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Example sentences for "dulls"

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dulled; duller; dullest; dulling; dullness; dully; dulness; dulse; duly; dum
  1. Up to a certain degree, practice may do much, but too much of it dulls the sense of smell.

  2. The turner sometimes objects to the wood because of its hardness and the rapidity with which it dulls tools.

  3. Putting off the time when we shall begin to obey our higher impulses toward helpfulness to our fellows is but a reaction in our own characters which dulls determination.

  4. Stay fool, and be advis'd: that dulls the appetite, Takes off the strength and sweetness of delight.

  5. Help to raise thee: Off with thy pining black, it dulls a Souldier, And put on resolution like a man, A noble Fate waits on thee.

  6. It was supposed to increase the thinking power and stimulate the imagination, and now we know that it dulls and muddles both.

  7. Beyond these limits it stunts the body, dulls the brain, overstrains the heart, and spoils the appetite.

  8. She was not conscious of the sombre revolt and vague contempt which were at work in her as the heat of the distant thunder cloud dulls slightly the sunny blue of a June sky.

  9. The delicate sense of feeling about right and purity dulls and goes.

  10. Snatches of His prayer are caught by the wondering three ere sleep dulls their senses.

  11. Roasted coffee dulls in ordinary handling, and it is claimed that coating not only improves its appearance, but serves also to preserve the natural flavor and aroma of the bean.

  12. Page 13 that sweet curse, which surrendering to the arbitrament of the body dulls the wits with darkness, enervating the limbs with bane more deadly than that of Circe.

  13. Neither a borrower nor a lender be, For loan oft loses both itself and friend; And borrowing dulls the edge of husbandry.

  14. On the other hand, the compulsory exertion of a mind in studies for which it is not qualified, or when it has become tired, or in general too continuously and invita Minerva, dulls the brain, just as reading by moonlight dulls the eyes.

  15. Frequent scouring should be avoided by careful washing, as too much rubbing wears out plated ware and dulls the best of silver.

  16. Cooking is generally bad because people falling to routine; habit dulls their appreciation, and they do not think about what they are eating.

  17. It plays no part in the child's true education, and it dulls the edge of the learner's interest and his enjoyment of the school and its instruction.

  18. Matter which is not assimilated to the understanding is soon forgotten; or if retained, but weighs upon the intellect and dulls its edge for further learning.

  19. Anything is better than deadly dulness, which rusts our faculties, benumbs our feeling, dulls our appreciativeness of all that is above and beyond us, and lowers us to the level of inanimate creation.

  20. Neither a borrower nor a lender be; For loan oft, loses both itself and friend; And borrowing dulls the edge of husbandry.

  21. They say 't is pleasant on the lip, And merry on the brain; They say it stirs the sluggish blood, And dulls the tooth of pain.

  22. But politics do require that the heart should be free, and at peace from all more absorbing private anxieties--from the gnawing of a memory or a care, which dulls ambition and paralyses energy.

  23. True, affliction at last may dull them, as it dulls all else that we took from Nature when she equipped us for life.

  24. O fellow choristers, Come then, 'tis needful that we ask the cause Of their lament and this dark cloud of woe, That robs our splendor of its radiance And dims and dulls the bright translucent glow 50 Of the eternal feast.

  25. The immoderate or indiscreet use of them dulls the body, and makes it unfit for action.

  26. Lapis Samius is cooling and binding, it is very comfortable to the stomach, but it dulls the senses, helps fluxes of the eyes and ulcers.

  27. A long dim formless fog-bank, creeping low, Dulls all my brain.

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