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  1. I remember the gist of their conversation, which was partly devised for my benefit.

  2. I forget his words, but remember the gist of them.

  3. He digests and assimilates his experiences and the gist is stored in the causal body and its growth includes an actual increase in size, just as in the case of the child's physical body.

  4. The gist of knowledge gained in the past represents skill that has no dependence whatever upon brain memory.

  5. The gist of his proposed reform is expressed in the title of his book, "The Horse-hoeing Husbandry.

  6. The historians have made a long and eloquent speech for him on this occasion, but the gist of it was that he bade his Macedonians begone, and gave no sign of how he proposed they should get home out of Persia.

  7. The gist of the socialist proposal is that land and all the natural means of production, transit, and distribution should be collectively owned.

  8. The gist of the agreement was that the faithful should turn towards Mecca when they prayed instead of turning towards Jerusalem, as they had hitherto done, and that Mecca should be the pilgrimage centre of the new faith.

  9. This truth, which was apparent to that great philosopher Kant a century or more ago--it is the gist of his tract upon universal peace--is now plain to the man in the street.

  10. The older one contains still a good deal of prose, the gist of it being often repeated in the verses.

  11. That pure moral enthusiasm and inspiration which had been the gist of the Christian movement, in its endeavour to appropriate the world, had been appropriated by the world in far greater measure than its adherents knew.

  12. For, after all, the very gist of religion has been held to be that it deals primarily with the inner life and the transcendent world.

  13. But with Kant this scepticism was not the gist of his philosophy.

  14. That's the gist and point of the whole affair--I haven't it.

  15. Nevertheless, they touched the point which was the real gist of the contention, and dealt with it ably from the first.

  16. Captain Magnus agreed with the gist of Chris's remarks, but deprecated, in a truly philosophical spirit, their unprofitable heat.

  17. Miss Virginia Harding has herself admitted that she has no just or equitable claim to participate in the profits of this expedition--I believe I give the gist of your words, Miss Harding?

  18. The gist of his article is as follows: We can now, however, soar above the clouds, explore the depths of the ocean, and skim over its surface.

  19. The foregoing, we believe, are sufficient to disclose the gist of all that is known, and all that has been said concerning the claimed inventions of the distinguished Marquis and the distinguished Councillor.

  20. Nares made out the gist of it, and as he hastily explained the old man raised his hand.

  21. Ormsgill, who grasped the gist of what he said, could take a hint, and went back to Nares.

  22. These handbills set forth the gist of Forstner's letter to the Landhofmeisterin, but in even more pregnant terms, and with additional remarks concerning her person, habits, and transactions.

  23. Thus the gist of the document which shattered Wilhelmine's hopes and interrupted her triumph at Urach.

  24. Ah, my friends, that's the gist of the whole question.

  25. The gist of it is, that the first of all inquiries respecting the wealth of any nation is not, how much it has; but whether it is in a form that can be used, and in the possession of persons who can use it.

  26. I say nothing yet of the quality of the servants, which, nevertheless, is the gist of the business.

  27. This paragraph contains the gist of all that precede.

  28. Around the brass is the inscription, ‘Isy gist dame Margarete de Cobeham, iadiis fille a noble en le Comte de Deuenischire; feme le sire de Cobeham, foundour de .

  29. There are the remains of a mutilated canopy over her, and a fragment of inscription says, ‘Icy gist dame Maude de Cobehm qe.

  30. Over her head are the words ‘Icy gist dame Maude de Cobham.

  31. This was afterwards increased to a battalion, of which Gist was appointed major.

  32. At the opening of the Revolution, the young men of Baltimore organized the "Baltimore Independent Company," and elected Mordecai Gist captain.

  33. Yes, indeed; but to the +poietes+ the gist of the matter is in the transposition.

  34. Then one is taken through vast barracks littered with people of every European race, every type of low-class European costume, and every degree of dirtiness, to a central hall in which the gist of the examining goes on.

  35. Well, there is a certain not too clearly recognised order in the sciences to which I wish to call your attention, and which forms the gist of my case against this scientific pretension.

  36. The gist of the whole matter is here; and how much weariness and dullness and plodding is left out!

  37. For though he knew no Latin he had not missed the silent greeting that had welcomed his master to that village, or failed to interpret the gist of the words that Rodriguez' dumb glance would have said.

  38. But the gist of it was that he should leave that place now and depart from his service for ever.

  39. The point of my title and the real gist of my argument lie perhaps in the word "and"--that is, in the intimate connection which I have tried to show exists between ritual and art.

  40. The gist of it was that it should be a "sprout, well budded out.

  41. In the Isle of Man the real gist of the ceremony is quite forgotten, it has become a mere play.

  42. At the end we shall have an Appearance, an Epiphany of a god, because the whole gist of the ancient ritual was to summon the spirit of life.

  43. To the anonymous writer known as the "Old Oligarch" the main gist of religion appears to be a decorous social enjoyment.

  44. Here, difficult and intricate though the ceremonies are, and uncertain in meaning as many of the details must probably always remain, the main emotional gist is clear.

  45. The ceremonies vary, but the gist is always substantially the same.

  46. The gist of her consultation with the Bonnie Lassie bore upon the point as to whether Our Square, which was already adopting her since she had rented a little room there, would regard the new basis as proper.

  47. The gist of his testimony was comprised in the frequently repeated word "murder.

  48. The following is the gist of what he said: "First of all you must know that the elder is good for anything in the world, but especially for swellings.

  49. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "gist" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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