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  1. I am inclined to think that self-abuse was the principal cause both of the phthisis and the neuralgia, acting doubtless on a predisposed organism, for his family was rather specially beset with tendencies to consumption.

  2. Very great differences of opinion have prevailed among subsequent writers, both as to the frequency and the significance of these points.

  3. But the affection of which I now speak may occur at any stage except the very earliest, and, though often severely painful, is essentially different both in its seat and in its general characters, from neuralgia proper.

  4. The sores both on cheek and tongue assumed more and more a gangrenous appearance, and on the sixteenth day from the commencement of iritis there was considerable loss of substance in both these situations.

  5. At the end of the first week there was already much improvement, the paroxysms having been both less frequent and less severe.

  6. My own experience tells the same story very decidedly, for I have on very many occasions obtained great benefit, both by the direct and by the inverse currents, in the same patient.

  7. I hope to show clearly that, as regards both the seat of what must be the essential part of the morbid process, and the general nature of the process itself, we possess very definite information indeed.

  8. The patient relinquished his habit, and both the pain and the epilepsy ceased, and, for some twelve months during which I had him under observation, had not recurred at all.

  9. In a smaller number of instances, the secondary effect on secretion is precisely opposite; thus both Notta and myself have observed complete dryness on the nostril on the affected side in ophthalmic neuralgia.

  10. They published, like the Venetians, both the Greek and Latin classics and the works of contemporary writers.

  11. Each stands for a different aspect of the art of printing, both in the mechanical features of book-making and also in the selection of works to be published and the editorial methods employed in making them ready for the press.

  12. Both while at the head of the house of Stephanus and later when he had withdrawn from that in favor of Robert Estienne his stepson and set up a separate publishing business, Colines added much to the prestige of French printing.

  13. There were universities centuries before Gutenberg where the few instructed the many in the learning treasured up in books, and where both scholars and professional scribes multiplied copies of books both old and new.

  14. I propose in the remainder of this paper to select five great printers of the Renaissance, and to examine their work both as a whole and as illustrated in typical examples.

  15. This printing establishment came to an end in 1472 for lack of adequate capital, but was soon followed by others both in Rome and especially in Venice.

  16. Both in the artistic advancement of the art of printing and in the intellectual advancement of French thought by their selection of the works to be issued they earned a right to the enduring gratitude of mankind.

  17. I know nothing more disquieting than the dumb eloquence of those suppliant eyes which hold, for the sensitive man who can read within, both so great humility and so deep reproach.

  18. Indignation at the universal fatuity of all classes, of all beings, of both sexes, of every age.

  19. This was a doubly solemn one, both from the wonder of its display and from the mysterious moral interest attaching to it.

  20. He closed both eyes and pulled the trigger.

  21. Because the sea conveys the thought both of immensity and of movement.

  22. Their great gloomy eyes became quite brilliant while they played their music; a music so astonishing that it made you want now to dance, now to cry, or to do both together, and it would almost make you go mad if you listened too long.

  23. The poet who has sung the good dogs has received for reward a fine vest, of a color both faded and rich, which brings thoughts of the autumn suns, of the beauty of matured women and of the summers of Saint-Martin.

  24. A homeless dog behind the boulders lay And watched us both with angry eyes forlorn, Waiting a chance to come and take away The morsel she had torn.

  25. Both man and woman know, from birth, that in evil lies all bliss.

  26. Both women experienced an unpleasant sensation when he entered the room.

  27. We’ve both said it often enough, and we both mean it, and I mean to be married to you.

  28. He’ll either come to grief or glory, or both together, one of these days.

  29. Hamilton Bright was a distant relative to both of these persons.

  30. Had not Ralston been offered two chances, at both of which he had pitiably failed?

  31. At first they were silent, and the silence had a certain constraint about it which both of them felt, but did not know how to escape from.

  32. Ralston and Katharine walked away very slowly, both looking down, and each inwardly wondering whether the other would break the silence.

  33. It was, therefore, not strange that they should both be surprised by the nature of her sudden question as she stood by the fireplace looking sideways at Ralston, with her back to the light.

  34. He might even go so far as to strike the names of both from his will, if he had left them a legacy, which was probable.

  35. And some one we both know is a big fool to bother with you for a second.

  36. As Hester made his second rush, Jackson worked with both elbows and knocked two men away from his back, sending one reeling against the wall, the other against the bar.

  37. Not knowing whether he had followed the streams west or east, the pack would have to course the streams in both directions before correcting the fault.

  38. We’ll have to scatter an’ search both sides of the path.

  39. Both McGillivray and Tonpit knew what the Legislature intended to do.

  40. If there was an ounce of courage to go with the ton of hate back in the tavern, we’d both be riddled with bullets before this.

  41. Both red and white were in their places, never a doubt of that.

  42. The loungers drew aside to both ends of the bar, leaving an open space for him.

  43. Held up by these scum after standing off both the Creek and the Cherokee Nations!

  44. You don’t understand the true temper of the people on both sides of the mountains.

  45. The man stared at him, nonplussed for a second, then recognized him and threw up both hands and fired.

  46. I reckon ye’re tryin’ to carry watter on both shoulders.

  47. I followed it both ways until it was lost in the beaten path.

  48. This has been done with benefit to both the Association and the Journal.

  49. As the list grew larger, this plan seemed unsatisfactory to both the subscriber and the paper.

  50. It was not long before Mr. Trenton found himself put down at all the principal clubs, both artistic and literary; and he also became, with a suddenness that bewildered him, quite the social lion for the time being.

  51. Where both occupants of a room claim it all to themselves, and where both are angry and abuse me at the same time, then it gets a bit lively.

  52. When they reached the conservatory, Miss Sommerton said-- "This is really a very great breach of good manners on both your part and mine.

  53. Catch hold of my coat; I need both hands.

  54. Your correspondents, although both kind and learned, do not appear to have given any satisfactory answer to my former query--why a lady-bird is called Bishop Barnaby?

  55. Malone, in a subsequent part of his prolegomena to both of those editions (Lond.

  56. Probably it may be said that custom is the proper guide in a case like this, but I believe that there is no particular custom in some towns, both prefixes being sometimes used, and more frequently none at all.

  57. For a moment the two white men stared blankly at him, and then both laughed as one said, "If you don't mind I wish you'd tell us where you found a boat up here.

  58. Both figures were crouching low and moving slowly and with extreme caution.

  59. There's a hole stove in the bottom and then there are places that have been cut by an axe so I guess both parts of the story are true.

  60. It was manifest, however, that both white men had disappeared and that along with them had gone one of the packs, now doubly valuable in the eyes of the boys.

  61. You must both stay right here where you are," he added.

  62. Both boys listened intently and a moment later Fred declared, "You're right, Pop, there is somebody coming.

  63. It was plain, however, that the arrival of this man had been expected, for both the Indians and the man with the scar at once advanced to meet him and the long conversation that followed indicated that his approach was not a surprise.

  64. Both of us will go straight to the bottom of the gulch.

  65. Instantly both strangers were staring at the boy who had spoken.

  66. You answer my questions straight or there'll be trouble for both of you Navajoes.

  67. Running swiftly to the place where they had disappeared from sight they peered down the sloping side of the Gulch and saw both men still moving rapidly in their descent.

  68. But how do you account for it that he should have said what he did and then before we get very far on our way into the Gulch something happens to both of us and something may have happened to John, to say nothing about Grant and Zeke.

  69. Both boys in spite of the exciting experiences of the morning were deeply interested in the marvelous sights which greeted them as they advanced into the gulch.

  70. Fortunately the supply was ample for the present meal at least, and both Navajos, seating themselves upon a projecting rock, almost devoured the food which was given them.

  71. I am most favourably impressed by both the father and the daughter, and I only trust that we may be able to be of some service to them.

  72. Perhaps," said Thorndyke; and we both subsided into gloomy and silent reflection.

  73. You will find them both in the safe behind me.

  74. We had just reached the critical reign of Apepa II when a resounding snore broke in upon the studious quiet of the room and sent us both into a fit of silent laughter.

  75. As to his being in prison, we may dismiss that possibility, inasmuch as a prisoner, both before and after conviction, would have full opportunity of communicating with his friends.

  76. Both men greeted me with a warmth that I felt to be very flattering, for Thorndyke was quite a great personage, and even Jervis was several years my academic senior.

  77. Both the wire and the ring were in position, but the ring was broken.

  78. You proceed to test his eyesight with some infernal apparatus of coloured glasses, and you find that he can see perfectly well with both eyes.

  79. He did so, and this is what he found: "Both arms had been detached in the same peculiar manner; both were complete, and all the bones were from the same body.

  80. I also thought it a remarkable circumstance, especially as I had received no communication from the testator, and we both decided that it was advisable to inform the testator's brother, Godfrey, of what had happened.

  81. We dined in the open air ourselves, finding the prices for food and drink to be both moderate and modest, and able to see nothing on the surface which suggested that the life of these people had been seriously disturbed.

  82. The wagon had a hood on it, but was open at both ends.

  83. He had been pierced through both lungs with a bullet, and to keep him from choking to death the attendants had tied him in a half erect posture.

  84. Here, advancing toward us with the gait of a doddering grandsire, would be a boy in his teens, bent double and clutching his middle with both hands.

  85. The main concern of the noncombatants, they tell me, was to shelter themselves from the street fighting, which, by all accounts, was both stubborn and sanguinary.

  86. Both of them, I think, were Prussians, but this general was a Saxon from the South.

  87. Hurt many and killed several--both men and horses.

  88. I might add that I am still discounting both varieties.

  89. Though a retreating army and an advancing army, both enormous in size, had lately poured through the country, the houses, the farms and the towns were almost undamaged.

  90. Almost the last man to be borne away was injured in both legs; an orderly carried him in his arms.

  91. Yet in both countries the women generally manifested the same steadfast and silent patience.

  92. Some laughed and some cried, and Mary felt inclined to do both at once.

  93. But now I am going to tell you both a little secret about Gertrude.

  94. They finally consented, only after reference to the Imperial War Council, to my exposing the true state of affairs both as regards the military situation and rate of destruction of merchant shipping.

  95. Amateur theatricals, in which both the men from the warships and the Scottish girls took part, cheered many a crew after its return from the mine-fields.

  96. As part protection against such insidious attacks both the merchant ships and the escorting men-of-war of to-day had in this war to keep up a perpetual zigzagging.

  97. One communication officer to take general charge of codes and communications both with the Department at home, the Allied Admiralties, and with the various bases of our Forces in the war area.

  98. Naturally both the Americans and their ships became objects of great interest to their new allies.

  99. Both these gentlemen represented the Gallic type in its finest aspects.

  100. Neither is my word idle; for they both said, when I saw them first, and the king vanquished me in the sports, and on knightly wise won my love, that Siegfried was his man.

  101. On both sides, and close behind, they heard the trample of hoofs, and spurred on.

  102. With plunder and with fire they laid waste to the land, the which both the princes found to their cost.

  103. Whereto Gary answered, "They will both come, and, with them, many knights.

  104. His cloak was a lynx-skin, pied from head to foot, and embroidered over with gold on both sides.

  105. But with their father's sword, that hight Balmung, he wrested from them both hoard and land.

  106. But bold Gernot answered Hagen, "Belike we shall never come into Etzel's land till they both be dead.

  107. The heroes were clad alike; both their horses and their apparel were snow-white, and the shields were goodly that shone in their hands.

  108. Since thou hast called Siegfried thy vassal, the knights of both kings shall see this day whether I dare enter the minster before thee, the queen.

  109. Giselher, the youth, and Gernot, and their two squires, rested not from welcoming both friends and strangers.

  110. For list to the marvel, noble queen: both these princes hath Siegfried's hand taken.

  111. Thou hast oft times promised, noble Rudeger, that thou wouldst risk, for our sake, both honour and life, and I have heard many warriors praise thee for thy valour.

  112. Then cried Gunther in wrath, "If ye would lay from you this stark hate against us homeless ones, it were well for both sides, for we are guiltless before Etzel.

  113. But he spake comfortably to both of them, and said, "Weep not for my sake; nor fear aught for my life.

  114. On either side the mountains both men and women wept.

  115. His father and his aunt were informed of his condition, and prepared, both of them, to bow their heads to the close of an ungodly career.

  116. Both Rhoda and Robert perceived that they were peculiarly implicated in the business which was to be discussed without Mrs. Sumfit's assistance.

  117. He can find friends, both to advise and to aid him.

  118. But she's clean both in body and in spirit, as I believe, and say before my God.

  119. She motioned with both her hands in dumb supplication.

  120. Little of all we value here Wakes on the morn of its hundredth year Without both feeling and looking queer.

  121. When we reached the island we was both weak as cats.

  122. But when we both stood in front of him, he pretended to look careless and happy, and smiled that sick smile.

  123. At each nod, recovering himself, he would nod again, with his eyes wide open, to impress upon the boys that he did it on purpose both times.

  124. There wasn't a house for the first seven miles, and after we got there I thought we wouldn't go in, for we had got to get home to milk anyway, and we was both as wet as we could be.

  125. He conceived every subject on so grand a scale that he had not room in his head to turn it over and examine both sides of it.

  126. What with hedges and ditches till after I was grown, And yanked both ways by my mother and my father, With a "Which would you better?

  127. And they both think of the cabbage soup steaming in the pot that hangs from the hook right under the great chimney.

  128. Then, after thinking a moment, she added: "They have the same birthday; they are both alike and they are offering each other the same flower.

  129. Both want it all to themselves, and this simple contrivance, only meant to do mischief to the fishes, becomes the cause of domestic broils and a rain of blows by the peaceful riverside.

  130. It was very difficult; she dragged with both hands, and very nearly tumbled over backwards when the stalk broke.

  131. Both are beautiful figures; they were young when Greece was young.

  132. They were afraid, both of them, and they were sad; the melancholy of nightfall had entered into their little hearts.

  133. But I am for the scheme and for old Booth too; but, nevertheless, there is both a limit and an end to all despotism and despotisms.

  134. Both parties were actuated by high and honourable motives; both were able to express their views pointedly, and with all appropriate force.

  135. At my back was a mud wall, in front and at both sides was the audience, within hearing was the main street, above, a bright sun made the place warm and cheerful.

  136. The great theme, however, was Christ, and I think that most men in that little market town, and a great many of those who used to come to the fair, both heard and understood the great gospel truth of salvation in Jesus.

  137. He used to read a chapter from a little book by Mr. Moule, and then we both prayed.

  138. In the afternoon he attended one or both of the Peking chapels, preaching if there were the opportunity, but always eagerly on the alert for any individuals showing signs of interest in the Gospel.

  139. Both of these Gilmour possessed in a measure far above the average.

  140. He once had great hope of the conversion to God of a Mongol, who had given him his entire confidence, and who was suffering from cataract in both eyes.

  141. Both on its economical side and also as impressing the mind and heart of the Chinese, he believed that his was the more excellent way.

  142. In the southeastern district of Mongolia there are large numbers of agricultural Mongols who speak both Chinese and Mongolian.

  143. Chinese and Mongols in plenty, both to preach to and to heal.

  144. In Peking she had laboured hard among the women and girls, both in the matter of education and also of direct religious instruction.

  145. He was wearing both the Military Medal and the Legion of Honour, for he had done wondrous feats in the way of shooting the occupants of Taubes in mid-air.

  146. The equipment was prodigious; the output was prodigious; the organisation was scientific; and the staff was both congenial and impressive.

  147. In both cities there were postmen and newspapers, shops, and even cafes.

  148. For I now saw that the spell which had been on us both at that time in Venice had been nothing but the spell and tremendous incantation of the Thought of Death.

  149. Both of you—next time you step over the line, I’m taking you both in!

  150. Drew got down on both knees, splashed the muddy water-hole liquid into his face in an effort to clear his head.

  151. There was no packet of papers there—neither the sheets for the horse, nor the much-creased strip of the parole, nor the sealed envelope which had held both letters.

  152. They had changed mounts twice since leaving the camp, both times at the water forts on the Range.

  153. Both were intended to prove the identity of one Drew Rennie beyond any reasonable doubt.

  154. This was more now than the fact that they had both bristled, incompatible, at their first meeting.

  155. Another man held to the high horn with both hands and weaved back and forth while a comrade riding beside him strove to keep him from toppling to the ground.

  156. Both of them were so absorbed by what they were doing that Tubacca and what might be going on there had no more immediate meaning than the words in the books which had ridden to the Stronghold in Drew’s saddlebags.

  157. Topham was studying them both with interest.

  158. So my father took my mother away secretly, brought her to Texas when they were both very young.

  159. And both Anse and Drew were alert, knowing that the farther one went from the Stronghold the less one relaxed guard.

  160. As far as I’m concerned, you’re both so wild they have to tie a foot up when they give you a haircut.

  161. In spite of his below-the-border dress and his coloring, he was unmistakably Anglo, just as the man looping both horses’ reins to the rack was Mexican.

  162. Since both of you are newcomers—" Rennie paused and then added: "Your riding away from here might appear to others that you had quit, were joining up with the mustangers on your own.

  163. Hope th’ Old Man gives it to him this time, hot an’ heavy, both barrels plumb center!

  164. Don Reese, he put them both out in the street.

  165. Doctor and surgeon both say that they are not surprised.

  166. Then he sent for both the boys and asked them what it was all about, but they both refused to say a word.

  167. Papa and mamma were both very fidgety and mamma kept on pulling me about, and telling me that my hair was badly done and that she could see daylight between the pleats of my frock.

  168. When I came back I found that havoc had been made of my rooms: both the virginals broken to pieces--all the furniture destroyed, and all my pictures including a signed portrait of Ophelia.

  169. It is only too plain that both officers and ship's company are growing sceptical as to the practical results of our voyage.

  170. She had hysterics, and, losing all self-control, seriously injured both my eyes with a pin.

  171. The owner and charioteer were both taken to the Æsculapian Home, which is under the management of the Red Serpent.

  172. Bysshe is translating a treatise of Buffon, with which we were both of us charmed.

  173. It then occurred to me that the whole matter was a jest--in the very worst taste, since both my secretaries were present--and I regret to say they smiled.

  174. Papa and mamma sent for me and when I came into the room they were both very solemn and said they had something particular to say to me.

  175. We are reading, in the Fourth Division, in which I was placed at my mother's express request, Eutropius and Ovid; both very insipid writers.

  176. The first thing she did was to go to the New bridge, which is lined with goldsmiths' shops on both sides and to spend a great deal of money on perfectly useless trinkets.

  177. I hope we are not in for another smash up," said Elizabeth, finding that her sisters were both awake.

  178. There was not enough space for both to pass abreast between the wall and the prostrate natives.

  179. Mary and Elizabeth had both set their watches by the sun, and so were able to tell with reasonable accuracy the time of day.

  180. They were both excited--and Elizabeth was so much interested in the experiment that she laid down her mat and followed her sisters.

  181. You are both horrible," said Tommy, her lips quivering.

  182. In "A Day Book for Girls" she has brought together a large number of extracts both in poetry and prose, and so arranged them that they furnish an inspiring and ennobling watchword for each day of the year.

  183. Both Mary and Elizabeth had watches pinned upon their dresses, but on looking at them they found that each told a different hour, and both had stopped.

  184. Then Tommy left the stern and both sat on the thwarts, pulling towards the second oar, which they overtook in a few seconds.

  185. Both are anxious to become heroes, and they are constantly on the look-out for an opportunity to do some good.

  186. Here, under the guardianship of Uncle Hilary, they enter into the spirit of their new situation; and when it comes to a question of ways and means, prove that they have both courage and resource.

  187. They scoured the copse in which the boat and canoe had been placed, and on discovering them hastened along the shore in both directions.

  188. I dare say you are both right," she said tranquilly.

  189. You both look awfully tired, so let's go to sleep now; we shall have plenty to do in the morning.

  190. It was so very beautiful that the Mole could only hold up both forepaws and gasp, 'O my!

  191. Then they both stood in front of him, while Toad sat silent and regarded them with much suspicion and ill-humour.

  192. He shook the paws of both of them warmly, never waiting for an introduction to the Mole.

  193. Never so happy as when I've got both arms in the wash-tub.

  194. Introduce me to your worthy aunt, if you will be so kind, and I have no doubt that the excellent lady and I will be able to arrange terms satisfactory to both parties.

  195. They must both be coming FROM somewhere, and going TO somewhere.

  196. Perhaps he's not very clever--we can't all be geniuses; and it may be that he is both boastful and conceited.

  197. A regular piece of good fortune for both of us!

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