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  1. The caffein of coffee also increases the flow of milk, but the milk produced is correspondingly dilute and a later decreased secretion may be expected.

  2. The coffee base is made as for café noir, and it is served in a tall glass with water to dilute it to one's taste.

  3. There is much evidence to support the view that "neither tea, coffee, nor chicory in dilute solutions has any deleterious action on the digestive ferments, although in strong solutions such an action may be manifest.

  4. Coffee in the Alimentary Tract When coffee is taken per os it passes directly to the stomach, where its sole immediate action is to dilute the previous contents, just as other ingested liquids do.

  5. A dark green coloration is given with ferric chloride; and upon boiling it with alkalies or dilute acids, caffeic acid and glucose are formed.

  6. Other substances which would answer the same purpose would be dilute solutions of picric or chromic acid, of not more than one to one-half per cent.

  7. Before using, it should be treated with dilute hydrochloric acid until it does not effervesce any more.

  8. After using the soap and water, apply again the dilute claret wine and the goose grease.

  9. For this purpose, take the upper third of the milk which has stood for several hours and dilute it with water, in the proportion of one part of milk to two of water.

  10. With ordinary dry-plates the method usually recommended is to immerse them in dilute hydrofluoric acid.

  11. The action of the dilute acid is to soften the gelatine, making it very adhesive.

  12. A thin film of gelatine is moistened in a dilute solution of hydrofluoric acid, one part of acid to sixty of water.

  13. If an insoluble residue remains upon treating the remainder of the precipitate with dilute hydrochloric acid, it consists of sulphate of baryta and indicates the presence of sulphuric acid.

  14. The hair is moistened with a dilute solution of ammonia, and a perfectly neutral solution of a bismuth salt (chloride or nitrate) is then applied.

  15. It is heated for a considerable time with aqua regia, the solution filtered, and the second residue, should one remain, washed with dilute hydrochloric acid.

  16. The ash insoluble in water is boiled with dilute hydrochloric acid and the residue separated by filtration, washed, ignited, and weighed.

  17. Lassaigne, when the same ink has not been used throughout a document, washing with dilute hydrochloric acid will demonstrate the fact.

  18. Corn meal acquires a yellow color, if treated with dilute potassa solution.

  19. The fourth portion of the residue is distilled with dilute sulphuric acid.

  20. The residue is now heated with a mixture of one part of hydrochloric acid and eight parts of water, the liquid filtered, the matter remaining undissolved washed with dilute hydrochloric acid, and the washings united with the filtrate.

  21. Dilute it with a little mustard, oil, and vinegar, and two table-spoonfuls of good cullis.

  22. They are difficultly soluble in cold water, but freely in hot, and in cold alcohol and dilute alkalies.

  23. Drum tanning is practised, but tannage in pits by suspension is more usual, though, as this last involves more dilute liquors, it involves also greater time to tan.

  24. By a gentle or limited hydrolysis of the albumins with dilute acids in the cold, a group of compounds called albuminates are obtained.

  25. There can be little doubt that such stripping actions are also connected with the solubility of the stripping agent in the gel, for the liquid must pass through the walls of the gel to dilute the liquid in the interior.

  26. The phlobaphenes or "reds" are also typical of catechol tans from which grow catechins; they can be formed by boiling with dilute mineral acids.

  27. Hence the well-known practical fact that it is more satisfactory to filter a dilute gelatine sol.

  28. On the whole, however, drums are less popular for the second bath, for the dilute solutions of the paddle effect some economy of sulphurous acid, which is apt to escape into the air.

  29. It follows from this that the adsorption is an equilibrium, and that if the sol be diluted, the equilibrium will become the same as it would have been by immersing the pelt directly into the dilute solution.

  30. Solutions of pyrogallol tans all give a blue-black colour with a dilute solution of ferric alum.

  31. The excess of oxychloride is removed by distillation under reduced pressure and the residue washed with dilute hydrochloric acid.

  32. This is deposited as an insoluble yellow powder from infusions of many pyrogallol tans, by boiling with dilute acids only, allowing them to stand for a few days.

  33. Gelatine has been crystallized by von Weimarn by evaporating a dilute solution in aqueous alcohol whilst in a desiccator containing potassium carbonate, the temperature being maintained at 60 deg.

  34. The goods are inserted (and preferably rocked) in a dilute solution for a few hours only.

  35. We cleaned off the rifle again with dilute HCl.

  36. Very dilute solutions of the mineral acids and of common salt and a solution of equal parts of sulphate of copper and sal-ammoniac act similarly.

  37. Produced by adding aqueous ferrate of potash to an excess of dilute solutions of baryta salts, has been described as carmine-coloured and permanent.

  38. Titanium green is a ferrocyanide of that metal, produced by adding yellow prussiate of potash to a solution of titanic acid in dilute hydrochloric acid, and heating the mixture to ebullition rapidly.

  39. It will also be found that, providing the quantity of acid employed was sufficient for coagulation, the best and most uniform coagulation is obtained from the use of the most dilute acid, within limits.

  40. A successful issue, however, is rather more uncertain, and the method appears to give the best results with sheet-rubber prepared on young estates or from more dilute latex.

  41. A gang should be taken, a small quantity (say a quart) of water poured into the first bucket, and this dilute latex used progressively in all the buckets of that gang of tappers.

  42. It must be premised that if coagulation is allowed to take place, either naturally or with the aid of acetic acid, the resulting rubber will almost inevitably oxidise on the surface, except in the cases of very dilute or young latices.

  43. Rust" can be prevented by soaking freshly prepared sheets in dilute solutions of disinfectants--e.

  44. The cup-washings, as they arrive at the store, represent a very dilute latex, the rubber from which is generally of a greyish colour.

  45. Readers are doubtless now well aware of the corrosive action of strong sulphuric acid, and we scarcely need point out that even the dilute acid should not be kept in contact with the usual iron vessels found in factories.

  46. The lump when lifted out of the latex is allowed to drain for a few minutes, and is then (without squeezing) placed in a dilute solution of sodium bisulphite.

  47. It will be seen, therefore, that sheets which have been prepared from rich latex or from too deep a layer of comparatively dilute latex will have a surface film of dry protein matter.

  48. In the East the kerosene tin is in universal favour for the carriage of water, and there is no reason why it should not be utilised as a standard measure for preparing the dilute acid solution, providing it is not allowed to become rusty.

  49. A dilute latex needs less sodium bisulphite than a richer latex to produce the same effect in colour.

  50. It can be imagined that with such dilute latex, the coagulum is very soft and spongy.

  51. Dilute one ounce of milk with ten times its volume of water.

  52. The burning sensation it produces there, is only an appeal for water to dilute it.

  53. To the test tube in the preceding experiment, add two teaspoonfuls of dilute hydrochloric acid, and keep at 100 degrees F.

  54. Add a few drops of very dilute solution of iodine.

  55. Dilute a little of the saliva with five volumes of water, and filter it.

  56. Fill B two-thirds full of dilute hydrochloric acid (one teaspoonful to a pint), and fill C two-thirds full of hydrochloric acid and a few grains of pepsin.

  57. Dilute the solution; add an excess of ammonia, and we find a white precipitate of the phosphate of lime and of magnesia.

  58. Add cautiously dilute acetic acid until there is a copious, granular-looking precipitate of the chief proteid of milk (caseinogen), formerly regarded as a derived albumen.

  59. After noting its general character while fresh, put it to soak in dilute alcohol, until it is sufficiently hard to be cut in sections.

  60. It is not desireable to dilute the gastric juice, nor to chill the stomach with large amount of cold liquid.

  61. It is best to precipitate the mucin by acetic acid before making experiments; and to dilute the clear liquid with a little distilled water.

  62. Boil a small portion of the albumen solution in a test tube, adding drop by drop dilute acetic acid (two per cent) until a flaky coagulum of insoluble albumen separates.

  63. Pour a little cod-liver oil into a test tube; add a few drops of a dilute solution of sodium carbonate.

  64. Take time for the dissection, and save the specimen in dilute alcohol.

  65. Dilute in equal parts of water, and gargle every half hour in a severe case for the first three hours.

  66. First and instantly dilute the poison with large draughts of warm water, either clear, or, if the particular poison is known, containing the proper antidote.

  67. On the toxic effect of dilute solutions of acids and salts upon plants.

  68. On the whole the ameliorating action of solids is more clearly marked with dilute solutions of strong poisons than with relatively concentrated solutions of weaker poisons.

  69. Javillier maintains that zinc is fixed by the fungus, the whole of the zinc present in dilute solutions being taken up, only part being utilised in stronger solutions.

  70. Again, the tested compounds of copper, zinc and arsenic do not seem to stimulate growth, even when they are applied in the smallest quantities, whereas very dilute solutions of manganese and boron compounds decidedly increase growth.

  71. Bokorny indicates that silver and copper salts work harm in unusually dilute solutions.

  72. Freytag (1868) stated that zinc is retained by the soil in the form of oxide, which is derived from dilute zinc compounds as they filter through the soil, by decomposition by the salts of the soil.

  73. Dilute solutions applied in drops stimulate the leaf tissue in a ring, whereas if the solutions are concentrated the entire area covered by the drop is affected.

  74. So long as the solution of copper salt is dilute enough, the absorption layer of the root, acting as a semi-permeable membrane and upheld by the resistant protoplasm, is able to keep the copper out of the plant and to check its toxicity.

  75. The reason why nitric acid is to be avoided is shown by placing a print in dilute nitric acid.

  76. Footnote 5: Sulphuretted hydrogen may be prepared by pouring dilute sulphuric acid on ferric sulphide.

  77. Pick out all the lumps of zinc, and add a little dilute hydrochloric acid to dissolve up all the small particles of zinc which may be amongst the precipitated silver.

  78. Phosphorus reduces the gold into the metallic state, but when so dilute the reduction takes place very slowly.

  79. Always work from the centre to the edges, and dilute the acid with a little water as it approaches the margins.

  80. Dilute what gravy you have left from your duck fricassee with water, or make a weak broth of the duck bones, boiled with a little lean ham in a quart of water, until you have less than a pint left.

  81. Dilute with a little boiling water, and heat all to a boil.

  82. It may be obtained synthetically by oxidizing choline with dilute nitric acid (O.

  83. It may also be prepared by boiling benzyl chloride with dilute nitric acid (G.

  84. At from one to twelve hours after this is noticed it should be removed by a warm and dilute solution (about 8 or 10 per cent) of hydrochloric acid, to which a little glycerine may be added to prevent too rapid drying.

  85. Samples examined by the writer have invariably been found to consist of dilute hydrochloric acid.

  86. This consists of either dilute hydrochloric or sulphuric acid.

  87. The jelly thus formed by the action of the dilute acid upon the apple is converted into quince, pear, pineapple, or any other fruit that the pleasure of the manufacturer may choose by the addition of artificial flavoring agents.

  88. In a dilute solution the salt itself ceases to exist, while atoms of sodium and atoms of chlorine wander about, chemically separated from each other but still in equilibrium.

  89. In a very dilute solution the molecules of a salt are similarly separated, and are also comparatively free to move.

  90. Sulphate of sodium or magnesium, or a mixture of dilute sulphuric acid, spirits of chloroform, and peppermint-water.

  91. This test is delicate, and succeeds best in dilute solutions.

  92. Carbonate of Barium= is found in shops as a fine powder, tasteless and colourless, insoluble in water, but effervescing with dilute acids, and readily decomposed by the free acids of the stomach.

  93. With dilute sulphuric acid and bichromate of potassium turns green, and evolves aldehyde.

  94. The iron may be dissolved by placing the stain in a dilute solution of hydrochloric acid, when, on adding ferrocyanide of potassium, Prussian blue is produced.

  95. To purify it, add a small quantity of dilute sulphuric acid, and, after evaporating to three-quarters of its bulk, add a saturated solution of carbonate of potash or soda.

  96. The chloro-iodide of potassium and mercury precipitates it from very dilute solutions.

  97. Chloride of sodium or lime in dilute solution, and ordinary treatment for irritant poisoning.

  98. Dilute solutions give a white precipitate with barium nitrate, insoluble in hydrochloric acid even on boiling.

  99. In dilute solutions they act as irritants.

  100. Dilute acid chars paper when the paper is heated; gives a white precipitate with nitrate or chloride of barium, and is entirely volatilized by heat.

  101. The coloring matter of the pileus may be rubbed upon paper and produce on it red stains if the surface is previously moistened with water or dilute alcohol.

  102. It is soluble in both alcohol and ether, insoluble in water, and is characterised by assuming a purplish-red colour when heated in dilute hydrochloric acid.

  103. One is treated with dilute ammonia until the brownish precipitate is entirely redissolved; and to this clear solution, 1/2 oz.

  104. Dissolve lactate of barium in water, precipitate the barium with dilute sulphuric acid, carefully avoiding excess, and gently evaporate to the consistence of a syrup, or until it acquires the density 1.

  105. This substance is found in the juice of grapes and other fruit, in the urine of diabetic patients, and in the liquid formed by acting on starch and woody fibre with dilute sulphuric acid.

  106. Add pure zinc and dilute sulphuric acid, and let stand two days.

  107. The lightest precipitate is obtained from cold, highly dilute solutions, and subsequent ebullition of the mixture.

  108. Dissolve carmine in liquor of ammonia, and dilute with water.

  109. Commercial strychnine may be freed from brucine by digesting the powder in dilute alcohol.

  110. Others boil the fat along with water and a little dilute nitric or chromic acid, or a mixture of bichromate of potash and sulphuric acid; and afterwards wash it thoroughly with water.

  111. Dissolve gamboge or annotta in liquor of potassa; dilute with water, and add a little spirit.

  112. Mix with this solution a dram of magnesia in fine powder, and digest it in the heat of boiling water about twenty four hours; then dilute the mixture with double its quantity of water, and filtrate.

  113. To expedite matters, the dilute solution should be made with water of 150 deg.

  114. Then take two drams of the gold chloride solution and dilute with an ounce of water, and add slowly with stirring as before.

  115. Yellow Stains may sometimes be removed by a dilute solution of potassium cyanide (poison) of strength one part cyanide in fifty parts water.

  116. When the plate behaves as if under-exposed, dilute the developer at once with half the quantity or an equal quantity of water, according to the degree of under-exposure indicated, and add the whole of the ammonia and bromide mixture.

  117. For use mix equal parts of dilute pyro solution and soda solution and pour over the plate.

  118. Add dilute nitric acid (one part strong acid, twenty parts water) drop by drop until the mixture just turns a bit of blue litmus paper a red tinge.

  119. Dilute a small quantity with cold water until the whole is a pale sherry colour.

  120. No more of the dilute pyro solution should be made up than is likely to be used during the same day, but it will keep well enough for a day or two.

  121. An old method, frequently used, is to treat the bleached plate with dilute ammonia, which converts the white image into a dark brown one of very considerable printing opacity.

  122. Equal parts of each, for soft negatives dilute with water.

  123. If the plate behaves as if it were under-exposed, at once dilute the developer with an equal bulk of water and pour it back over the plate.

  124. Then add this dilute gold solution a little at a time to the eight ounces of sulphocyanide solution, and stir well with a glass rod.

  125. Now take one dram of the gold solution and dilute with one ounce of water.

  126. Thus, to mix this bath, take an ounce of the above-mentioned sulphocyanide solution dilute with twenty ounces water.

  127. It can be decomposed into glucose and gentiopicrin by the action of dilute mineral acids.

  128. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "dilute" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.

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