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Example sentences for "cramped"

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  1. I resolved, as soon as I had regained my strength and stretched my limbs, which had become cramped from being so long in a confined position, to set to work once more.

  2. I was cramped with the uncomfortable position in which I had been sleeping.

  3. It is rumoured that large reinforcements have reached the enemy from London, but as these must be merely scratch soldiers they will do them more harm than good in their cramped position.

  4. They were sheets of foolscap, written by lawyers, while this was only an old man's cramped and crooked writing.

  5. The boy could not help himself, and I was getting so cramped that I must have let go if your call had not given me just strength enough!

  6. As you are a sensible woman, Mother Carey, wasn't it a more goodly and edifying thing to put a man like Bauerson in a trance over the bluebells, than to sit cramped up in foul air listening to the glorification of a wholesale massacre.

  7. For one night, at least, the cramped and smothered fun and mischief of the younger generation were permitted to revel in the wild extravagance of a Roman saturnalia or the Christmas holidays of a slave plantation.

  8. His manifestation of power is at the same time one of revenge against his cramped and worried existence.

  9. This temptation is so strong that it makes the artist show all the world what no one wishes to see, that his little chamber of thought is cramped and untidy.

  10. I see a whole page of Edmund's somewhat cramped writing.

  11. Presently Raymond stood up and stretched his cramped limbs, then standing on the bench he found that he could just reach the window.

  12. The sun had set and the stars were beginning to twinkle in the darkening sky ere the travellers awoke stiff and cramped with lying on the bare earth; but stern duty urged them onwards, and with swinging stride they resumed their way.

  13. It had cramped her into a narrow groove wherein to struggle would only have been to injure herself ineffectually.

  14. On being lifted up, his shattered leg, cramped and asleep, gave him excruciating pain, and his whole body writhed as though it had been on the rack.

  15. They have dreamed of it when the rain beat for hours and hours on the tin of their eating utensils and they have sighed for it in the dampness of the cramped trenches.

  16. The door had not been closed ten seconds, ere Smith again was spitting out the gag, swearing under his breath, and stretching his cramped limbs free from their binding.

  17. Karamaneh rose swiftly to her feet as I stood upright and outstretched my cramped arms.

  18. I sought cautiously to move my cramped limbs, unlike Smith, who seeming to have sinews of piano-wire, crouched beside me immovable, untiringly.

  19. Already cramped by my journey in the market-cart, I found it difficult to remain very long in any one position.

  20. I'm a bit cramped now, but I'll be all right soon.

  21. Gladly rising to his feet, Ping Sang stretched his cramped legs, slung his two baskets across his shoulders with a bamboo pole, and trotted down the main street, trying to imitate the usual ambling gait of a street hawker.

  22. I'm not going to be cramped up in the ordinary cabin at my time of life.

  23. Jones and I did it after him, one at a time, and though at first our legs were horribly cramped and painful, the blood at last began to flow through them, and we were able to move freely.

  24. Ellen rose from the chair in which she had feigned her mesmeric sleep, and was by no means displeased with the opportunity of stretching her limbs, which were dreadfully cramped through having remained an hour in one unchanged position.

  25. A spacious life not cramped within four walls requires a spacious pocket too.

  26. Altogether if it were not for being somewhat cramped I should be very very much pleased with it.

  27. His feet are numb and painful with cold, his limbs are cramped and aching, and his right forearm has gone to sleep.

  28. But as we neared the Peninsula the excitement and novelty and the prospect of exercising cramped limbs brought back valour and cheerfulness.

  29. No worse form of permanent dwelling-place could conceivably have been constructed, for the men were cramped in these places with a minimum of comfort and a maximum of danger.

  30. Then came the slower strain and wrestle with boiling waters that burst upward from below, while the crew paddled like mad, with the pilot braced in his cramped quarters aft and chattering at them for still greater effort.

  31. I had tried it and having been both warned and punished in the same mouthful, I was glad to seek the wardrobe bunk to weep it out of my system in cramped solitude.

  32. They walk under our feet and scatter from our path in fear and trembling; their minds are cramped and starved by their hunted, down-trodden, tragical lives; they are shut up within themselves.

  33. But there was an interval between the uprooting in the Western District and the re-planting in this cramped spot--for the children and me.

  34. During the halt Ballard climbed down from his cramped seat on the fireman's box and crossed the cab to the engine-man's gangway.

  35. Ballard saw that Fitzpatrick was cruelly hampered by the presence of Bigelow; and when the meal was finished he gave the contractor his chance in the privacy of the little cramped pay-office.

  36. Cursing its cunning, I uncocked my rifle and stretched my cramped limbs.

  37. For hours I sat, scarcely daring to change my position or move my cramped limbs.

  38. Just the same, the unlucky denouement cramped my style from the outset.

  39. Perhaps I should not have been quite so abrupt, for that was what cramped the delightfully drummeresque ingenuousness with which he had begun.

  40. Then it may comprise letters and characters addressed to Peter; but a signature forces it to be all characteristic of the one man, Elia, or the one man, Peter, which cramped me formerly.

  41. Molly-Cotton cramped the wheel on my side of the carriage and started to step down.

  42. I was so tired I scarcely could set down the jar and straighten my cramped arms when I had the opportunity.

  43. One Polyphemus female, a giant indeed, was clinging to a twig with her feet, and from her shoulders depended her wings, wet, and wrinkled as they had been cramped in the pupa case.

  44. Just a slip from an Army Book 136, in Harville's neat cramped handwriting.

  45. The dug-out was none too large, and his only rest had been a cramped four hours trying to sleep on the floor.

  46. The others sprawled in cramped positions, snuggled one against another for warmth, and sought sleep.

  47. The hut was so cramped for space that one had to shift the table--a map-board laid upon a couple of boxes--in order to move round it.

  48. Manning and the cook had discovered a hole of their own, and the two clerks and the orderlies had cramped themselves into a tiny bivouac.

  49. Had they done so we must have drowned, for we were cramped and stiff with cold and our constrained position.

  50. Mr. Meredith was so cramped that Charles had to almost lift him to his feet, and then give him a shoulder into the public room of the tavern, where he helped him into a chair before the fire.

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