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Example sentences for "cornerstone"

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  1. The alliance with Austria-Hungary was the cornerstone of Bismarckian policy, and that it had to remain.

  2. Thus Finland would become the cornerstone of a "Mitteleuropa" stretching from the arctic coast to Asia Minor and beyond.

  3. But Spain, not Rome, was the political cornerstone of the Catholic world, and it was now that the momentous resolution was taken to invite Philip II to lend assistance.

  4. And in her wholehearted effort to be of service to the girl, who apparently needed her help, she did not dream that she was laying the cornerstone of a house of trouble for herself.

  5. The cornerstone was laid in 1872 by Mr. J.

  6. On May 18th the cornerstone of the new Board of Trade Building was laid by Sir Donald Smith, who humorously remarked that he had come down from Ottawa as a common labourer, but that his brother member of Parliament, Mr. J.

  7. The cornerstone was found with two plates, the first recording the laying of the foundation stone of the Jesuit residence in 1742 by M.

  8. The would-be builders of the new heaven and the new earth can ill afford to lay the cornerstone of their edifice on such an unsafe and unlevel ground.

  9. In 1791 he was Worshipful Master when the cornerstone of the District of Columbia was laid.

  10. Dick led the procession with George Washington in 1793 at the laying of the cornerstone of the Capitol.

  11. In the fact that hero-worship exists, has existed, and will for ever exist universally among mankind, mayest thou discern the cornerstone of living rock, whereon all politics for the remotest time may stand secure.

  12. It was wonderful that Henriette should cut even a single sheaf; the condescension of a beautiful princess who used a real trowel and some real mortar in laying the cornerstone of a public building.

  13. Daniel Webster, who as a young man had spoken there when the cornerstone was laid by Lafayette, was once more the orator of the day.

  14. Our analysis also suggested that the cornerstone of Procyon lotor's success as a climate generalist is its [.

  15. H]{b} that is higher than the procyonid norm appears to be the cornerstone of its success.

  16. For months it must have been apparent to every one that the party of Lincoln would not yield the cornerstone of its principles.

  17. The cornerstone of that party was hostility to the slave-holder; and if a candidate, however much he opposed slavery, owned a single slave, it excluded him from its suffrage.

  18. His sub-treasury scheme, accepted as wise and salutary, was still the cornerstone of the party, buttressed by a tariff for revenue and opposition to a national bank.

  19. This was the cornerstone of Greeley's confidence.

  20. General Thomas, Thomas, as we call him, who was in charge of War and Armament Economy and for some time a high ranking member of the German High Council, refers to this law as “the cornerstone of war preparations.

  21. I'm on my way from a cornerstone layin' at Buffalo Waller to a barbecue at No Wood Crick.

  22. His rise was rapid from that time, until now his services as an orator were so greatly in demand for cornerstone layings and barbecues that, owing to distance between towns, it kept him almost constantly on the road.

  23. Indeed, solid friendship with all our American neighbors is a cornerstone of our entire policy.

  24. If the cornerstone of character be loyalty, the very essential of loyalty is the keeping of vows.

  25. The cornerstone of the health service is the polyclinic, which provides general and specialized outpatient aid and consultation.

  26. It is therefore that no religion which offers vicarious atonement for the misdoer, and no philosophy which rests on the cornerstone of irresponsibility, makes any appeal to me.

  27. Maybe that could not have been prevented" - he concedes - "because Milosevic regarded Kosovo as the cornerstone of his regime.

  28. The IMF is the cornerstone and centrepiece of the financial architecture of the world.

  29. Love of my nation, he says in effect, is the cornerstone of my existence.

  30. That’s a right odd combination, isn’t it, to go under the cornerstone of a college?

  31. The cornerstone was a milestone for him—one of the greatest of his life.

  32. Well, under the cornerstone of that building there are two things, and I put them both there myself.

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