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Example sentences for "decorum"

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decorator; decorators; decorous; decorously; decorticated; decorums; decouverte; decoy; decoyed; decoying
  1. But strangest of all seemed the duels, conducted with a decorum and ceremony as rigorous as the law.

  2. He never attempted to advance beyond the line of strict decorum and politeness; and his companion was equally unpresuming.

  3. The following morning the men were up at daylight, washing the decks and putting the ship in order; they worked willingly, and yet with a silent decorum which showed what their feelings were.

  4. The churches are filled with people, who are far from conducting themselves with that decorum and moderation belonging to the place.

  5. And as he died in that great agony his face lit up, and calm and smooth came the grand old Roman verse: Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori.

  6. When our growing sense of priggish decorum and our dishonest ceremoniousness of speech made the jester a figure no longer possible, we substituted for him the poet-laureate!

  7. The household had settled back into its accustomed decorum and regularity.

  8. In their present state of feeling the seemly decorum of respectful service was relaxed; and to Laurence, overwrought by his recent and strange experiences, it appeared that they shrunk from him as from one unclean and outcast.

  9. In the interval of time required by decorum Mrs. Bowers traveled in Europe, accompanied by Mrs. Marsh and escorted by George H.

  10. At the same time the canons of decorum will commend sports to him as expressions of a pecuniarily blameless life.

  11. Deviations from the code of decorum have become intrinsically odious to all men, and good breeding is, in everyday apprehension, not simply an adventitious mark of human excellence, but an integral feature of the worthy human soul.

  12. Therefore, conversely, since leisure is the conventional means of pecuniary repute, the acquisition of some proficiency in decorum is incumbent on all who aspire to a modicum of pecuniary decency.

  13. None the less, while manners have this intrinsic utility, in the apprehension of the performer and the beholder alike, this sense of the intrinsic rightness of decorum is only the proximate ground of the vogue of manners and breeding.

  14. Those good people who go out to humanize the poor are commonly, and advisedly, extremely scrupulous and silently insistent in matters of decorum and the decencies of life.

  15. A breach of faith may be condoned, but a breach of decorum can not.

  16. He, whose notions of propriety and decorum were supersensitive, had not suggested even that an attendant should remain within call.

  17. But I should be obliged if at this moment, when the affairs of our house are at stake, you would adopt such sobriety and decorum as you are capable of.

  18. He had far too keen a sense of decorum to appear one man to the world and to his immediate relatives another.

  19. In conclusion, the Editor expressed a hope that “on no future occasion will any parties be allowed to violate order and decorum in a way so disgraceful as they did on Monday last.

  20. The greatest order and decorum prevailed, owing certainly to the excellent arrangement of C.

  21. Her sedate conduct, and the decorum maintained in her court, formed a strong contrast with the frivolity and license which disgraced that of Henry and his consort.

  22. Throughout this motley host the strictest discipline and decorum were maintained.

  23. Of course the average man or woman will cordially approve the decorum of Davis's reply, and on reflection will censure the other.

  24. If you deny justification to them, how can we keep decorum in accepting it ourselves?

  25. She was feverishly afraid of being intercepted, although such a thing had never occurred, the other women being far too elegant to rise so early, and a proper sense of decorum forbidding the young men to offer their escort.

  26. It would exceed the bounds of decorum should I escort you further," he said formally.

  27. Some might think it an advantage, if more of the decorum and reverence of such a state of society had been preserved to our day; for this respect paid to the minister was but part of a general and all-pervading system.

  28. Thus we find among them all stamps and kinds of men,--men of decorum and ceremony, like Dr.

  29. This heightened the decorum and solemnity.

  30. Reared in a stately school of old-world politeness, the unhappy man was a model of decorum and urbanity.

  31. Women, too, of rank and condition, forgetting the delicacy of their sex and the decorum of their character were intermingled with the lowest rabble, and carried on their shoulders the rubbish requisite for completing the fortifications.

  32. What had become of the lesson in decorum which should have been taught to this vulgar little bureaucrat?

  33. Hector bowed himself out of the room with that perfect decorum which proclaims the well-trained domestic of an aristocratic house.

  34. Fourier, mathematician of great renown, and member of the Institut was one of those converted Bonapartists to whom it behoved at all times to teach a lesson of decorum and dignity.

  35. Truly his sense of decorum and of the fitness of things had received a severe shock and now he had the additional mortification of seeing his beautiful daughter--his dainty and aristocratic Crystal--in a state bordering on frenzy.

  36. Washington's guests departed unaware that their illustrious host who had entertained them with consummate decorum had during those hours felt the nation slipping beneath his feet.

  37. It was not a masked band of regulators like the Ku Klux or the White Caps; but it was an irresistible rising of the best citizens in calm debate, in open daylight, with sobriety and decorum and every safeguard of justice.

  38. St. Thomases or other doctors of the Church, observing as they do a decorum so ingenious that in one sentence they describe a distracted lover and in the next deliver a devout little sermon that it is a pleasure and a treat to hear and read.

  39. The grave decorum of a place of public worship forbade any open exhibition of approval, but more than one knit brow and lighted eye, betrayed the emotions excited by the allusions.

  40. The toast was drank with right good will, though with somewhat more decorum than the others.

  41. Achille would with the proper decorum due to so solemn a function have handed M.

  42. Quite mechanically she saw the King's departure, and apparently she acted with perfect decorum and correctness.

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