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  1. It is a white crystalline solid, which is largely used as a local anaesthetic for minor surgical operations.

  2. When enjoying plenary freedom either in the way of motion or of thought, we are in a sort of anaesthetic state in which we might say with Walt Whitman, if we cared to say anything about ourselves at such times, "I am sufficient as I am.

  3. These were anaesthetic patches or zones on the body that were quite insensible to pain.

  4. Now we know that just such anaesthetic patches occur in hysterical patients, and are not due to supernatural causes at all, but to pathological states.

  5. Snow in his treatise on Anaesthetics, that "the more intelligent the patient, the more anaesthetic is required to put him under.

  6. The use of ether as an anaesthetic was known to Albertus Magnus, who flourished in the thirteenth century; and in his works he gives a recipe for its preparation.

  7. Hugh seems to have been deeply intent on chemical experiments, and especially anodyne and anaesthetic drugs.

  8. Chauliac's description of the methods of anaesthesia practised by the surgeons of his time, especially in cases of amputation, is particularly interesting to us because the anaesthetic was administered by inhalation.

  9. I have found it to do most good in cases where there was a high degree of anaesthetic complication.

  10. But it is important to remark that both in the anaesthetic and the hyperaesthetic conditions (so called) the tactile sensibility is very much diminished.

  11. This gas is now successfully and extensively employed as an anaesthetic in dental surgery.

  12. It is used as an anaesthetic in place of chloroform.

  13. No anaesthetic was administered, and the Princess with characteristic courage looked up to her husband, who held her in his arms the whole time, and asked him to forgive her for being impatient.

  14. Bismarck goes on to say that the doctors who were treating the Crown Prince resolved at the end of May to carry out the removal of the larynx under an anaesthetic without having informed the Prince of their intention.

  15. If it were necessary to administer an anaesthetic while the operation of remaking him into a true Foote was performed, why, the anaesthetic would be forthcoming.

  16. It promised materially to assist in bringing the patient under the influence of the anaesthetic with rapidity and comfort.

  17. At present, so I am told, the high gods of medicine have decreed that the first cries of the young shall be uttered upon the anaesthetic air of a hospital, preferably a fashionable one.

  18. They have a definite anaesthetic action upon the mucous membrane of the stomach, from which there come in large part those organic sensations which we interpret as hunger.

  19. Oil of cloves is regarded by many dental surgeons as the most effective local anaesthetic they possess in cases where it is desired, before cutting a sensitive tooth for the purpose of filling it, to lower the sensibility of the dentine.

  20. In writing of the suspension trick, he gives the impression that but for the sensation created by the use of ether as an anaesthetic he would never have thought out the new trick.

  21. In 1818 Faraday showed that the inhalation of the vapour of ether produced anaesthetic effects similar to those of nitrous oxide; and this property of ether was also shown by the American physicians, John D.

  22. Eucaine has now largely taken its place, though its anaesthetic properties are less; it is, however, less toxic, and can be sterilized by heat.

  23. The risk attending a general anaesthetic is avoided.

  24. In November of the same year Simpson announced his discovery of the anaesthetic properties of chloroform, the trial of which had been suggested to him by Waldie, a chemist of Liverpool.

  25. Mandragora was extensively used as an anaesthetic by Hugo de Lucca, who practised in the 13th century.

  26. In the hands of an experienced anaesthetist there is probably nothing to choose as regards safety, and the anaesthetic advantages of the latter are incontestable.

  27. As the result, chloroform came to be widely used instead of ether, though it was found by several casualties that it was not the absolutely safe anaesthetic that had at first been hoped.

  28. During the intervening period, as the results of the labours of John Snow, Sir Benjamin Ward Richardson, Thomas Nunnely, and Colton amongst others, several drugs were found to possess anaesthetic properties.

  29. This is effected by the direct action of the anaesthetic substance upon the cellular structure of the brain, reducing the molecular movements of the living protoplasm below the degree requisite for the excitement of consciousness.

  30. Of the numerous anaesthetic substances that have been discovered, but few comparatively have been found sufficiently manageable and safe for general use.

  31. Their anaesthetic influence is favorable to sleep, under such circumstances.

  32. Accidents occur far more frequently in the use of chloroform vapour for anaesthetic purposes than in the use of the liquid.

  33. It is very poisonous, and has an anaesthetic action similar to bisulphide of carbon.

  34. Benzoyl-ecgonine has no local anaesthetic action, but the introduction of methyl into the molecule endows it with a power of deadening the sensation of the skin locally; on the other hand, cocethyl produces no effect of this kind.

  35. These are our old friends, the anaesthetic bullets, too.

  36. It is an anaesthetic of nearly unbelievable volatility.

  37. A feeble moan and a flutter of the eyelids told that she was coming out from the effects of the anaesthetic and the drug.

  38. In the possession of his senses, Forbes' tongue which the anaesthetic gases seemed to have loosened, now became suddenly silent again.

  39. In 1579, an English surgeon, Bulleyn, affirmed that it was possible to put the patient into an anaesthetic state during the operation of lithotomy, but spoke of it as a "terrible dream.

  40. Externally chloroform is an antiseptic, a local anaesthetic if allowed to evaporate, and a rubefacient, causing the vessels of the skin to dilate, if rubbed in.

  41. An interesting feature of the garden close to that portion which forms the residence of Sir Jagadis was the open platform perched above two trees, transplanted under anaesthetic conditions.

  42. Bose pointed out that, as Pfeffer applied the chloroform to the outer stalk and Haverlandt scalded the outer stem, neither the stimulant nor the anaesthetic reached the nerves.

  43. Because of this anaesthetic condition and the consequent lack of complaint, maniacal patients often suffer from severe internal trouble without the medical attendant having any suspicion of its existence.

  44. No matter how simple or short the operation that is to be performed on a person suffering from kidney disease, if an anaesthetic is to be administered it would be well to prepare the patient for an untoward event that may occur.

  45. The man was paralytic and anaesthetic on the left side.

  46. To quote Colonel Lambert: "The use of nitrous-oxide anaesthetic to the exclusion of ether or chloroform in case of at least the seriously wounded seems to me not only advisable but beyond the advisability of discussion.

  47. It is so good that Colonel Alexander Lambert, at that time chief surgeon of our American Red Cross, immediately made it the standard anaesthetic of its medical service.

  48. Nitrous oxide as an anaesthetic immediately attracted the attention of a number of eminent British surgeons.

  49. Under this anaesthetic the percentage of recovery is seventy-two per cent, as compared with fifty per cent for either chloroform or ether.

  50. Although it had been employed as an anaesthetic in the United States for a number of years before the beginning of the war, its first use in Europe was when Colonel George W.

  51. Watching Swann's face while he listened to the phrase, one would have said that he was inhaling an anaesthetic which allowed him to breathe more deeply.

  52. The anaesthetic effect of custom being destroyed, I would begin to think and to feel very melancholy things.

  53. The great object to be attained is to so far influence the nerves of sensation as to prevent pain, and yet not carry the anaesthetic agent to the extent of producing unconsciousness.

  54. The following remarks on the administration of an anaesthetic agent during parturition are reprinted from the Lancet.

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