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Example sentences for "decreased"

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decoy; decoyed; decoying; decoys; decrease; decreases; decreasing; decree; decreed; decreeing
  1. On the last week in that fatal month, when all hope had been abandoned, the bills of mortality suddenly decreased in number to one thousand eight hundred and thirty-four.

  2. The bills of mortality rose the first week in September to seven thousand, and though they slightly decreased during the second week--awakening a momentary hope--on the third they advanced to twelve thousand!

  3. Perhaps it was a little less in front, but it had not decreased on the inside.

  4. In very many cases, possibly on account of the decreased circulation and vitality of the parts, these growths occur in aged animals.

  5. We thus see that contraction brought about in this way is not so much caused by the heat of the stable, as it is by the decreased ability of the horn to retain its own moisture.

  6. The success of the treatment is soon seen in the cessation of pain and in the decreased amount of discharge from the opening in the sole.

  7. In Andral's second case the globules had decreased to 44.

  8. We may therefore conclude that slight after-shocks originated nearer the surface than strong ones, that the mean depth of the foci decreased with the lapse of time, and that the axes of the systems of curves in Fig.

  9. This induced activity was not permanent but decreased to half its value in about eleven hours and practically disappeared within a week.

  10. Through continual fighting, and the carelessness which the unbalanced mind is so apt to fall into after one or more happy successes, they had decreased in number within seven-and-a-half months into a force of about ninety guns.

  11. They have decreased during a camp life of eleven months in the most unaccountable manner.

  12. When the air is heated to 70°, it still contains the original amount of moisture but its relative humidity has decreased with the change of temperature.

  13. The humidity of air may be increased by the addition of moisture or decreased (dehumidified) by raising its temperature, thereby increasing its capacity for containing moisture.

  14. As the water is heated it expands and rises to the top of the boiler because of its decreased weight.

  15. In use, the variation is made by pulling one string to add resistance and thus dim the light; or by pulling the other string, the resistance is decreased and more electricity passes through the filament to produce a brighter light.

  16. The palms and fruit-trees gradually decreased in number, the cultivated ground grew less and less, and the desert spread itself before me, deadening all pleasure and animation.

  17. The temperature had by this time very perceptibly decreased in warmth, the glass often standing no higher than 59 or 63 degrees Fah.

  18. It may also be pointed out that according to the official figures, the cost of bankruptcy administration under the present system has very considerably decreased as compared with that under the act of 1869.

  19. The population has lately decreased and now numbers about 4000.

  20. Technical improvement, which in an abstract economic society would show itself in the decreased labour required to produce the same wealth, shows itself in capitalist society in a gradual decline in the rate of profits.

  21. Turning to our illustration, the ten labourers will find employment with a capital which, like the utility, has remained the same, but economically has decreased to 900.

  22. Has it, for example, decreased drunkenness?

  23. Moreover, the other bacteria are very greatly decreased in numbers, so that the dangers of intestinal troubles are at least much reduced.

  24. The suspicion under which milk has been placed has decreased its use.

  25. Now it is the fashion to go to the other extreme, and even to maintain that they have not decreased at all.

  26. The population had decreased during the Revolutionary war, so that at its outbreak there were probably altogether a thousand families.

  27. During the half century they had suffered from devastating wars and forced removals, and had probably slightly decreased in number.

  28. Owing to the destruction of forests, the Bear, which is essentially a lover of the woods, has decreased considerably in number.

  29. Even at the present time, the Jackal is extremely plentiful in Palestine; and as the numbers of wild beasts have much decreased in modern days, the animals must have been even more numerous than they are at present.

  30. In proportion as the memory is retentive, so is decreased one of the greatest charms of existence-- novelty.

  31. As for the climate, Sierra Leone is much maligned, especially so since science has reclaimed its swamps and decreased the death rate.

  32. The caffein of coffee also increases the flow of milk, but the milk produced is correspondingly dilute and a later decreased secretion may be expected.

  33. However, the results so obtained were not practical, since the cup values were decreased in the majority of cases, and the physiological effects produced were undesirable.

  34. In six weeks she was much troubled with the swellings in her thighs and abdomen, which decreased very little when she lay down: she made not quite a pint of water in the twenty-four hours.

  35. The vomiting decreased gradually, and ceased on the 22d.

  36. Thus we see the annual value of the products of labor decreased in proportion to the number of slaves.

  37. But as every moment decreased the transparency of this tropical twilight, the tint gradually lost its softness and became darker and darker.

  38. Considered teratologically, the changes, as regards the number of organs, are readily grouped into those consequent on a decreased and into those resulting from an increased development.

  39. Whether isolation as a psychic experience has decreased for many in the country is a matter of doubt.

  40. Fortunately, the change in the distance between the pitcher and batsman has decreased the opportunity for this class of unattractive games.

  41. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "decreased" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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