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Example sentences for "bronzed"

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  1. Deem ye that mother loveth less These bronzed forms of the wilderness She foldeth in her long caress?

  2. Nay," answered the Captain, a flush of anger overspreading his bronzed features.

  3. They were fierce-looking fellows, with bronzed features, begrimed with sweat and dust; upturned moustachios, and flowing locks.

  4. Fritz, in the formula of the forest, and the next minute a bronzed and bright-faced, handsome man had sprung lightly out of the thicket, and stood before them.

  5. It was three bright-faced, bronzed English lads that they found in the lower room with the good Abbe.

  6. In another minute Humphrey saw them--two bronzed and stalwart men--advancing from the wood into the clearing.

  7. A table in the centre of the room took up the chief of the space, and at this table sat a bronzed and stalwart man, whom Corinne instantly recognized as her protector in that forest adventure of long ago.

  8. The beech trees, with their bleached leaves still clinging to them, were almost spectral, and the oaks in their bronzed foliage stood like black giants by the roadside.

  9. Even his bronzed face flushed, but he said, with a laugh: "She is evidently much too bright for me, and would soon regard me as insufferably stupid.

  10. His bronzed features were almost rugged in their strength, but a heavy mustache gave a touch of something like manly beauty to his rather sombre face.

  11. The richer bronzed colors of the oak were predominating in the landscape, and only the apple, cherry, and willow trees about the house kept up the green suggestion of summer.

  12. His face was bronzed from his out-door life in the Adirondacks.

  13. The camp-fire glowed on their bronzed and animated features and lighted up the rocks and pines behind them.

  14. Some appeared brutally savage, but often their bronzed countenances expressed only dare-devil courage and reckless gaiety.

  15. When Sans Quartier was silent the lines of pain deepened in his stern, bronzed face; the very name of an Indian was sufficient to make Frap d’Abord swear long strings of queer, quaint oaths.

  16. Now, as he peeped furtively at the wounded man from one side, his face was pale and bloodless under its bronzed skin, and in his black eyes was a strange and half-triumphant expression.

  17. There was resolution and courage depicted in every feature of that bronzed face.

  18. Again he shook his head feelingly, then raising his hat, wiped the sweat from his bronzed brow.

  19. A trio of white men, nearly as bronzed as their savage comrades, completed the group.

  20. He was indeed handsome, with his stalwart frame, dark, bronzed face and rugged, manly bearing.

  21. Next came Silas Zane, a typical bronzed and bearded pioneer, with his buxom wife.

  22. Most of the hardy annual faces were early on the spot, with here and there a bronzed one not to be seen every year, but a good sprinkling as smooth as the other day when they left the school.

  23. The next batsman was one of the bronzed brigade who could not grace the old ground every season.

  24. His face was still young; the smooth skin was bronzed by wind and sun.

  25. He stood with hands clasped in prayer and eyes lifted to heaven, and two large tears rolled down his bronzed cheeks into his red beard.

  26. Greeba, and she looked up into his bronzed face and smiled proudly, and her long lashes blinked over her beautiful eyes.

  27. His bronzed cheeks were worn, his sunken eyes burned with a dull fire.

  28. Beloved was she by her princely father, Beloved was she by the young and old, By merry maidens and many a mother, And many a warrior bronzed and bold.

  29. Then the idea of being bronzed all over was such an alarming suggestion.

  30. Advertise for a bronzed living horse--Lyceum invitations and engagements--bronze versus brass.

  31. She saw a bronzed man with a tangle of tawny-red hair, a great beak of a nose, and a hooked chin.

  32. The bronzed faces round her were dim and unreal, a mob of masks, void of life and meaning.

  33. I reckon Uncle Sam might be able to fix it for you," chuckled the bronzed veteran.

  34. He was very skinny, with the dried up leanness of the bronzed Mediterranean.

  35. Tanned and bronzed by the profound absorption of the sun and the energy of the atmosphere, its navigators were transmuted into pure metal.

  36. The bronzed men who stood or sat their horses near at hand gazed from one to another, smiling, At last old Bill Williams broke out into a laugh.

  37. With hair and beard floating in the wind, the bronzed naked figure, like some weird old Indian fakir, still climbed on steadfastly up the mizzen-chains of the Spaniard, hatchet in hand.

  38. The Bronzed Grackle or Western Crow Blackbird, is a common species everywhere in its range, from the Alleghenies and New England north to Hudson Bay, and west to the Rocky Mountains.

  39. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "bronzed" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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