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Example sentences for "dismembered"

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dismasted; dismay; dismayed; dismaying; dismember; dismembering; dismemberment; dismiss; dismissal; dismissals
  1. At Mohilew," he writes, "at the farthest extremity of the recently dismembered provinces of Poland, the Jesuits still remain on their former footing.

  2. On August 31, by order of the queen, bruised as he was and almost dismembered by the long and repeated rackings, he was led with Sherwin to a public disputation in the royal presence.

  3. The present condition of these two sections of the now dismembered empire is most deplorable.

  4. The only acceptable larvae are those supplied with a heap of small insects, which are attacked without any special art, dismembered at random and eaten up quickly.

  5. It matters little then that the victim is slashed and dismembered at random; decomposition has no time to seize upon its still quivering tissues.

  6. They dismembered the Roman Empire and swept away nearly every trace of the old Roman civilization.

  7. I cannot fight by the side of the allied powers who dismembered it!

  8. A short circuit in one of the dismembered pieces; 3.

  9. This latter way of assembling the parts presents the advantage of allowing them to be dismembered readily.

  10. There can scarcely be a more mournful sight than a noble ship dismantled in mid ocean, her decks crimsoned with blood, while on every side, amid broken and rent timbers, her gallant crew dismembered and torn, are stretched in death.

  11. Lord G- C- afterwards re- purchased the great house with the consent of the duke from the fortunate holder, as he did not like it to be dismembered from the family.

  12. Moreover, China herself, the source from which the civilisation had to be imported, had been dismembered for a long time, so that until 581 A.

  13. Livonian officers and soldiers should enter into the Russian service, as natives of a country that had been dismembered from that empire, and usurped by the ancestors of Charles XII.

  14. Thus was this noble kingdom dismembered at once by the Russians, the Turks, and the Persians themselves.

  15. The cooked and dismembered turkey and other fowls were brought out to the small shed in calabashes; the livers, gizzards, and immature eggs were chopped up fine and well mixed with the sopas.

  16. The Northern empire, which had been dismembered by Zingis, was finally subdued seven years after his death.

  17. In this shipwreck of nations, some surprise may be excited by the escape of the Roman empire, whose relics, at the time of the Mogul invasion, were dismembered by the Greeks and Latins.

  18. It reminded me of the butcher in the Arabian Nights, whose common joints, displayed on the shop-front, took to a startled public the appearance of dismembered humanity.

  19. The fitness of things required that we should have struggled to the last in a confused medley of moods and tenses, and parted for ever, flushed with hatred, over the dismembered corpse of the multiplication-table.

  20. India where the Buddha in a previous birth was dismembered or gave his flesh to feed mankind.

  21. Can these places have been similar to the pîths of Assam and were the original heroes of the legend deities who were dismembered like Satî and subsequently accommodated to Buddhist theology as Bodhisattvas?

  22. The timbers of the dismembered cradle still floated huddled together like a raft, close to the landing.

  23. While she was senseless, but really still alive, he cut off her head, and dismembered the body in the manner already described.

  24. Just at this moment, however, the searchers found concealed under two trusses of hay a woman's headless and dismembered trunk.

  25. During these centuries all of the empires were defeated, conquered, occupied and either dismembered or otherwise brought under Roman control.

  26. Western man was sorting and re-assembling some of the scattered fragments of the defunct and dismembered Roman civilization.

  27. Adding to the chaos of this dismembered society were the controversies over dynastic succession.

  28. In the course of this survival struggle, the weakest and least effective contestants were defeated, dismembered and gobbled up by their stronger and more efficient opponents.

  29. But they saw the dismembered bodies of their comrades, and could see no enemy wounded nearby.

  30. Some of the skeletons are found lying horizontally side by side, others are placed in a circle in a sitting or squatting posture, while in another mound we find the dismembered bones heaped in a confused mass.

  31. The bones of the bodies, although so friable that they could not be preserved, were entire, in positions indicating that the bodies had not been dismembered and forbidding the supposition that they were the remains of a cannibal feast.

  32. Nevertheless it is proper to state that Colonel Norris does not coincide with this conclusion, but thinks that the dismembered skeletons were buried as found.

  33. Jon put the dismembered parts on the barrow with the sand and rock and pushed the whole load back up the tunnel, his thoughts running in unhappy circles.

  34. Jon bellowed them in the startled man's ear as he stuffed the dismembered leg down the front of the man's baggy slacks.

  35. These gaskets on the joints, the rivet pattern at the base of the thumb meant only one thing, it was the dismembered hand of a Venex robot.

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