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  1. But that was the end of his power of resistance, and when the rally for the Anagram Tea occurred she bore down his feeble protests altogether.

  2. Kipps went back to Folkestone in time for the Anagram Tea.

  3. The costume Kipps wore to the Anagram Tea was designed as a compromise between the strict letter of high fashion and seaside laxity, a sort of easy, semi-state for afternoon.

  4. Submission to Inexorable Fate took Kipps to the Anagram Tea.

  5. Everything merry as a marriage bell until my Anagram Tea!

  6. Each was already in a state of extreme tension to meet the demands of this great and unprecedented occasion of an Anagram Tea.

  7. The letters were "Cypshi," and Kipps from the very beginning suspected this was an anagram for Cuyps.

  8. When Kipps was clear what an anagram meant, Coote came to the second heading, the Tea.

  9. Beyond thinking his own anagram might be Cuyps, he hadn't a notion.

  10. From Coote he gathered something of the nature of Anagrams and Anagram parties.

  11. What could he say to explain his absence from the Anagram Tea?

  12. Kipps gathered there might be from thirty to sixty people present, and that each one would have an anagram pinned on.

  13. An anagram would have been too inartificial a contrivance to have answered the purpose of concealing from the world at large this secret.

  14. To me the most satisfactory anagram in the English language is that by the witty satirist Cleveland upon Oliver Cromwell: Protector.

  15. I am surprised not one of your correspondents has noticed the anagram by George Herbert on Roma.

  16. Natural daughter of a wealthy Jewish banker, abandoned in Germany, although she bore as a sign of her identity an anagram of her Jewish name, Hiram.

  17. THOUL, anagram of the word Hulot, and one of the names successively assumed by Baron Hector Hulot d'Ervy, after his desertion of the conjugal roof.

  18. VYDER, anagram formed from d'Ervy, and one of the three names taken successively by Baron Hector Hulot d'Ervy, after deserting his wife.

  19. Indeed, it may be said that the anagram and the epic poem are the alpha and omega of literature.

  20. Has the anagram become altogether extinct, or is it only awaiting the advent of some competent genius to restore it to its proper rank in the republic of letters?

  21. Where a single letter is either omitted or added, the anagram is incomplete.

  22. Galileo, Newton, and other philosophers, who could make great discoveries, and resort to anagrams to announce them to the world, but who were incapable of discovering that an anagram was an absurdity!

  23. From its character, and the process of its formation, the anagram is peculiarly adapted to the genius of that people.

  24. An anagram is the change of a word or sentence into another word or sentences by an exact transposition of the letters.

  25. A happy anagram on a person's name might have a moral effect on the feelings: as there is reason to believe, that certain celebrated names have had some influence on the personal character.

  26. Foiled by her own weapons, her spirit suddenly forsook her; and either she never afterwards ventured on prophesying, or the anagram perpetually reminded her hearers of her state--and we hear no more of this prophetess!

  27. The Anagram is complimentary or satirical; it may contain some allusion to an event, or describe some personal characteristic.

  28. The anagram had too much by an L, and too little by an s; yet Daniel and reveal were in it, and that was sufficient to satisfy her inspirations.

  29. Le Laboureur, the historian, was extremely pleased with the anagram made on the mistress of Charles the Ninth of France.

  30. A man of genius would not consume an hour in extracting even a fortunate anagram from a name, although on an extraordinary person or occasion its appositeness might be worth an epigram.

  31. He likewise considers Siden as the anagram of Denis; and Sevarias, the legislator of the Sevarambians, as the anagram of Vairasse.

  32. Camden places the origin of the anagram as far back as the time of Moses, and conjectures that it may have had some share in the mystical traditions, afterwards called the "Cabala," communicated by the Jewish lawgiver.

  33. Rudiger confessed that his tastes lay rather in that direction than to theology, but having looked upon the anagram of his name as an indication of a divine call, he had not dared to turn away from theology.

  34. Occasionally when the anagram of a name did not make sense, there was added a rhyme to bring out a meaning.

  35. In this anagram the c takes the place of the k.

  36. A very apt anagram is the one founded upon--Sir Edmundbury Godfrey, I find murdered by rogues.

  37. An anagram on Monk, afterwards Duke of Albemarle on the restoration of Charles II.

  38. Whether the above origin be theoretical or not, the anagram can be traced to the age of Lycophron, a Greek writer, who flourished about 300 B.

  39. An anagram on the late Princess Charlotte, daughter of George IV.

  40. This anagram was imperfect, as it had one l too many, and the letter s was omitted, but it satisfied her.

  41. Thus the word live would form its anagram--evil; but the term anagram is now used in the wider sense in which we explained it.

  42. She based her claim as prophetess upon an anagram she had formed on her name: 'Eleanor Davies--Reveal, O Daniel.

  43. The true merit of an anagram springs from an apt association of ideas, and a close relation between the transposed words and the original from which they are derived.

  44. We are told that Newton sent Leibnitz an anagram almost like this: aaaaabbbeeeeij, etc.

  45. As I said, he used an anagram to hide his name all the way through the log, and doubtless his son never knew that there was anything strange about his father's past.

  46. The change of Eleanor Davies into "Reveal O Daniel" was her mystic authorization as a prophet, until some wit shattered her anagram by producing "Never so mad a lady.

  47. The amplification of the anagram is mainly compliment with now and then a trace of exhortation.

  48. Perhaps the most beautiful anagram that has ever been composed is by Jablonsky, a former rector of the school at Lissa.

  49. Riom being the seat of justice for the province of Auvergne, the poor fellow, impelled by a sort of infatuation, actually committed a capital offence in that province, and was hanged at Riom, that the anagram might be fulfilled.

  50. Perhaps the best anagram ever made is that by Dr.

  51. It therefore appears very significant to find these words incorporated in the name for Ursa Major=thigh, uart, and this combined with bull=ua or ka which furnishes the anagram ak=middle.

  52. In the Edfu zodiac, the latter, whose name furnishes an anagram of amen=hidden, is represented with the Ra sign on her head and holds a cord to which the constellation of Ursa Major is attached.

  53. It does not appear impossible that the word khat=corpse may also have been brought into use in the rebus and furnished an anagram or allusion to the ak or centre.

  54. For aught I know, an imperfect anagram may be intended; for the letters in the name of Dryden, with a very little aid, will make out the word Neander.

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