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  1. The ethereal layer is removed to another separator, more ether being added to the aqueous soap solution, and again separated.

  2. The ester or ether value, or number of milligrammes of KOH required for the saponification of the neutral esters or glycerides in 1 gramme of fat, is represented by the difference between the saponification and acid values.

  3. The ether in the flask is recovered, and the flask dried until all ether is expelled, and its weight is constant.

  4. The acid liquor is run off, and the petroleum ether layer washed first with water and then with a solution of 1/2 gramme KOH and 5 c.

  5. Another form of medicated soap made by a few firms is a liquid ether soap containing mercuric iodide, and intended for surgeons' use.

  6. The residue retained by the filter paper is washed with petroleum ether until free from fat, dried in the water-oven at 100° C.

  7. The two ethereal extracts are then washed with water to deprive them of any soap, separated, transferred to a flask, and the ether distilled off upon a water-bath.

  8. From 10 to 15 grammes of the fat are dissolved in petroleum ether with frequent stirring, and passed through a tared filter paper.

  9. Safrol, an ether which is the chief constituent of sassafras oil, and also found in considerable quantity in camphor oil.

  10. He still persisted, however, in his statements that ether was poured down his back.

  11. Said the doctor poured ether down his neck.

  12. Upward to hasten Through ether winging, This wakes my yearning, This prompts me now!

  13. It is soluble in water, alcohol, ether, and is not convertible into ether by strong sulphuric acid.

  14. Ether should be preserved in bottles perfectly full and well corked, and kept in a cool place, otherwise it becomes sour, and is destroyed.

  15. It dissolves in its own weight of boiling ether of 0.

  16. It dissolves in alcohol and ether into a yellow dye; not in dilute acids, but in concentrated sulphuric acid, whereby probably a portion of this is decomposed, and some hyposulphurous acid formed; the colour of this solution is blue.

  17. The remaining two thirds consist of ether containing a little alcohol.

  18. Acetic ether is a colourless liquid of a fragrant smell and pungent taste, of spec.

  19. Ether and oils, both expressed and volatile, also dissolve it.

  20. The quantity of alcohol which can be thus converted into ether by a given weight of sulphuric acid, has not hitherto been accurately determined; but it is at least double.

  21. The ether of the first distillation is never pure, but always contains a certain quantity of alcohol.

  22. The resins dissolve in ether and the volatile oils, and, with the aid of heat, combine with the unctuous oils.

  23. When acetic ether is added to well purified or clean spirits, such as the distillers call silent whiskey, it gives it somewhat of the flavour of brandy.

  24. Chloroform is dangerous to the heart in such cases for full anesthesia; ether is better.

  25. Several of the women became so delirious and violent that ether had to be used to quiet them, with the result that the infants were born "narcotized and asphyxiated to a degree.

  26. All these four parts, he says, are full of souls; those which are in the ether and air being immortal, and those which are in the water and on the earth mortal.

  27. Why, then, is the ether given to Jove, the air to Juno?

  28. Now, they have positively affirmed that the ether is one thing, the air another.

  29. A ray penetrates from the sun through the thick and cold ether and gives life to everything; they call air, cold ether, the sea and moisture, thick ether.

  30. These principles are the five elements brought forth from the earlier-named rudiments—the ether which takes possession of space, air, fire, water and earth.

  31. B a), and I am about to pour on the wadding a little ether, and to make the hydrogen gas pass through the cotton wadding soaked with ether before I fire it.

  32. And now that I have evolved a large quantity of ether gas, when I apply a lighted taper to the mouth of the flask I get a large flame (Fig.

  33. But I will heat the ether so as to convert it into a gas.

  34. Albano and Schoppe climbed together those pure heights of the mountains of the Muses, where, as on natural ones, the atmosphere of life rests lighter, and the ether draws nearer to the shortening column of air.

  35. The tones hovered and hung twining together into one wreath, high in their ether above the noisy swarm of men, and sang down to them their heavenly songs.

  36. Turpentine Oil and Ether (Durande's remedy): Equal parts to relieve pain during paroxysm; also occasionally as prophylactic along with a course of Carlsbad or Vichy water.

  37. Ice-bag or Ether Spray to loins: if hot applications fail.

  38. The truth is, I had taken ether in the evening for a touch of neuralgia, and it set my imagination at work in a way quite unusual with me.

  39. A sharp pain coming on, ether was administered with relief.

  40. Newton's hypothesis of an ether filling the heavenly spaces does not, I confess, help my conceptions.

  41. I don't believe the human gamut will be cheated of a single note after men have done breathing this fatal atmospheric mixture and die into the ether of immortality!

  42. The atmosphere of memory is one in which imagination flies more easily and feels itself more at home than in the thinner ether of youthful anticipation.

  43. It is because the molecules of this spiritual ether are nothing but the souls of the living, the dead, and the unborn, and any vibration of the spiritual ether must inevitably cause a certain vibration of its atoms.

  44. The ether rises to the top, carrying with it the bromine in solution; after being withdrawn, this ether is mixed with potassa, by which the bromide and bromate of potassa are formed.

  45. Bromine may be readily detected by passing a current of chlorine through the fluid, after which ether is added and the whole is agitated.

  46. Since brick does not elastically vibrate to such infinitesimal impulses as electric waves, ether must.

  47. The existence of an all-pervasive medium called the luminiferous ether was launched as a theory.

  48. Sir William Thompson thinks he has proved that a cubic mile of celestial ether may have as little as one billionth of a pound of ponderable matter.

  49. This incredibly high-class energy is not banking up coal in the celestial ether as it did on the earth, but is returning to the quick, mobile forces of the invisible worlds.

  50. Ether is so rare that its density, compared with water, is represented by a decimal fraction with twenty-seven ciphers before it.

  51. Marvelous discoveries in the capacities of ether have been made lately.

  52. Ether is a far better medium of transmission than iron.

  53. Between two hundred and four hundred millions of millions of vibrations of ether per second are the different sorts of heat.

  54. If ether can so readily go through such solids, no wonder that a spirit body could appear to the disciples, "the doors being shut.

  55. Since some kinds of electricity do not readily pass through space devoid of air, though light and heat do, it seems likely that some of the lower intensities and slower vibrations of electricity are not in ether but in air.

  56. That is to be expected from the generally-accepted idea that the apparent velocity of any ether vibration is independent of the velocity of either source or receiver.

  57. The fourth order rays, of which the theory has been completely worked out, are the shortest vibrations that can be propagated through the ether; for the ether itself is not a continuous medium.

  58. I am told that they are not ether waves at all?

  59. That barrier in the ether seems impervious, and if so, it could not transmit a blow.

  60. Crystallized ether would displace fluid ether, so it might--I'll give up!

  61. The zone of force is necessary to shield certain items of equipment from ether vibrations; as any such vibration inside the controlling fields of force renders observation or control of the higher orders of rays impossible.

  62. Nothing in the ether spectrum is corkscrewy enough to get through it.

  63. These oxides are ethers, common or sulphuric ether being (C2H5)2O.

  64. Its solution in alcohol or in ether is known as tincture of iodine.

  65. Ethyl alcohol and methyl ether have the same number of the same elements, C2H6O, but their molecular structure is not the same, and hence their properties differ.

  66. So now," he concluded, "we will consider this hypothesis: that these phenomena are caused by one man in control of a force capable of deadening vibrations in ether and solids within certain definite limits.

  67. Any more messages from our mysterious friend out in the ether to our equally mysterious friend at the desk?

  68. When a man is somewhere out in the ether there is no clue," replied Darrow.

  69. It at once became probable that what we may call the nullifying impulses radiated in all directions through the ether from their sending instrument.

  70. The man has perfected a combined system of special tuning and definite electrical energy," said Darrow, "by which through an ordinary wireless sender he can send forth into the ether what might be called deadening or nullifying waves.

  71. Every message through the ether must now reach the public.

  72. Oh, you mistake, dear lady, quite; nor know Ether was strict as you, its loftiness as low!

  73. If we can save mankind now, and give it another chance, perhaps the time will come when power can be drawn out of the ether of space, and men can float in the air as long as they choose.

  74. She was flying signals of distress, and filling the ether with her inarticulate calls for help, which quavered into every radiograph station within a radius of hundreds of miles.

  75. Th' Nebula is a direful bird 'S he skims the ether blue!

  76. No sound is heard thro' ether wide, From hill or coppice green, Save where the streamlet seems to chide The stillness of the scene.

  77. The wizard song at distance died, As if in ether borne astray, While through waste halls and chambers wide The Knight pursued his steady way.

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