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Example sentences for "analgesia"

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  1. Four to six inhalations of the gas are sufficient to produce the required analgesia in the average case.

  2. In this way a satisfactory analgesia is maintained throughout the "pain" with a minimum of "gas.

  3. The administration of nitrous oxid analgesia or anesthesia does not interfere with or lessen the uterine contractions or expulsive efforts on the part of the mother--at least not to any appreciable extent.

  4. We find that this form of analgesia has all the advantages of "twilight sleep" without any of its dangers or disadvantages.

  5. Analgesia is a term applied to the loss of pain sensation.

  6. There were two areas of analgesia in the nipple regions.

  7. Analgesia was produced by a few passages of the hand upon the bed clothes.

  8. There was a tremor, hypalgesia of the left leg and analgesia of the left arm and left shoulder.

  9. On the sensory side, there was a glove anesthesia and analgesia up to the bend of the elbow.

  10. The zone of sensory loss had retreated to the ankle, with a cuff-like zone of hypalgesia above the definite zone of analgesia and anesthesia.

  11. Purves Stewart noted that there was an anesthesia and analgesia to pin-pricks and cotton wool on the whole of the right arm.

  12. In somnambulism the disappearance of the analgesia was suggested, and it proved possible to make the man walk about without limp and without dragging the right foot.

  13. There was an analgesia limited to the ankles.

  14. There was an analgesia of the skin of the whole body, with a hypesthesia for tactile stimuli on the left side.

  15. There was continual tingling in terminal joints of fingers of left hand; hypalgesia over both forearms and hands, especially on left side; total analgesia over left dorsum.

  16. November 16: Analgesia in the super- and sub-orbicular region.

  17. There was a definite anesthesia and analgesia throughout, and responses to touch and pain stimuli were irregular.

  18. The patient is placed in that position which will yield the best and safest analgesia for the operation; it is essential, however, that the patient's head be raised well above the level of the spine.

  19. The method of inducing analgesia by injecting solutions into the sheath surrounding the spinal cord was devised by Bier in 1898, and for the purpose he employed a solution of cocaine.

  20. The points in favour of this method of producing analgesia are as follows: (a) The patient is not rendered unconscious, and is often able to assist at his own operation, such as by coughing or moving his limbs in any way as may be desired.

  21. The uncertainty of the method, so that the analgesia is not always as complete as is desirable.

  22. It has been found that the specific gravity of the solution injected has some influence on the height to which the analgesia will extend up the trunk, and this distance can also be controlled by altering the position of the patient.

  23. In this way the situation of the fluid producing analgesia can be controlled to some extent.

  24. The analgesia for safety must be limited to a line below the level of the second rib in front.

  25. In this instance there is an approach to analgesia as from rapid breathing.

  26. Laborde, in attributing the secondary peripheric analgesia of intravenous or subcutaneous injections of hydrochlorate of Cocaine to the cerebral insusceptibility to pain, unconsciously made Cocaine a general anæsthetic.

  27. General analgesia did not occur except from fatal doses or when accompanied by convulsions.

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