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Example sentences for "bothering"

Lexicographically close words:
both; bothe; bother; botheration; bothered; bothers; bothersome; bothies; bothy; botome
  1. But when I see flowers on a lovely road like this, I get sort of frightened whether God won't grow tired of bothering about human beings.

  2. Br'er Rabbit holler: "What you come bothering us for when we ain't been bothering you?

  3. They Reach the Crescent Moon As the jolly party sped along through the heavens Tom began to find his eyes bothering him a trifle.

  4. I suppose he's been too busy pulling feathers out of peacocks' tails to decorate his room with to be bothering with robins and eggs.

  5. Ben said he didn't mind paying, if I could get there without bothering him, and I have; and I'll go home alone.

  6. I've got enough to do to talk and cry and cough for my own poor dears, without bothering about yours," cried Bab, even more ruffled than her sister.

  7. Doc opened the cots as Chris came in, not bothering to unpack the equipment.

  8. He moved across the street and away, not bothering about the squeal of brakes and the honking horns.

  9. Beaver is about all the fur that's worth bothering with.

  10. Those traps are not worth bothering with if you have a long way to go.

  11. But these black fellows, you know--it really isn't worth a man's while bothering about them.

  12. At any rate my old fool won't go bothering about Nikíta.

  13. And what's it you've been bothering about?

  14. I've tramped all over the place after your affairs, I've got quite footsore bothering about matters.

  15. To-day some amount of sickliness and headache is bothering me, but nothing to signify.

  16. Of late I have had many letters to answer; and some very bothering ones from people who want opinions about their books, who seek acquaintance, and who flatter to get it; people who utterly mistake all about me.

  17. What's the use of bothering with evidence against a suspected murderer when the murdered man stands talking to you?

  18. I remember turning the key in both doors, because I didn't want anything bothering me from outside.

  19. I've been bothering my head about it all the morning.

  20. That proposition has been bothering me a heap in the middle of nights right along since the fall of '87.

  21. Imploring her once more to intercede on his behalf, she told him that the Princess had not instructed them either to kill or to release him, and that it would not be fitting for such as herself to be bothering the Princess with suggestions.

  22. A Mr. Mitchel, a crank who collects gems, offered to buy that opal, and he has been bothering my sister for it ever since.

  23. I use my hobby to keep from bothering about the troubles that I have with other things, and when I get mad at a neighbor I go to playing on my trees, and it gets me well.

  24. We tried to get them to haul the shells off to use them on the fields for tobacco land and to grow blue grass, and they found out that was pretty good, so they are bothering us now about our shells.

  25. Young Ford had been bothering me, time after time, to do something about that Chinese gun which Whitmore, Travers, and Marshall had captured, and which Rashleigh had claimed and kept.

  26. They were mostly connected with unpaid bills, so I won't bother you with them; but it was Grainger, my trusty servant, who was more angry at them bothering me than I was myself.

  27. Even during the night, when after a couple of hours' sleep the marines had to take their turn on top of that bank, he began bothering me about my clothes.

  28. Evidently the first sign of resistance was not to stop the bothering tactics of those on shore, for one wire that Joe was handling was zipped out of his hands.

  29. But there's another matter that's bothering me fearfully, too.

  30. So the crime that is bothering you arises through the low price of silver, and this suggests that it must be a case of illicit coinage, for there the low price of the metal comes in.

  31. Why should one bother oneself, Miss O'Connor, when bothering won't help?

  32. As for bothering about people in trouble, that's only common curiosity; he's one of those chaps that are always shoving their noses into other people's troubles.

  33. There's only one thing bothering me now," sighed Tom.

  34. Came on ahead to welcome the winner," Brett replied easily, not even bothering to stand.

  35. He moved quickly inside and made a hurried inspection of the gear, not bothering to look to examine it closely.

  36. All this could be looked into some other time, if it were worth bothering about at all.

  37. That's been bothering me a whole lot for some time now, and I'm tickled to know the ghost is laid.

  38. He'd dropped all kindly pretense from his voice, not bothering to disguise his disgust.

  39. For no man can be at his best in any capacity if his rupture is bothering him-- the drain on the strength is too great.

  40. The boys went about pounding at the interrogative French phrase in due sincerity, behind the burlesque of traveller bothering coachman.

  41. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "bothering" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
    Other words:
    aggravating; annoyance; annoying; baffling; bewildering; bothersome; disconcerting; dismaying; disturbing; embarrassing; enigmatic; exasperating; galling; harassing; harassment; importunate; importune; intricate; irksome; irritating; mischievous; mysterious; mystifying; perplexing; perturbing; pesky; pestering; pestiferous; plaguing; problematic; problematical; provocation; provoking; puzzling; teasing; tiresome; tormenting; troublesome; troubling; upsetting; vexation; vexatious; vexing; wearisome; worrying