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Example sentences for "cornerstones"

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  1. Thus all the cornerstones of the present "order" become myths.

  2. A high and equal comradeship is the one thing that can save those families which are the tottering cornerstones of society.

  3. It is at least certain that a great many of these cornerstones of society are tottering, and why?

  4. These are cornerstones of our program for the development and maintenance of an adequate mobilization base.

  5. In short, virtuosity may have changed in form, but it is still one of the cornerstones of the singer's art.

  6. To omit them, or follow too closely the printed text, would be to ignore the epoch, school and character of the music; a careful study of which forms one of the cornerstones of Interpretation.

  7. Our public schools therefore form one of the chief cornerstones of our American republic; they are the sheet anchor of our hopes.

  8. Strong: "Free schools are one of the cornerstones of our government.

  9. For weal or for woe, the cornerstones of his faith were brought forth, with sweat and pain, from the quarry of his own mind.

  10. Perry made a speciality of facetiƦ, pamphlets on the French Revolution, and Defoe's works, but the two cornerstones of his library were a copy of the Mazarin Bible and a First Folio Shakespeare.

  11. His very choice private library is still in the possession of his son, and among its chief cornerstones is the finest First Folio Shakespeare known.

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