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  1. I sha'n't tell the other anagrams to any one but Thuillier.

  2. Do you think we have time to bother ourselves with your intolerable anagrams when the worthy Monsieur de la Billardiere has just expired?

  3. I'd have you to know, Master Dutocq, that all known anagrams have actually come to pass.

  4. Anagrams cannot, of course, be translated; that is why three English ones have been substituted for some in French.

  5. As anagrams have been admitted into your pages, perhaps the following, on the merits of your publication, may find a place.

  6. Finding matters at so low an ebb in our own literature, and that English anagrams are little better than Irish bulls, I directed my attention to the literary records of the French, among whom the anagrammatic bump is very prominent.

  7. But it so happens that out of the 1200 anagrams not a single one is worth quoting.

  8. Among about a score which he quotes, there is not one that can be reckoned a tolerable anagram, while by far the greater number are no anagrams at all.

  9. Anagrams being literary curiosities, one would naturally expect to meet with some respectable samples of them in that writer's Curiosities of Literature.

  10. Galileo, Newton, and other philosophers, who could make great discoveries, and resort to anagrams to announce them to the world, but who were incapable of discovering that an anagram was an absurdity!

  11. To me it is clear that the real cause of the prevailing dearth of anagrams is the great difficulty of producing good ones.

  12. As for myself, I have ransacked in search of anagrams every hole and corner in ancient and modern literature, and have found very few samples worthy of the name.

  13. His previous literary performances had consisted in the concocting of some anagrams upon Mrs. Elizabeth Whittle, afterwards the wife of Sir Stephen Fox.

  14. Anagrams were known to the Greeks and also to the Romans, although the known Latin examples of words of more than one syllable are nearly all imperfect.

  15. There is another near Relation of the Anagrams and Acrosticks, which is commonly [called [6]] a Chronogram.

  16. The Cabalists had a branch of their study called Themuru, changing, which made mystical anagrams of sacred names.

  17. Thus, as in Poetry there are laborious Fools who write Anagrams and Acrosticks, there are Pretenders in Dancing, who think meerly to do what others cannot, is to excel.

  18. Minard, "Colleville's anagrams are mere witticisms, which have nothing in common with the sterner accents of Melpomene.

  19. But Anagrams were a bit stiff to begin with!

  20. His mind rested so for a space on Ann until the memory of these Anagrams drew him away.

  21. From Coote he gathered something of the nature of Anagrams and Anagram parties.

  22. As for the Anagrams he could do no more than his best and that he was resolved to do.

  23. These were a rotten lot of people, and the anagrams were rotten nonsense, and he, Kipps, had been a rotten fool to come.

  24. I have seen Tory acrostics and Whig anagrams, and do not quarrel with either of them because they are Whigs or Tories, but because they are anagrams and acrostics.

  25. There is another near relation of the anagrams and acrostics, which is commonly called a chronogram.

  26. She said she thought anagrams were silly, and wandered off the porch and down the path, calling over her shoulder that she was going to take a walk.

  27. He'd been playing anagrams with Mrs. Miles, you said," Dundee interrupted.

  28. Well, Flora gave up her place to Janet, and again played anagrams with Johnny, Peter taking his original place at our table.

  29. And Johnny Drake asked her to play anagrams with him, in between trips to the nursery.

  30. So poor Flora again had to be the perfect hostess, and switch from anagrams to bridge.

  31. So Tracey got the box of anagrams out of the trophy room--" "The trophy room?

  32. Anagrams 297 Discovering the Bodies of the Drowned, by Rev.

  33. Following this hint, I have occasionally succeeded in getting anagrams tilted out for myself by movements of a small table which I alone touched.

  34. Anagrams are curious and frequently clever examples of formal literary trifling.

  35. Southey, in his "Doctor," says that "anagrams are not likely ever again to hold so high a place among the prevalent pursuits of literature as they did in the seventeenth century.

  36. Twelve anagrams of the name of God were engraved on twelve precious stones, by which, with reference to their change of hue or brilliancy, the cabalist was enabled to foretel future events.

  37. I have never met with it in any collection of anagrams hitherto published.

  38. This she does, making use of the transparent anagrams Isulia and Sirthis[256].

  39. It was most probably the same as Euphormus, the titles being anagrams of each other.

  40. Transpositions differ from Anagrams only in the fact that the letters from the word or words selected are not formed into a sentence or other words.

  41. The father of the Earl of Beaconsfield, Isaac D'Israeli, devoted a chapter in his "Curiosities of Literature" to a consideration of the anagrams which he had met with in his wonderful research.

  42. I have discovered two anagrams on his name, which are quite conclusive: the notion of gravitation was not new; but Newton went on.

  43. Even more artificial are the anagrams which transform one verse into another.

  44. Footnote 115: Drummond of Hawthornden speaks of anagrams as "most idle study; you may of one and the same name make both good and evil.

  45. Such was the troubled happiness of an anagrammatist: yet, adds our venerable author, notwithstanding "the sour sort of critics, good anagrams yield a delightful comfort and pleasant motion in honest minds.

  46. There came also two anagrams to my hands, not unworthy to be owned by the rarest wits of this age.

  47. But, perhaps, the happiest of anagrams was produced on a singular person and occasion.

  48. These anagrams were often devoted to the personal attachments of love or friendship.

  49. A French poet, deeply in love, in one day sent his mistress, whose name was Magdelaine, three dozen of anagrams on her single name!

  50. The Lady Eleanor was as devoted to anagrams as was Mary Fage.

  51. It is a collection of the most ingenious anagrams and acrostics on the names of four hundred and twenty persons of the "hopeful posterity" of Charles I.

  52. This was an age when playing with words gave undoubted pleasure, but four hundred and twenty anagrams on royal names would seem an undue tax on even the most agile manipulator of the alphabet.

  53. Finally, through its name apt, it became related to the whole series of anagrams of ptah and the synonym of the pair of horns which express ap in hieratic script.

  54. The publication of two anagrams in your Number for May 7, calls to my mind a few that were made some years ago by myself and some friends, as an experiment upon the anagrammatic resources of words and phrases.

  55. Then he began to play with the anagrams again.

  56. I discovered two anagrams on his name, which are quite conclusive; the notion of gravitation was not new; but Newton went on.

  57. Some wandering spirit, probably whose business it was to resent any liberty taken with Newton's name, put into the head of a friend of mine eighty-one anagrams on my own pair, some of which hit harder than any apple.

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