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Example sentences for "dulling"

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dullards; dulle; dulled; duller; dullest; dullness; dulls; dully; dulness; dulse
  1. The former indicates an intensification of imaginative power, and the latter a dulling of the senses which becomes more and more obvious in the development of the intoxication.

  2. Soon the dulling of the senses becomes still more obvious.

  3. Not content with dulling one of the child's senses, these thugs of the body-politic proceed to throttle two others--smell and taste.

  4. He lighted a cigarette, by way of dulling his appetite, and then let it smoulder to ashes between his fingers, while he lost himself in profound speculations, in painstaking analysis of the girl's position.

  5. He went forthwith, dulling the keen edge of his exasperation with a rapid tramp of half a mile or so over the uneven uplands.

  6. The only means by which he can escape from this suffering is by blunting his conscience, but even if some men succeed in dulling their conscience they cannot dull their fears.

  7. If there were no external means of dulling their sensibilities, half of mankind would shoot themselves without delay, for to live in opposition to one's reason is the most intolerable condition.

  8. He was not so much conquering himself as dulling his power to feel.

  9. At the instant an unusually vicious gust of wind rattled the windows and a vagrant draft caught the flame of the taper, bending it low, dulling its orange.

  10. VB did not hear; would not have heeded had his senses registered the words, because an odd apathy had come over him, dulling the pain of his wound, deadening the realization of his danger.

  11. He coughed slightly from the dust that rose and mantled everything with a dulling blanket--everything, I said, but the eyes must be excepted.

  12. He said that over and over again, dulling down the death-gnawing of his outraged heart.

  13. The streets in that suburb were lonely: he went down them, the new-fallen snow dulling his step.

  14. The passion of the man, the terrible pity for these people, came out of his soul now, writhing his face, and dulling his eyes.

  15. If such rings are worn with the care that valuable jewels should receive they will probably last a long time without any more serious damage than the dulling of the sharp edges of the facets around the table.

  16. It is to obviate the friction this would cause to the tool edge, and the dulling thereto that would ensue, that the pivot pin L for the apron is employed as shown in Fig.

  17. Furthermore, the dulling of the drill edges becomes more plainly perceptible under hand feeding.

  18. Youth, with its dreams and vigor of doing had gone, and maturity, with the luxury of prosperity and the consequent dulling of the imagination, had assumed its place.

  19. The vicomte's dulling eyes roved from one face to another till they rested on madame.

  20. The stupor of sleep still held her in its dulling grasp.

  21. She could not see his face, the light was dulling so, and he had replaced his wide hat.

  22. He gazed at her in the ever dulling light, that yet was clear enough to show every lineament--even the long black eyelashes that did not droop or quiver above her great blue eyes.

  23. He took off his hat, mechanically fanning with its broad brim, and gazing about him at the slowly dulling splendor of the moonlight as the disk tended further and further toward the west.

  24. The passion of the man, the terrible pity for these people, came out of his soul now, whitening his face and dulling his eyes.

  25. Imagine the difference in rate of emotion between this woman whom the years had worn to a more conscious dependence and sharper eagerness, and this man whom they were dulling into a more neutral obstinacy.

  26. It had struck twelve when she came into her room, and by the time she was assuring herself that she had left out only what was necessary, the faint dawn was stealing through the white blinds and dulling her candles.

  27. Absorption with worldly things has an awful power of dulling spiritual apprehension.

  28. Then there is another thing to be remembered, and that is--the enormous and the tragical influence of habit in dulling the mirror of our souls, on which our deeds are reflected in their true image.

  29. It may be more easily explained as a result of a dulling of the imagination.

  30. Woman's failure to achieve that domination of the world which constitutes individuality and freedom--this Dora Marsden would explain on the ground of a dulling of the senses.

  31. It had not reached his dulling ears;--the ears which, of old, had caught her faintest whisper.

  32. A few moments later its light was mixing with the dulling stars, and the drone of its engine could be heard only at the whim of the breeze.

  33. Who, Dad," she called into his dulling senses, "tell me who?

  34. But the way in which they assist the touch and may tend to neutralise the dulling effect of a thick protective skin, is still somewhat obscure.

  35. By their means it would become possible to neutralise the otherwise dulling effect of a thick protective epidermis.

  36. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "dulling" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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