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Example sentences for "decoy"

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decorously; decorticated; decorum; decorums; decouverte; decoyed; decoying; decoys; decrease; decreased
  1. They arrived in flocks from the southward, often of several hundred individuals, that whirled in and circled back and forth along the lake shore to decoy to birds feeding on the strand or to rise again and continue swiftly northward.

  2. The female fluttered away to a distance of about 30 feet and went through a remarkable performance in her attempt to decoy me from the nest.

  3. It does not decoy well and is no longer considered a game bird, but it has been popular with sportsmen for its gamy qualities and for the excellence of its flesh.

  4. The bird began to call again and drooped a wing to decoy me away.

  5. Some of their amusing antics are well described by Mr. Dawson (1923) as follows: While all are shouting lustily, the birds whose nests are more immediately threatened are doing decoy stunts of several fascinating sorts.

  6. They made a proposition to Paul to act as decoy ducks for him in the same way as for Teddy.

  7. We lack not a variety--as wild-duck shooting, and fishing; and we have a new decoy establishment not far off.

  8. The decoy consisted of a pond of a hundred and fifty acres, or more perhaps.

  9. All the work about the decoy we have to do at night, for if they hear any sounds they're not accustomed to, they will keep away from it.

  10. His Majesty was now finishing the Decoy in the Park.

  11. He now declared his intention to remain on board of the ship until daylight, to decoy as many of the savages on board as possible, then to set fire to the powder magazine, and terminate his life by a signal of vengeance.

  12. This bird," thought Firmian, "is the decoy of all these men, and the money is what baits the lure.

  13. To-morrow I shall send my daughters and the bewitching mermaids to decoy the vessel among the rocks.

  14. Here the intention clearly is to decoy back the loitering bird-soul and replace it in the head of its owner.

  15. Finally, the sufferings of the little pig, whose squeals served to decoy the demons from their lurking-places, are terminated by death, for it is killed and its carcase thrown away.

  16. But if she thinks you have discovered her secret, she feigns lameness and disability of both leg and wing, to decoy you into the pursuit of her.

  17. The female bird was not less solicitous, and practiced the same arts upon us to decoy us away, but her dull plumage rendered her less noticeable.

  18. The parent bird, on these occasions, made frantic efforts to decoy me away from her young.

  19. The prudent widow has supplemented the attractions of her house by engaging a handsome and buxom maid, who is attached to the inn as a decoy for the 'sprigs of fashion' who may happen to be driving on the North Road.

  20. In passing the post at Wantoot, he was ordered to show himself, and, if possible, to decoy the British cavalry into the field.

  21. A small body of his swiftest horse were sent out to decoy the British into the snare.

  22. Spider-Spirit That dwells in the drearisome caves, and walks on the marshes at midnight, With a flickering torch in his hand, to decoy to his den the unwary.

  23. At night he often lights a torch (evidently the ignis fatuus or Jack-a-lantern) and swings it on the marshes to decoy the unwary into his toils.

  24. Such places are decoy shops, the more dangerous as drinking in Drury-lane is really disgusting, and enough to make a man a teetotaller for life.

  25. He had no intention of approaching either lifeboats or the ship until entirely satisfied that he was not dealing with one of the decoy vessels which he so greatly feared.

  26. It was not decoy smoke and decoy flame this time.

  27. The decoy merchantman apparently put on extra steam when the submarine started in her direction at top speed; here, again, however, the proper manoeuvre was not to run too fast, for her real mission was to get caught.

  28. Thus the mystery ships, or decoy ships, as the Germans called them, destroyed a number of submarines before the enemy knew that such dangerous vessels existed.

  29. He made use of all his arts to decoy men into his power for the purpose of killing them.

  30. He is like a decoy duck, alwus above water, and lives at least 18 months each year.

  31. It iz diffrent from profusion; profusion iz most alwus the decoy duck ov vanity.

  32. As it was, however, both boys were aware, or at least they now suspected, that the negro had been sent out by the rebels either to gain information or to serve as a decoy for any of the straggling soldiers.

  33. Little Ben Fowler des' used him lak I use de decoy when I shoots ducks.

  34. The decoy signal was almost immediately answered by the appearance of the main body of the Askaris and with them the three Europeans, who were still mounted.

  35. Use it as a decoy or train it to guard your kit in camp?

  36. His sole companion was a goat that, left without food and water, was to act as a decoy to the lions.

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