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  1. Russ, and before the manager could answer the bronco began running around in a circle.

  2. The bronco was quiet and tractable enough until Mr. Bunn settled himself in the saddle, and then, just as Russ was about to make the film, the pony set off at a fast pace.

  3. Dancing wheeled like an elephant on his bronco and clattered away through the mud.

  4. But a bronco might as well try to buck a locomotive as for one man or six or six hundred to win out in the way you are playing.

  5. Beats a bronco for getting over the ground.

  6. Two-step had evidently made an end of the bronco spree upon which he had been the evening before, for he submitted sedately to his unusual burden.

  7. The furious bronco surrendered without an instant's warning, and its rider slipped at once to the ground.

  8. Its flying hoofs struck the flanks of the pony, but the bronco stuck to its feet, and next moment staggered out from among the herd stragglers and came to halt.

  9. At Bronco Mesa the round-up had proceeded with unusual facility.

  10. The drive had been that day on Bronco Mesa, and had finished in the natural corral made by Bear Canon, fenced with a cordon of riders at the end opening to the plains below.

  11. Even then this could not be accomplished without throwing the bronco first.

  12. The bronco pounded to a stiff-legged standstill, trembled for a long minute like an aspen, and sank to a tame surrender, despite the sharp spurs roweling its bloody sides.

  13. He tried in vain to spur the bronco into the middle of the arena, but after it drove at a post for the third time and ground his limb against it, he gave up to the pain and slipped off.

  14. Her life had been an outdoor one, and she had stuck to the saddle on the back of many an outlaw bronco without pulling leather.

  15. Reining his bronco into the middle of the road, with rifle across the pommel of his saddle, Kelley advanced upon the crowd, in the shadowy fringes of which he could see ropes swinging in the hands of Mink's drunken partisans.

  16. There is scarce a Canadian ranche hand but owns a pony of bronco breed, scarce an Australian station hand of any decent calibre but owns or can procure a tough and serviceable semi-'brumbie' mount.

  17. An instant later, without knowing how he did it, Bronco Mitchel was on all fours with the wagon between him and the renegade.

  18. Bronco Mitchel, who was young then, and a foreigner who was cooking for the outfit were placed on sentry duty while the mules were grazing.

  19. At that instant Bronco Mitchel was laying flat on his back.

  20. The heat of the early afternoon got the best of Bronco Mitchel as he sat on the hillside with his back against a live-oak tree; and after several struggles to keep awake, he finally dropped off.

  21. Bronco Mitchel's experiences afforded another good illustration of the hazards of freighting.

  22. At the time it was supposed that no renegades were within a hundred miles, and Bronco Mitchel felt perfectly safe in taking a siesta under one of the big vehicles.

  23. Such incidents as these of Bronco Mitchel's, however, were all in the day's work and weren't regarded as anything in particular to brag about in those rough times.

  24. Knew his bronco as soon as I saw that blazed face show," John Slaughter said in explanation of his quick draw.

  25. The Bronco house, men call it now, but Bruncknow was the man who built it and the new term is a corruption.

  26. The bronco stock was bad enough but the green mules were the worst.

  27. One evening two or three years later Bronco Mitchel was freighting down near the border, and he made his camp at the mouth of Bisbee CaƱon.

  28. Now it so happened that Bronco Mitchel's team included a white mare, who was belled; for mules will follow a white mare to perdition if she chooses to wander thither.

  29. Being now somewhat experienced in the ways of the Territory, Bronco Mitchel immediately clasped his hands over the little fellow's muzzle and held him there, mute and struggling.

  30. He did not know what that something was; but the bronco added to his suspicions by its behavior.

  31. Charter a bronco and canter out across the river for an hour, and it will be very plain to you that the romantic West still lives--the West of the cowboy and the bronco and the steer.

  32. He assured me that--as a rule--it ain't bronco nature.

  33. Strange to say, the fickle goddess had really shifted her banner at last, and the Bronco Kid was dealing straight faro now.

  34. Bronco arose, whereupon she settled in his chair, tucked in her skirts, removed her gloves, and twisted into place the diamonds on her hands.

  35. At the first look the Bronco Kid had broken off in his speech and stared at her as though at an apparition.

  36. Roy, meanwhile, said nothing, for as the savage lust died in him he realized that the whirling faces before him were the faces of his enemies, that the Bronco Kid was still at large, and that his vengeance was but half completed.

  37. Plainly it was but a question of minutes, so she backed out and took her station beside the faro-table where the Bronco Kid was dealing.

  38. Although it was late in the afternoon the Bronco Kid had just arisen and was now loafing preparatory to the active duties of his profession.

  39. Some one knocked, and he opened the door to admit the Bronco Kid and Helen.

  40. No one, from Dawson down, had seen the Bronco Kid as he looked to-night.

  41. She did not notice the Bronco Kid beckoning to her nor the man with him, so the gambler brought his friend along and invaded her box.

  42. Evidently the Bronco Kid knew what card lay next below, for he offered her no sign, and as Glenister leaned back he slowly and firmly pushed the top card out of the box.

  43. As they approached the Bronco Kid, his lips thinned and slid apart slightly, while out of his heavy-lidded eyes there flared unreasoning rage.

  44. Anyway, McNamara should never have Helen--Roy believed his mission covered that point as well as her deliverance from the Bronco Kid.

  45. He could not note the effect of the remark on her, however, for, as he spoke, the door of the box opened and the head of the Bronco Kid appeared, then retired instantly with apologies.

  46. The Bronco Kid lighted a cigar as they passed, nodding silently at their greeting.

  47. For an instant the issue hung in doubt whether he could hold the bronco and save her a nasty fall.

  48. Before his right foot was in the stirrup, the bronco bucked.

  49. Again her whistle shrilled, and the bronco trotted down toward her.

  50. Gordon did not explain that he had been returned winner in more than one bucking-bronco contest in the days when he rode the range.

  51. As to a signal the bronco rose, and the battle was on again.

  52. In front of the porch a saddled bronco trailed its rein, and near by stood a young man in riding-breeches and spurs.

  53. Bronco Charlie was to remain with the horses, holding them in readiness.

  54. Anybody that was goin' to look for Dead Hoss Valley and come across this picture, why, he'd just light off'n his bronco and hunt a place to camp.

  55. Illustration: "I was down on my knees doin' a buckin' bronco act, when there comes a gasp from the doorway.

  56. I was down on my hands and knees doin' a buckin' bronco act across the floor, when there comes this gasp from the doorway.

  57. It will give me great pleasure if you will all join," and immediately he handed a book to Bronco Bill, who, surprised, took it as if he did not know what to do with it.

  58. A buckskin bronco shot past the window, and in a few moments there appeared at the door the Old Timer.

  59. Of course, Hi Kendal and his friend Bronco Bill had no opinion one way or the other.

  60. He flung himself off his bronco and said, as if thinking aloud: "It is too awful!

  61. He stood at the door, gave a word of direction to Hi, who had followed him out, and leaping on his bronco shook him out into a hard gallop.

  62. Here was Joe safe enough, but the bronco lay with a broken leg, and half under him was Gwen.

  63. Well, I am not responsible for your supposin', but them that is familiar with Bronco Bill generally expects him to back up his undertakin's.

  64. Even Bronco Bill and Hi Kendal would say so, without, of course, abating one jot of their admiration for her.

  65. And this, coming from one who made a profession of "bronco busting," was unquestionably high praise.

  66. I was standing at the door of my school, watching the children ride off home on their ponies, when Hi came loping along on his bronco in the loose-jointed cowboy style.

  67. I figure she's a bronco that never was broke right.

  68. But a good cowboy, or "bronco buster," as he would be termed while engaged in this branch of the business, is a good stayer and keeps his seat.

  69. The instant it fell, the pursuing bronco rushed and headed off the other, winding the rope about his legs; then suddenly sitting back upon his haunches he waited, with ears back, for the shock.

  70. The bronco is ingenious--he is a strategist.

  71. A wild young bronco that has never been touched by the hand of man is sometimes roped out of a herd and handed over to one of the boys with instructions to "ride him.

  72. A similar exhibition of skill, but on a bronco instead of a steer, which lately took place in a New Mexico town, is thus described by an eye witness.

  73. It came with a rush, and the little horse at the other end of the rope, as was the intention, went headlong onto the field, the cowboy's bronco holding him down by the continual strain that he kept up.

  74. Then the foreman made ready to try to stay in the saddle longer than had any of his men, for when a bronco bucks it is like trying to hold on to a swing that is turning topsy-turvy.

  75. Now and then one would stay on the wild animal's back longer than had any of his friends, not falling when the bronco leaped up in the air and came down with his legs as stiff as those of an old fashioned piano.

  76. The bronco heard the sound of running feet.

  77. The bronco was led to a corner of the corral, or stable yard, and tied.

  78. I'll be a bucking bronco like those Uncle Frank told us about on his ranch.

  79. The cowboys have a bucking bronco out in the corral and they're taking turns trying to ride him.

  80. Jim watched Imp, and as soon as the bronco stopped rolling and stood up again the foreman jumped into the saddle.

  81. If it had been one of their own friends who had gone into the corral where the dangerous bronco was standing, they would have known what to do.

  82. A bucking bronco jumps up in the air with all four feet off the ground at once, and comes down as stiff as a board," explained Uncle Frank.

  83. It was fun, but some hard work, too, for one after another the cowboys fell out of the saddle of the bucking bronco as they tried to ride him.

  84. You might make the bronco give a jump, and then he'd step on your little brother.

  85. The bucking bronco was most dangerous of all.

  86. But Imp, as the bronco was named, knew all those tricks.

  87. You see, Dick, the bronco throwed you just t'other day, an' a thing like that is liable to git you all balled up.

  88. All the tornado an' buckin'-bronco business may be a waste of talk.

  89. It would be funny if I begun it whar the bronco throwed you and ended up in the tornado.

  90. She mought take a fool notion that the bronco throwed you powerful soon after her change o' luck.

  91. I should like to have her tell that bronco what my opinion of him is and hear what he says in reply," added Lieutenant Wingate, flipping a biscuit, which Hindenburg deftly caught and gulped down at a single swallow.

  92. Hippy and the bronco were tussling on the threshold of the car with Hippy's feet in the air most of the time.

  93. The next act was when Hippy was catapulted from the car door by the heels of the untamed bronco and landed in the street.

  94. Hippy Wingate's pony, a western bronco that he had acquired that summer, was the last of the ponies in the car.

  95. For a few moments it looked as if man and bronco would land in the village postoffice by way of its large front window.

  96. I'm getting the candy for the bronco and the bull pup--trying to buy my way into their good graces, as it were.

  97. I'd rather ride a bucking bronco any day, than be here," the boy thought.

  98. For what Roy did not know about tying ropes, to hold anything from a bucking bronco to a wild steer, was not worth knowing.

  99. The other half I'd use to buy me some buckers and I'd go into training as a lady bronco buster.

  100. The worst I ever did to Oscar Jefferson was to play bucking bronco on that old milch cow, Jinny, of his.

  101. The last time it was bronco busting you were going into.

  102. She entered the exhibition with Buster and Sioux and Whoop-la, the bronco Scott had given her.

  103. Nevertheless, the broncos had the lurking devil in the tails of their eyes as they stood there tied to the wire fencing; they were humble and dejected as only a bronco or a mule can simulate.

  104. They reasoned from this that the man was a bronco Indian who had been so long 'out' that he could not procure matches, and also that he was a much wilder one than any of the Indians then known to be outlawed.

  105. The bronco Indian took himself off for a couple of hours, and when he returned, brought another horse, which they mounted, and sped onward through the moonlight all night long.

  106. Daisy sat up straight, rousing the little bronco to its best speed with voice and driving-reins.

  107. The bronco appears with six minutes to spar'.

  108. Dan's bronco runs three foot for every one of the pony of Silver Phil's; which that beaten an' broken cayouse is eighty miles from his last mouthful of grass.

  109. The bronco is used to round up the mules in event they strays or declines in the mornin' to come when called.

  110. As Silver Phil reorganises for a second shot his bronco stumbles.

  111. He gives the public ten minutes; if the bronco is absent at the end of ten minutes Silver Phil allows he'll introdooce about a pound of lead into where that village father does his cogitating.

  112. Thar's a flash an' a crash an' a cloud of bloo smoke; the aroused bronco makes a standin' jump of twenty foot.

  113. Dan Boggs is across the street in the dancehall door, an' his pet best bronco is waitin' saddled in front.

  114. The coat is big medicine; moreover thar's the milk-white big medicine bronco with red eyes.

  115. Sunbright is lookin' on at these manoovers an' her heart goes out to the Lance; she falls more deeply in love with him than even the red-eyed bronco does.

  116. It was a dream of a saddle, made at Paso del Norte; and the owner had it cinched upon a bronco dear at twenty dollars.

  117. I hears 'em hit the bottom of the canyon jest as I falls off my bronco in a fit.

  118. Bronco Bess, Queen of the Cattle Camp," suggested the girl, dimpling.

  119. It was landslides everywhere, and the mark of a man's spade was on every one; so it showed that the bronco had been over that same ground before.

  120. I suppose you will need a horse, Tom, seeing that the Red Ghost has spoilt your bronco for you.

  121. He had been told repeatedly to get the pack on right, and not to unhitch his horse until he did it, or the bronco would knock him and his burden into the middle of next week and come home, leaving him to follow after as best he could.

  122. The closely packed men cursed and threatened and ordered him out, but gave way all the same, and when the bronco heard the squawking of the fiddles and felt the jab of his rider's spurs, he slewed around and backed toward the table.

  123. You won't have any bronco to carry them for you.

  124. More than that, the bronco had left the prints of his hoofs and had continually browsed on the way, and, taking all these things together, Tom was certain that he could strike the trail.

  125. You will find that the bronco will go through some places that you will not care to ride, and, besides, you will have one horse less to take care of, and one less to watch.

  126. When he spoke of the bronco and repeated some words of advice that Mr. Parsons had given him, the latter remembered him at once.

  127. The bronco which came up at that moment, with Stanley's lariat fastened about his neck, was like any other horse, only he seemed to be tired.

  128. The bronco didn't get away from you, I suppose.

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