of broken sentences, she smiled at him and shook her head.

  21. Her white hair loose, Alter stood looking up at the roof.

  22. You may not see me or Alter for a long time.

  23. The doctor, who had been there when Alter was removed from the hospital, had been working steadily for six hours.

  24. Looks like it," said the guard who was escorting Alter and the Prince.

  25. But he realized that Ma's mind was made up beyond the power of mortal man's persuasion to alter it, so he went out to hitch up.

  26. Three years could not so alter her loyal nature--no, nor ten times three years.

  27. Our author before mentions Gerard d’Avesnes as left in charge of the camp; but I am not sufficiently certain there were not two of the name to alter the text.

  28. Harcourt had drafted a reply about Napoleon Bonaparte, which the Cabinet wanted him to alter, but when he is pleased with an answer it is not easy to make him alter it, as I noted.

  29. But it does not need description to you, for never did anyone's talk alter less as time went on.

  30. I know that I never thought to do so, Ann, but circumstances alter cases," answered the elder sister.

  31. Allow me," said he, as he took the glasses from her to alter them.

  32. He was frowning at the cards in so painful a manner as to quite alter its expression.

  33. And who can say that this attraction was powerful enough to alter the motion of the moon at that period when the earth was still fluid?

  34. The truth was that they were not masters of their projectile; they could neither check its course, nor alter its direction.

  35. We cannot alter the motion of the projectile?

  36. But the populace, seeing in that title an allusion damaging to Barbicane's project, broke into the auditorium, smashed the benches, and compelled the unlucky director to alter his playbill.

  37. Can we alter the facts, undo the deeds, repair the wrongs, recall the time, or efface the record?

  38. Does not God know what is best for you, and will he alter his wise and gracious economy to gratify your foolish and capricious desires?

  39. Gerolli, qui adeo excellentem pingendi artem edoctus fuerat, ut alter Apelles vocaretur;" who had arrived at such a masterly degree of excellence in this noble art that he was entitled to the name of another Apelles.

  40. He strongly disapproved of it, and exhorted me to use all my influence (to use his own words) to induce the Grand Duke to alter this decision.

  41. If, then, the first day of the week be the day on which Scripture teaches the disciples to break bread, it is clear that man has no authority to alter the period to once a month, or once in six months.

  42. Man has no right to alter God's law in reference to the sabbath; no more than he has to alter it in reference to murder, adultery, or theft.

  43. I should have known from the sign I had that we were destined for each other; that nothing that you had done could alter that.

  44. It would have seemed that the step was determined before his coming, and that in my independence I would not alter my plans.

  45. I have enough psi ability to alter probability in my favor.

  46. They realize--even if you don't--that you can singlehandedly alter the entire pattern of power on this planet.

  47. They said it might be hoped that so striking an event would be a check to the prince, and induce him to alter his conduct.

  48. I have used it now for many years, and have never had cause to alter my opinion as to its efficacy.

  49. Of course, you must constantly alter your position.

  50. Now that the war is over and Europe is hastening to pick up the slack ends of her world trade, America is liable to lose a large part of her war-won trade if she does not immediately alter her previous attitude.

  51. And this is the reason why in other creatures the hair doth alter and change with the skin, and not in man, unless by a scar or wound.

  52. You may also strengthen the child at the navel, and if there be a cacochymy, alter the humours, and if you can do it safely, evacuate; you may likewise use amulets on her hands and about her neck.

  53. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "alter" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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