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Example sentences for "dismaying"

Lexicographically close words:
dismantled; dismantling; dismasted; dismay; dismayed; dismember; dismembered; dismembering; dismemberment; dismiss
  1. He caught up the shovel, and with a quick movement snapped it, throwing the pieces back into the fender with emphatic and dismaying clatter.

  2. To comprehend the vast, the awful truth, Of the eternity that hath gone by, And not recoil from the dismaying sense Of human impotence?

  3. Wild life's dismaying struggle o'er, The wearied spirit weeps no more; But wears the eternal smile of joy, Tasting bliss without alloy.

  4. She did not yet know the immense ability of the world to be casually cruel and proudly dull, but if she should ever learn those dismaying powers, her eyes would never become sullen or heavy or rheumily amorous.

  5. After she had been divorced the difficulty in supplying herself readily with money had been a dismaying incident of her single life.

  6. Dismaying because it had seemed to her a limitation unworthy of her aspirations and abilities.

  7. And promptly she made a discovery so infinitely dismaying that it put the man altogether out of her mind for the time being.

  8. Nor did she, apparently, find anything dismaying in the price she was asked to pay for a bedroom with private bath.

  9. The air was pungent with his breath, but intuitively she divined that it was not drunkenness alone which had aroused this temper, the more dismaying since it was for the time being under control.

  10. It was dismaying to Babbitt to have such a person glower at him.

  11. When they stopped probing among the scorched fragments she had set forth, George lingered downstairs, waiting for a better opportunity to introduce his own subject, but when he heard dismaying sounds from the kitchen he gave up.

  12. This exclamation referred to the subterranean machinery, for dismaying sounds came from beneath the floor, and the vehicle plunged, then rolled noisily forward.

  13. Possibly this dismaying news would turn out to be mere rumour, I thought, and end in nothing worse than a sharp attack of gout in London.

  14. Again Doctor Mervyn was sent for; and again, after a delay, the messenger returned with the same dismaying answer.

  15. It came with the dismaying knowledge that Laurie had not been near her for six dances.

  16. She came to her dismaying conclusion concerning Gavin one evening after he had been to town.

  17. And then suddenly it was all over and Sandy and Neil were gone back to Toronto and Jimmie to Algonquin; and Christina awoke to the astonishing and dismaying fact that Mary had left them and gone far away to live in a home of her own.

  18. The dim side-street enfolded them, and no dismaying passers-by startled their intercourse.

  19. But, on the other hand, they that change from good things to nothing seem to me to have the most dismaying end of all, it putting a period to their happiness.

  20. These my first two experiences with anarchist types were scarcely of a nature to dismay me, nor have I ever found anything dismaying in the private characters of the anarchists I have since known in the Old World.

  21. Miss Diana, as has been said, had gathered them out here on the gallery to give them her whole dismaying confidence.

  22. He read Selina one especial bit, which, or so it seemed to her who had seen nothing at all of the world, opened a wide-spreading and dismaying vista!

  23. For Bliss and Brent and Sam looked--it was the dismaying truth--they looked young!

  24. It was useless to try to escape from the dismaying fact.

  25. The dismaying thing was that the broad earth seemed too narrow to hide in; that invention itself became the clumsiest of blunderers when, it was given the simple task of losing a single individual among the millions of unrelated human atoms.

  26. It was a dismaying failure; and when the invalid said she would go and lie down for awhile, Charlotte was thankful and went once more to lock herself and her trouble in her state-room.

  27. The fall of stones and dirt was as dismaying as it was perilous.

  28. It was dismaying for Michael to think that he had not kissed Lily yet, and he wished that Sylvia would hurry ahead into the other room and give him an opportunity.

  29. There was no reason why he should have felt thus, he assured himself; but this morning there had fallen upon him at the moment a dismaying chill.

  30. That was the only way she could explain to herself as he replied to her; that the word meant to him that men were saved and that therefore it was dismaying to him, could not come to her at once.

  31. This bulletin must be something dismaying to what had remained of hope.

  32. He had built for himself no card house of illusion, so it did not come toppling down with dismaying clatter.

  33. He gave dismaying details, terribly anxious all the while lest his chief should attribute to his incompetence the growing unpopularity of the Cure.

  34. He felt glad who once hated the dismaying bustle.

  35. The dismaying sense of utter loneliness smote her down.

  36. The commonplace summons from the outer world brought with dismaying suddenness to his mind the practical affairs of life.

  37. It was Matilda who suggested the dismaying possibility.

  38. And in the same moment came the dismaying realization that, in their haste of the night before, she had not thought to plan with Matilda for the somewhat essential item of food!

  39. His outlook on the universe could not ignore the dark and dismaying facts of existence, and his faith, which rose above the shriek of Nature, was not based upon arguments derived from any survey of external, physical Nature.

  40. He never shirked the hard and dismaying facts of life.

  41. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "dismaying" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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    affecting; alarming; appalling; baffling; bewildering; bitter; bleak; cheerless; chilling; deplorable; depressing; deterrent; disconcerting; discouraging; disheartening; dismal; dismaying; disquieting; distressing; disturbing; dolorous; dreary; embarrassing; enigmatic; fearful; fearsome; frightening; frightful; grievous; harrowing; intricate; joyless; lamentable; mournful; moving; mysterious; mystifying; painful; pathetic; perplexing; perturbing; piteous; poignant; problematic; problematical; puzzling; regrettable; rueful; sad; scary; sharp; sore; sorrowful; startling; touching; uncomfortable; upsetting; woebegone; woeful