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Example sentences for "dullness"

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dulle; dulled; duller; dullest; dulling; dulls; dully; dulness; dulse; duly
  1. But you see the original fault in me is that I choose to be in such a place as this at all; that argues certainly a talent for dullness which no situation nor intercourse of men could much improve.

  2. The dullness and ill treatment led to trouble below, to dissatisfaction and angry outbreaks of temper.

  3. I was still strangely weak, barely able to retain my grasp, with a peculiar dullness in my head, which made me fearful that at any moment I might let go.

  4. It was only another example of unimaginative dullness legislating without responsibility.

  5. This dullness of vision in Ministers has been severely blamed.

  6. Grace had experienced nothing but a sense of dullness and extreme sleepiness.

  7. We refuse to admit any belief of dullness and ignorance, but gratefully acknowledge our likeness to God our Wisdom.

  8. It took all your greed, all your vanity, all your stupid, cruel pomp and dullness to be fooled like that!

  9. Brightness or dullness can also be measured by the intelligence quotient, which is employed so frequently that it is customarily abbreviated to "IQ".

  10. His degree of brightness or dullness can be measured by the number of years his mental age is above or below his chronological age.

  11. They will detect the dullness behind the mechanical brilliancy of Oscar Wilde, and recognize the strange hues of the whole Æsthetic Movement as the garments of men who could not, or would not see.

  12. The edifice, which should have been reared by the Directory, was scarcely advanced at all, owing to the singular dullness of the new rulers of France.

  13. Horace Walpole marveled at the dullness of people who can admire anything so stupidly extravagant and barbarous as the Divina Commedia.

  14. The freezing, appalling, petrifying dullness of that book is quite astounding.

  15. Killigrew's play of the Parson's Wedding, which in length of massy dullness exceeds many books, is remarkable for one little spark of liveliness.

  16. BOOKS WITH ONE IDEA IN THEM] (1813) Dull poetry is to me far more oppressive than the same quantity of dullness in prose.

  17. It is marvellous that what we call the public, a mere imbecile as to judgment, should yet possess the Godlike power of awakening the individual conscience--and that with its own large dullness of conscience!

  18. But large or small, always recollect that you can have no right to complain of the dullness of the conversation, unless you have contributed your best efforts to render it cheerful.

  19. A sort of nervous dullness wrapped him about like a garment.

  20. Mrs. Meecher sighed, for she had been a little disappointed in the old gentleman, who started out as such a promising invalid, only to fall away into the dullness of robust health once more.

  21. These arguments in its favour will keep us from observing too keenly how much the crudeness of some of the colours accentuates the dullness of others.

  22. If you only knew as well as I do the terrible, never-ending dullness of this place, you would understand how one could long for the coming of any one.

  23. And as Luttrell comes by, with his head bent and a general air of moodiness about him, she is so far flattered by his evident dullness that she cannot refrain from tapping at the glass to call his attention.

  24. At once precocious and restive, deformed yet inflammable, he was necessarily enervated by the exasperating dullness of his life, and chafed, too, by the rigid poverty to which his father condemned him.

  25. In a certain circle no occasion of the sort was considered complete without his presence There was no such thing as dullness when he was about.

  26. The sun rose higher, and the warm dullness of a California summer day settled down upon the little mountain ranch.

  27. There was a sunshiny dullness about the place, like the smiles of a vapid woman.

  28. It would be tedious to repeat all the interpretations which fancy or dullness has found for them.

  29. You go on loving me," he rallied her; "in spite of my dullness and slowness, and all that.

  30. Her Sundays, dividing each six days of extraordinary activity, were arid stretches of the unspeakable dullness of idleness.

  31. To Nannie's gentle dullness this was no betrayal; it merely meant that Mrs. Maitland was cross again, and her heart sank within her.

  32. I do not think that I should like to lead this life always, but it is a change from the dullness of Polwellin, you know.

  33. Listen to me, all you girls, for I haven't too long in which to tell you; that horrid bell will ring us back to lessons and dullness in less than no time.

  34. His unconquerable dullness was improved into absolute stupidity by the help he received from an uncommonly clever boy, called John Ross, who did him his sums.

  35. The prospect of this compensating weed had supported poor Harry through the dullness and privations of many monotonous days.

  36. If he had gone straight to bed, the enormous dullness of one of the party would have weighed him down like a nightmare.

  37. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "dullness" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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