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contrabass; contraception; contraceptive; contraceptives; contract; contractile; contractility; contracting; contraction; contractions
  1. The substitution of the contracted and idiomatic form et for the later form eteth is a great improvement.

  2. Laten intent, this Latin signifies; intent is the contracted form of intendeth; by analogy with went for wendeth.

  3. From the law of association of ideas, it inevitably results, both in young and old, that dislike is contracted towards things which in experience are habitually connected with disagreeable feelings.

  4. As the word has been contracted from courtoisie into curtsy, so the motion has been contracted from a placing of the knee on the floor, to a lowering of the knee towards the floor.

  5. If he has contracted debts, and is unwilling, or even unable, to pay them, it is their business to proceed in this manner; and I see no hardship or injustice in pursuing the most legal means of redress.

  6. My daughter Olivia privately contracted to a man of large fortune!

  7. The fair brow of his mother contracted at his approach; and he immediately suspected, what was indeed the fact, that Fanny had been relating to her the conversation which had passed between them in the morning.

  8. The bombero," Pedrito replied, "has paid today the debt contracted yesterday with Nocobotha the Ulmen of the Aucas.

  9. An ironical smile contracted the bronzed faces Of Pedrito's brothers, while Pincheira stamped his foot impatiently.

  10. One of them, hobbled by the bolas, and surrounded by dogs, rolled on the ground, digging up the sand with its contracted claws, and uttering a fearful yell.

  11. His long hooked nose, surmounted by two quick threatening eyes, rather close together, gave him a distant resemblance to a bird of prey; his thin lips were contracted with an ironical air, and his prominent cheekbones suggested cunning.

  12. There is nothing to connect myself with you as a case in any records, nor anything to identify me as a member of the Manoba group contracted by your company.

  13. The bright blue which I had seen in its unfathomable depths had contracted in a manner altogether unaccountable until it was now only the size of a pin's head.

  14. Her brow contracted and her lips stood apart.

  15. My head seemed heavy as lead, my brain incapable of receiving any impression, my throat contracted as though by a diphtheritic swelling.

  16. As I bent, looking full into the contracted pupil, I suddenly detected something half concealed in the lace edging of the pillow.

  17. The army under General Montgomery which had invaded the country had been unsuccessful against the British, had contracted large debts with the Canadians which it was unable to pay, and the Canadians would not join in the Revolution.

  18. The river now passes down a contracted valley, deeply wooded, to Whatstandwell.

  19. Limestone tors, of great height and beautifully wooded, rise above a contracted valley along which the stream pursues its lively course.

  20. Below Elvaston the Derwent flows through a flat country, and at its estuary at Wilne, near Shardlow, has greatly contracted its banks, so that it presents a striking contrast to the broad and powerful Trent.

  21. Martha was inclined to take a serious view of things, having caught something of her mother's gloomy Puritanism, which her own unhappy disposition and contracted life had done nothing to sweeten, and not a little to embitter.

  22. The Tarletons' coachman was kept out on a wet night for two hours by Janette Tarleton, and very properly contracted a cold, for which the young woman made herself responsible, and Doctor Barkis was called in.

  23. So, as I have said, the organ was contracted for, was built, and an additional series of trials began.

  24. As time progressed, however, and the petty annoyances grew more numerous, the merely intellectual pleasure of the writings of Wagner and Handel and Mozart possibly failed to suffice, and an organ was contracted for.

  25. The lands thus acquired are not liable for any debts contracted prior to the issuing of the patent.

  26. So, where a person supplies another with goods, the latter supposing that he is being supplied by another person with whom he had contracted for the goods, the law will not even imply a promise to pay for the goods.

  27. So are debts contracted in improving or preserving the homestead.

  28. Debts contracted prior to the acquisition of the homestead and pre-existing liens in most states are enforceable against the homestead.

  29. Marriage was a bond contracted and broken on the lightest occasion.

  30. Andronicus even went so far as to endeavor, to make the Greek Church declare the marriage null and void on the ground that it had been contracted by a union without the consent of his guardian.

  31. Perhaps Baroness Wildenrod had imbibed this same impression, for her delicately-arched eyebrows contracted as though from displeasure, and then her glance turned slowly to the young engineer, who stood in front of her.

  32. Egbert drew back a step, and his brow contracted threateningly.

  33. The old Baron had contracted a second marriage, in later life, long after his son was a grown man.

  34. He looked out upon the terrace where those two gentlemen were engaged in such lively conversation, and then again his eyes rested upon the young Baroness; but in doing so his brow contracted almost threateningly.

  35. Yes, the church was finished, and the Bishop of those parts had made a special journey to consecrate it at the hottest season of the year, and as a reward for his energy had contracted fever and nearly been washed away in a flooded river.

  36. The explanation given was that the warmth of the sun had contracted the withered muscles, a very natural and correct explanation.

  37. The sunshine was very pleasant to one who was conscious of having contracted a chill of the worst Egyptian order from long contact with a damp stone floor.

  38. As the teeth of his Lordship were chattering with ague resulting, he knew full well, from the fever he had contracted in the said huts, Dorcas found in him a most valuable ally.

  39. Perhaps she had contracted the disease from her husband, and now that she was so broken in spirit, it asserted itself.

  40. It may, indeed, be regarded rather as a contracted form of writing that word than as a proper symbol, just as we sometimes write Xt.

  41. Indeed, it most probably originated in the prevalent practice of contracted and monogrammatic writing, of which we have so many examples in these inscriptions.

  42. This trial of my discretion, which I did not then perceive, was certainly very dangerous, and not very humane; for in this state of idleness I might have contracted vices which I should not otherwise have given into.

  43. The bad cases were those of men who had contracted at Agra, when they were stationed in the plains, dysentery and fever of a serious type, which were constantly recurring.

  44. Of course, there is more chance of happiness in a marriage which is contracted between a man who loves a woman and a woman who does not love him than in one contracted between a woman who loves a man and a man who does not love her.

  45. Instead of smiling, which keeps the cheeks stretched and smooth, we frown, which keeps them contracted and engraves wrinkles on them.

  46. Our actions are like a shadow which we project upon the universe; the shadow can only be contracted by a diminution of our height; and the best way to enlarge it is to become generous—the principle of egoism is interior littleness.

  47. Its life is a point in space, a point in time; it constitutes a contracted ideal, and to say the truth, it is as vain for a race to regard itself as its own end as for an individual.

  48. These fibres contracted toward midday in the heat of the sun; the tree untwisted and rose.

  49. These contracted dwellings, filled day and night with human beings, are another point dangerous alike to the morals and the health of the inhabitants.

  50. The belief that St. Paul was opposed to the ordination of persons who had contracted a second marriage is reasonable in itself.

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