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Example sentences for "decoyed"

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decorticated; decorum; decorums; decouverte; decoy; decoying; decoys; decrease; decreased; decreases
  1. They say they are FREE and were decoyed to this state.

  2. We were decoyed here by the trick of some deadly enemy, and every moment that I remain locked up here Kathleen is in the most deadly peril.

  3. It was I that decoyed you to Richmond with a lying letter; I that flung you into the deep, dark river to perish.

  4. Some of the leading men of the Connecticut Colony were decoyed into the block-house, arrested, and sent off to a distant prison.

  5. What was it—madness, a nightmare, or a trap into which he had been decoyed with fiendish artfulness?

  6. He was terrified at the rapidity with which he had been involved in such dangers—decoyed into it.

  7. Heart-rending are the tales which have reached our ears as to the way in which many of them have been decoyed from their homes, and as to the miserable existence which they have since been dragging out.

  8. We know of at least one village where beautiful children, who have been decoyed or purchased from their parents by these prostitute-hunters, are taken to be reared and trained for the profession.

  9. I expect that is why he had decoyed her away.

  10. The knowledge that the man had decoyed Anne away on the previous night made Giles the more eager that he should be caught.

  11. The British, however, led by the Nantuckois, whom they have decoyed into their service, have begun this fishery.

  12. Pope when very young was once decoyed by some noblemen and the player to a house of carnal recreation.

  13. One of the fashionable young men of Lord Orford's day had been unhappily decoyed into a gambling house, where his passion for play became so great that he spent nearly the whole of his time in throwing the dice.

  14. From report, they told their master, and even their pursuers, before the master came, that Concklin had decoyed them away, they coming unwillingly.

  15. It is thought that Flora decoyed my wife out and laid some terrible trap for her.

  16. Now my theory all along has been that Lady St. Simon was decoyed away by Flora Millar, and that she, with confederates, no doubt, was responsible for her disappearance.

  17. How could they have decoyed him down there?

  18. One instant he stood there, breathing hard, and whirling his club, defiant and by no means conquered, and the next he lay an inert mass at the feet of the rascal who had decoyed him up the river.

  19. Then commenced a desperate struggle, for Dick realised in a flash that he was the victim of a ruse; that he had been hoodwinked and decoyed to this place.

  20. Soon afterward Jack was informed that the Annapolis police had succeeded in running down the mulatto who had decoyed the young submarine skipper on that memorable night.

  21. Are not the various strategies and cunning devices of the sportsman, by which these noble creatures are decoyed and murdered, equally open to the same objection?

  22. These animals are very fond of salt, and with it they are often decoyed to a spot where the hunter lies in wait for them.

  23. No, it seems clear that if Mrs. Vanderstein were to be decoyed away and murdered for her jewels it would be on an occasion when she was unattended by her companion.

  24. The boy was to be decoyed into the wilderness and murdered by Barabbas.

  25. The quarry was decoyed into the bush; he was set to carrying a log; and while his arms were raised Abou ripped up his belly at a blow.

  26. Here was the suffumigation; here was the muttering wizard; here was the desert place to which Aladdin was decoyed by the false uncle.

  27. In Palestine these birds are taken in nets, into which they are decoyed by a very effective though cruel device.

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