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Example sentences for "dismay"

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dismally; dismantle; dismantled; dismantling; dismasted; dismayed; dismaying; dismember; dismembered; dismembering
  1. Katrina, in dismay at my disgust, raising her voice and its inflections at every syllable.

  2. Poor Mackerel gazed in mute dismay At this unprecedented display.

  3. I suppose my face reflected the dismay I felt at this intimation that the women would begin drinking so early.

  4. A quick, stifled exclamation of dismay came from Dicky.

  5. My dismay was genuine, for I knew how Dicky would view my answer.

  6. I find it difficult to imagine, and shrink from the thought of the wide-spread dismay such a fate will produce among her adorers," added Randal, as he basked in the glow of the hospitable fire.

  7. Now I noticed to my dismay that the water was rapidly rising.

  8. However, I perceived with dismay that the two barges which, in daytime, had been completely submerged, lay high and dry.

  9. But what was our dismay on perceiving that the brutes were in great numbers--in fact a whole flock or tribe was on the ground, and advancing towards us from all sides.

  10. Certainly there was a barrel; but, on breaking it open, to the dismay of all, it proved to be a barrel of pitch!

  11. He followed her into the other house, conscious of the dismay and bitterness which burst forth the instant they were alone.

  12. But the cause of his deepest dismay and doubt was the revelation to himself of the essential lawlessness of his love, a force within him which now made his duties as a law-enforcer sadly ironic.

  13. With deep regret and dismay I felt that I must part from her.

  14. I said, in dismay at the thought of losing her so soon.

  15. This display of firmness augmented the dismay of De Luynes and the ministers, who then conjointly endeavoured to compel her to ask the royal permission to retire to Florence; for which purpose they treated her with greater rigour than before.

  16. Great, therefore, was their dismay when they discovered that their unhappy mistress had sacrificed her pride in vain, and that she still remained the victim of her arch-enemy the Cardinal.

  17. After spending thirty days in Tunis, Pitts learned to his dismay that the “Patroon’s Brother” did not care to have him, and that consequently he would have to return to Algiers.

  18. On descending to the door of the hotel the latter shrank back with dismay at finding, instead of the expected chariot, two orderly dragoons holding the bridles of a couple of prancing chargers duly caparisoned for the field.

  19. Then late in the day, to the dismay of all on board, the lee main topsail-sheet gave way, and the sail was flapping like thunder and lashing the mast and rigging most furiously.

  20. When the weather moderated we found to our dismay that the rudder was adrift, the pintles having been broken by the heavy seas.

  21. I felt the breeze rising, and, unconscious of my danger, I rejoiced, and opened my bosom to meet it; but what was my dismay when I saw that the wind swept before it all trace of my footsteps in the sand.

  22. His pink and cheerful face assumed a grave superciliousness of expression that struck with apologetic dismay the navigators who impeded his progress.

  23. I shan't invite every callow biologist to hear Mass just because a Cowley Dad sees nothing in the last article on spontaneous generation that need dismay the faithful.

  24. In the full-blooded asceticism of Oxford Michael censured his own behavior when he was seventeen and looked back with some dismay on the view of himself at that time as it appeared to him now.

  25. The landlady held up her hands in dismay as, crunching up the paper in which they had been wrapped, he considered in perplexity their accommodation.

  26. He thought of all the arguments and all the dismay that the revelation of his purpose would set in motion.

  27. Something akin to Don Quixote's impulsive dismay Michael experienced in his own view of the twentieth century.

  28. Even now their painted destinations affected him with a dismay that real people could be familiar with this sinister route.

  29. This sally was received with laughter, shouts, and hooting, which served to complete the sewing-girl's dismay and terror.

  30. The dismay and stupor, in which he had been plunged, only increased upon reflection.

  31. For a moment, the father and son looked in dismay at each other; but Agricola instantly resumed: "The gate has perhaps shut of itself.

  32. Take it, take it," said Jean Charost, with a feeling of horror and dismay that made him feel faint and sick.

  33. To my dismay I had to part with poor Graoul, otherwise Holmes, to whom I gave half my rations the Germans had given me and my last kron.

  34. But jubilation succeeded dismay when we found that a gunner, with the instinct of the British soldier for preserving anything in the "victuals" line, had turned the barrel over.

  35. Our dismay may be imagined when we found the money had not been brought, and for which we had given cheques.

  36. Well might that weird chorus strike dismay into the hearts of its hearers, for it was the preliminary rumble of the coming storm--the battle-song of the warlike and now hostile Gaika clans.

  37. He started, and a look of something like dismay came into his face.

  38. Now it struck dismay into the minds of the three white men.

  39. A shout of dismay went up from the spectators.

  40. With startled eyes, in sheer dismay he stared at a woman approaching them, her curiosity aroused by the crowd.

  41. The children found to their dismay that they had by no means taken a direct road to the Pyrenees, but had wandered about, and had been misdirected many times.

  42. Maurice reflected with dismay over the tidings that they were to leave quite early in the morning.

  43. There, indeed, a pang of terror and dismay seized him.

  44. Lydia clasped her hands in dismay at these tidings.

  45. This is the sum of those tidings, which it was natural we should receive with sorrow, but which too many have received with dismay and despair, though surely no events could be more in the course of rational expectation.

  46. Unanimous dismay overspread the faces of the group.

  47. There were cries of dismay from the stern boat when the quarry was off again, but there was no abandonment of the pursuit.

  48. An exclamation of dismay escaped him as he again inspected his beard.

  49. Another mile, another half; then my horror and dismay broke into gesture and speech, and over and over I reviled myself as a fool, a traitorous fool, to be fooled into confession of my errand!

  50. She had slightly thrown back her head, either in dismay or denial.

  51. I am by no means sure that we shall find any," protested Pauline, both with dismay and antagonism.

  52. They cursed the postilions for mad cowards, and cut the traces, and seized the wheel-horses, all-wild with dismay in the wet and the dark.

  53. But to my great dismay and affright, I saw that no choice was left me now, except that I must climb somehow up that hill of water, or else be washed down into the pool and whirl around it till it drowned me.

  54. But the worst of all was this, that in my great dismay and anguish to see Lorna weeping so, I had promised not to cause her any further trouble from anxiety and fear of harm.

  55. She wanted to hear a guess, and Susan actually foreboded the truth, but was too full of dismay and perplexity to do anything but shake her head as one puzzled.

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