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corneal; corned; cornel; cornelian; corneous; cornered; cornering; corners; cornerstone; cornerstones
  1. In one corner of the room is a rickety table.

  2. They sit on the benches, and the table is therefore kept in the corner of the room.

  3. The clock in the corner seemed to tick more loudly, and the dead coals dropping in the grate had a sharp, aggressive sound.

  4. And then, from very weariness, his eyes closed and his head fell back heavily against the wall, and the man and the child in his arms slept peacefully in the dark corner of the deserted tenement.

  5. There was a great house at the corner of the avenue and the cross-street on which he was walking.

  6. From the dark corner of the cab his eyes shone with excitement, and with the awful joy of anticipation.

  7. Another whistle answered it from a street-corner one block ahead of him.

  8. And the other cabmen who have their stand at the corner were swarming about the carriage, all of them talking and swearing at once, and gesticulating wildly with their whips.

  9. The sporting editor got out to send his message to the Press office, and then lighting a cigar, and turning up the collar of his great-coat, curled up in the corner of the cab.

  10. A policeman on the next corner directed him to a trolley car, and told him where to transfer in order to reach Dudley Blythe's residence.

  11. Then a click of the back gate-latch called them both back to speech, and Norman came around the corner of the house swinging a string of fish.

  12. She opened it eagerly, and Pink, watching her from the corner of his eye as he sorted a handful of circulars, saw a shade of disappointment cross her face.

  13. It was addressed in purple ink to Miss Mary Ware, and in the lower left-hand corner was written, with many ornate flourishes, "K.

  14. I could stop right here on the street corner and call out his name so all the town could hear.

  15. Mrs. Blythe, as they whirled around a corner and turned into a pleasanter part of the town.

  16. Just make some excuse to visit some lodging houses he owns on the corner of Myrtle and Tenth Streets.

  17. In reaching around to get it she upset a pile of boxes on the corner shelf, and one of them tumbled open at her feet.

  18. It was a very grim and determined Mary who came out of the corner grocery five minutes later.

  19. At least, I've seen an old woman who used to be always knitting, sitting at a corner window.

  20. We stopped on a shady street corner and passed a row of houses on a respectable looking street.

  21. Her father was bedridden, and her mother so queer in her head that she did nothing but sit in a corner and mutter to herself all day long.

  22. Get an eye on those basement rooms," he advised her as he left her at the corner of Myrtle and Tenth Streets, and pointed out the steps leading to the underground rooms in Diamond Row.

  23. Again in May, 1790, some scoundrels fired a house at the corner of Long Lane, which eventuated in the destruction of all the houses to Catherine (?

  24. At the north-east corner of Little Britain stood an alien Cluniac Priory, or Hospital, founded in 1377, which was suppressed with other alien houses by Henry V.

  25. Trinity Hall, at the corner of Little Britain, was occupied by a congregation of Nonjurors, and afterwards by a society of Moravians.

  26. It was again rebuilt in 1829, and stood at the corner of Liverpool Street.

  27. The pulpit stood on a site that now forms the north-east corner of Spital Square.

  28. It was situated in a portion of Winchester House at the north-west corner of Great Winchester Street, has since been removed, and is now located in Somerset House.

  29. The King's Head, at the corner of Spital Square.

  30. How much he contributed indirectly, by keeping up resistance to the universal conqueror in one corner of Europe, it would be difficult to estimate.

  31. This new fortification, known as the Mamelon, was so situated as to prevent the English trenches at the south corner of the city being pushed forwards.

  32. The plan was to breach, at the south-eastern corner of the town, the two great bastions known as the Trinidad and the Sta.

  33. In the village from every house and corner they fired.

  34. The castle was at the north-east corner of the town, close to the river: along the east face a rivulet flowing into the Guadiana had been artificially extended into a complete defence for nearly half the length.

  35. The city with its docks and arsenal is on the south side: and the ground rises steeply, broken by narrow ravines, to a high plateau which forms the south-western corner of the Crimea.

  36. On the south side of the peninsula, some eight miles south-east from Sebastopol, is the small but tolerably good harbour of Balaclava: and at the corner is the larger but less sheltered bay of Kamiesch.

  37. Down on the further corner of the hubbub we entered a Spanish saloon and spread ourselves over the "white" bar, adding beer to our humble collation.

  38. His very presence seemed to promise to raise several degrees the merriment in that corner of House 85.

  39. He had long been a familiar sight to "Zoners" among the swarm of bootblacks that infest the corner near the P.

  40. I little knew how familiar every corner of this scene would one day be to me.

  41. But though I wandered a long two hours into every hole and corner where trouble might have its breeding-place, nothing but noise took place in my sight and hearing.

  42. Inspector, when "the Captain" had returned to the corner office.

  43. Only once more was I aroused, as the lights of Gatun flashed up; then we rolled past the noisy glaring corner of New Gatun and on to Colon.

  44. But not one of them ever went so far as to demonstrate; and though I was born a long way north of Missouri I once passed through a corner of the state.

  45. Without a word he went over to the most distant corner of the studio, where he apparently became absorbed in studying a sketch hanging on the wall.

  46. When wit and beauty get into a corner together," was Rangely's salutation, "there is sure to be mischief brewing.

  47. He was chatting in a corner with Ethel Mott, when Fred Rangely, whose successful novel had made him vastly the fashion that winter, joined them.

  48. But I leave her, wiping her eyes on the corner of her apron, while she throws an old shoe after me, and with Gracie and Arthur by the hand, I go to the depot to take the 4:45 P.

  49. A number of us attended Sunday school and preaching in the forenoon, and were well entertained and pleased with the manner in which the Sunday school was conducted, while the organ in the corner made it quite home-like.

  50. There now, don't ask me anything about it, only if you are in Chicago while it is on exhibition, go to corner Wabash avenue and Hubbard Court, pay your fifty cents and look for yourself.

  51. My hair grows whiter than my thistle plume And all my limbs are loose; but in my eyes The star of an unconquerable praise; For in my soul one hope forever sings, That at the next white corner of the road My eyes may look on Him.

  52. When heaven endows you with all gifts, you are an incomplete being if you stay still in your corner instead of taking advantage of your real value.

  53. He wuz up and about, with his senses all straight, and the star he follered wuzn't the light of a corner saloon.

  54. This most artistic and beautiful buildin' consists of a centre pavilion, flanked at each end by corner pavilions, connected by open corridors forming a sheltered and beautiful walk the hull length of the structure.

  55. And you would almost expect if you turned a corner to meet Old Alibaby, or a Grand Vizier, or somebody before you got out of there.

  56. The corner pavilion, like all the rest of the buildin', have each a open colonade above the main cornice.

  57. To have stood on Mitchell’s corner that day, as I did, would mark an event in a life otherwise filled with adventures.

  58. In a corner of each of the shops, in which are carried on the forty or more different trades, is a blackboard on which are worked out the actual problems which arise in the course of the work.

  59. First and last on these apparently aimless strolls with a stenographer he visited not only the classrooms and shops but every corner of the great institution.

  60. And thus all England became the theatre of blood, and war was spread into every corner of the country, though as yet there was no stroke struck.

  61. Sir Thomas Fairfax routed the Lord Hopton at Torrington, and drove him to such extremities, that he was forced up into the farthest corner of Cornwall.

  62. It was awfully clever of you to crawl into the corner so nobody could see your light from the windows," she said with a tinge of admiration.

  63. Now," said Muriel, "step into that corner and keep your hands up where I can watch them.

  64. Arriving at the conservatory in due course, he found that Muriel's averments as to the vulnerability of that corner of her father's house were correct in every particular.

  65. And if you press a spring in the upper right-hand corner of the shelf just over these books the whole section swings out.

  66. In one corner is a little gallery, inclosed with gilded lattices, for the grand-signior.

  67. She placed me in the corner of the sofa, and I spent the afternoon in her conversation, with the greatest pleasure in the world.

  68. You can meet me at the corner if you like," replied Jack.

  69. The wild hope of Jack's return came constantly to her mind, and twice she ran down to the corner vainly straining her eyes to catch sight of his well-known form.

  70. In one corner of the stateroom they found a small door leading by a narrow passage to what, for the want of a better name, may be termed the forecastle.

  71. In a corner of the loft rested a rusty iron bar, somewhat sharpened at one end.

  72. It vill come out all right by der end;" and she took one corner of her clean gingham apron and wiped the tear-stained cheeks.

  73. In one corner he found a can, such as is used in preserving vegetables.

  74. The next minute the walls of the gully were echoing the hurried splashing made by the party, as the last of them turned the corner and disappeared across the veldt.

  75. Anson's face seemed to curdle up, and two creases formed, one round each corner of his mouth, as if putting it between parentheses, as he shook his head.

  76. Perhaps his own cradle was stored away in some corner of the granary over the library.

  77. He stepped up on the stone where he had been sitting, and placed his hand on the corner of the placard that fluttered in the wind.

  78. The corner of the retirade was supported by the middle pillar, the two wings touching the walls on either side.

  79. Just as he was about to leave the place, his attention was attracted by the sight of four feet protruding beyond the corner of a low wall in the yard.

  80. People pointed out the corner where, elbow to elbow, sat the seven representatives of Haute-Garonne, who, being the first called upon to pronounce their verdict upon Louis XVI.

  81. She kept on her way without pause or rest; for the sleep of exhaustion in some chance corner could no more be called rest than could the stray crumbs that she picked up here and there like the birds be considered nourishment.

  82. Between his eyebrows was a line betokening a fierce temper, and at the corner of his mouth another, rather suggestive of a kindly nature.

  83. Gauvain whispered to the sergeant; the straw was unwound from the muskets, and the twelve grenadiers ranged themselves in a line behind the corner of the lane, while the seven drummers, with uplifted drumstick, waited for the signal.

  84. They all saw the opening, and after searching every corner and exploring the staircase which led down into the ravine, they felt very sure that the enemy had escaped.

  85. In one corner of the library stood a large oaken chair.

  86. Secretly and hastily he was buried by a few faithful servants in an obscure corner of the cathedral, and thus miserably ended the life of this man of adventurous spirit and desperate courage.

  87. The huge drum upon the temple of the god of war was struck and gave forth a hollow, moaning roar which vibrated through every corner of the capital.

  88. All, except the unspeakable Magnus, had shown so far a rough good nature, even amusement at our plight, but you felt the snarl at the corner of the grinning lips.

  89. Fortunately this occurred around the corner of the deck-house, out of sight of my aunt and Miss Browne, so the latter was unable to shed the lurid light on the episode which she doubtless would if she had seen it.

  90. Then Dugald lifted a corner of the sheet of cotton and plucked it away.

  91. She subsided into a lachrymose heap in the corner of the cabin, where I let her remain for the time, it was really such a comfort to have her out of the way.

  92. I began at once the work of removing the bags from the chest and stacking them in the corner of the cave.

  93. In the sand of the floor, as I kicked it up with my feet, hoping rather childishly to strike the corner of the chest, I found the hilt and part of the blade of a rusty cutlass, and a chased silver shoe-buckle.

  94. Mr. Peaslee, having greeted three or four men whom he knew, found himself jammed into a corner behind four or five jurors who were strangers to him, but he was too disheartened to try to scrape acquaintance with them.

  95. A line across the upper left-hand corner represented the path commonly used by the neighbors in going through the Edwards's orchard.

  96. Mr. Rowlandson's gained by its setting--at the corner of the green square.

  97. This flag was about twenty-two inches square, the field red, with blue stripes from corner to corner at right angles, with thirteen white stars; and was ever after our battle flag.

  98. This sergeant on his return next morning, while passing our company, was severely wounded by a Federal sharpshooter standing behind the corner of a brick house a hundred yards or more away.

  99. She was still in the same position when Simeon Holly came around the corner of the house.

  100. And with slow steps and hanging head David went around the corner of the house to the rear.

  101. With an angry frown he strode through the outer door and around the corner of the house to the garden.

  102. But Jill, apparently struck dumb with embarrassment, was nervously twisting the corner of her apron into a little knot.

  103. In the corner of the eye a trifle of flesh No.

  104. A shelf in one corner displayed a few odd pieces of coarse crockery, for the most part chipped and cracked, and some pieces of bread.

  105. She glanced at Bertie out of the corner of her eye.

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