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crire; cris; crisco; crise; crises; crisp; crisped; crisping; crisply; crispness
  1. At this crisis Sir William Mackinnon, the guiding spirit of the company, died (June 1893).

  2. In Victoria, Australia, a crisis occurred, in which many building societies suffered severely.

  3. The good understanding of which this was the symbol characterized also the relations of de Broglie and Palmerston during the crisis of the first war of Mehemet Ali (q.

  4. I expect an answer to-day; and now, that the crisis of my Laura's destiny is at hand, I begin to be timorous as to the success of my petition.

  5. The crisis is past, and the duke is safe.

  6. She, on her part, felt that a crisis was at hand, and that, to waken the king from his apathy, desperate measures must be adopted.

  7. The accounts between the Public and the Company, being brought to no sudden and violent crisis of settlement, may be amicably and leisurely adjusted, with a view to mutual convenience.

  8. It is thus that the Ministers of the Crown have conducted themselves, in the embarrassing crisis into which they have fallen.

  9. Yet even as he thought it he knew for him there was, as ever, at any crisis of his life, only the one way.

  10. Annie was in the midst of a religious crisis that had overwhelmed her like a typhoon.

  11. At the very time when the witchcraft frenzy broke out, they were in the crisis of an exasperating conflict with Topsfield, occasioned by a wrong done them by the General Court.

  12. We left Mr. Parris in the early part of November, 1691, at the crisis of his controversy with the inhabitants of Salem Village, under circumstances which seemed to indicate that its termination was near at hand.

  13. It was felt that then, on that spot, the most momentous crisis in the world's history had come.

  14. On the other hand, the officers explained that as Rome was in a state of siege, and Garibaldi almost at the gates, the encounter could not take place until the crisis was past.

  15. Since the crisis in his life which had separated him from Corona in fact, if not in appearance, he often walked alone, wandering aimlessly through the streets.

  16. The crisis through which I passed at Cambridge, inaugurated by the events I have just related, I find very difficult to portray.

  17. In his muttering, which was mixed with the curious, stingless profanity of which he was master, I caught the name of Cheyne, and I knew that he was facing the crisis of a fortnightly theme.

  18. Charles Marsh, in this supreme crisis of his life, still stood looking out of the window.

  19. This experimental approach to life and crisis ought to be more characteristic of the church than it is.

  20. At the age of four or five, a child is faced with his next crisis and must take his next big step.

  21. In many places the leadership and the membership of the church have courageously pioneered the way in times of crisis and change.

  22. Yet this petty war was pregnant with results of wider interest; for the enormous drain of money it occasioned so aggravated the financial difficulties of the papacy, as to bring to a crisis those abuses which finally matured the Reformation.

  23. The crisis came on the feast of St. Peter, to whom he had always a special devotion.

  24. The cause of the Governor's recall lay in the existence of a crisis which promised a happy issue.

  25. If one wanted to put this Ministerial crisis into a play, it would not be possible to apply the twenty-four hours rule!

  26. We spoke of the recent crisis as if it were already ancient history, and with the same detachment and sincerity as of old.

  27. These, of course, contain reminiscences of an even more personal character, and complete the story of the two epochs, of which one saw the preparation and the other the climax of the crisis in which M.

  28. It is practically the crisis of last November over again.

  29. The only phrase dealing with politics is: "I am one of those who should say that the crisis is over, but I am also one of those who know that nothing is ever finished in this world, and that one has to begin again every day.

  30. It is clear that it was this Ministerial crisis which prevented the arrival of the three Ministers who were to have come here.

  31. It is certain that this week marks the crisis of the affair: if the Bill is thrown out there will be a collision between the two Houses.

  32. These had become almost impossible owing to the outbursts of Marshal Gerard, and a crisis was inevitable.

  33. Outside the official spheres, the isolation was therefore complete, and during that three months' crisis the errant royalty of Philip V.

  34. Haste was, however, necessary, and must have appeared more so at such a crisis than perhaps it really was.

  35. The period of pecuniary distress in a government, if it be that when the subjects are most exposed to oppression, is also the crisis in which they have the best chance of recovering their political rights.

  36. The Constitutionalists, more passive, were still rejoiced to see the storm arise, conceiving such a crisis was necessary to compel the King to place the helm of the state in their hands.

  37. Meantime the crisis of the King's fate seemed to be approaching.

  38. This was the first direct and immediate movement of that mighty Revolution, which afterwards rushed to its crisis like a rock rolling down a mountain.

  39. One does not burn one's Magazines till the last extremity; but wings they have none; and such is the enigmatic velocity of those Prussian movements, one seldom has time even to burn them, in the last crisis of catastrophe!

  40. It was apparent enough, by the manner in which objects on the land were passed, that the crisis was fast approaching.

  41. It seems now very clear that about ten o'clock in the morning was the great crisis in this battle.

  42. I telegraphed to McClellan the fact which indicated a crisis in the battle.

  43. It was naturally supposed to be only a cavalry raid, but the interruption of communication with Pope in that crisis was in itself a serious mishap.

  44. He came half-dressed to his window, and without any light near him, spoke solemnly to the people upon the terrible crisis which had come upon the nation.

  45. When the Army of the Potomac was arriving at Alexandria, another crisis occurred in which a single responsible head in the field was a necessity.

  46. Tuesday, in order, as he said, that the senators might have the opportunity to go home and consult their constituents in the perilous crisis of public affairs.

  47. But just at this crisis he hears the town clock tolling six, and voices in conversation under his window.

  48. The letter which had been handed to him on board the yacht was from his third partner, Mr. Branca, and was thus expressed: "A crisis in the trade.

  49. A man has no attention to place at the disposal of other people when he stands at a crisis in his life.

  50. The essays made him foresee a great future for me, namely, that of bringing about a sort of crisis and decisive turning-point in the problem of atheism, of which he recognised in me the most instinctive and most radical advocate.

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