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Example sentences for "burst"

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bursar; bursaries; bursary; bursch; burse; bursted; bursten; bursteth; bursting; bursts
  1. Suppose, I thought, the weather does not moderate till the flames burst forth, at any moment they may break through the deck!

  2. All the glass bottles containing spirits or liquid of any sort have also burst with the cold, so that there is no fear of any of them getting drunk.

  3. Never did I shout louder, for it mattered nothing if I burst my lungs, if I was not heard.

  4. I exclaimed, and burst into tears, and sobbed till my heart was like to break.

  5. Incredible as it may seem, the fire continued smouldering for nearly a week before the flames burst forth.

  6. Still the flames did not burst forth, and another night and day we continued in that floating furnace.

  7. Had I not turned, I think he would have burst forth outright into laughter.

  8. He eyed me curiously from head to foot as if I was some strange animal, and then burst into a loud laugh.

  9. Scarcely had we left the deck of the Black Swan than the flames burst forth from her hold.

  10. Fortunately the flames did not begin to burst forth.

  11. Of course I knew that some time or other the flames must burst forth; but I looked upon this event as likely to happen only in some remote period, with which I had little to do.

  12. To my surprise, she burst into tears when I gave her the information; and this very nearly made me abandon my project.

  13. He rose; his wife, after the manner of fashionable wives, burst into tears, seizing his hands and pressing them to her breast.

  14. But she could say no more she covered her face and burst into floods of tears.

  15. She could not command her voice to the end of her speech and burst into tears.

  16. I believe I dozed off leaning over the rail, till an abrupt burst of yells, an overwhelming outbreak of a pent-up and mysterious frenzy, woke me up in a bewildered wonder.

  17. One evening a grass shed full of calico, cotton prints, beads, and I don't know what else, burst into a blaze so suddenly that you would have thought the earth had opened to let an avenging fire consume all that trash.

  18. A deadened burst of mighty splashes and snorts reached us from afar, as though an icthyosaurus had been taking a bath of glitter in the great river.

  19. It made me hold my breath in expectation of hearing the wilderness burst into a prodigious peal of laughter that would shake the fixed stars in their places.

  20. No eloquence could have been so withering to one's belief in mankind as his final burst of sincerity.

  21. A violent babble of uncouth sounds burst out on the other side of the planks.

  22. Miss Johnson, Arethusa's fox terrier, sat right beside her mistress, with her small red tongue hanging out at one side of her mouth, and panting as if her small heart would burst through her ribs.

  23. She was a wee bit frightened at her own temerity after that emphatic contradiction had burst forth.

  24. Arethusa, to the great amazement of everybody, suddenly burst into tears and ran out of the room.

  25. Arethusa went up the stairs about three at a time, and burst into Ross's room like a small whirlwind, cheeks glowing and hands still clenched in righteous anger at Miss Warren.

  26. But the fire where we were was not so bad as further to the rear; for although the air seemed alive with shells, yet the greater number burst behind us.

  27. The enemy was not slow in coming back at us, and the grand roar of nearly the whole of both armies burst in on the silence.

  28. He looked at her queerly for a moment, and then burst out laughing.

  29. And out of it burst a resplendent lady--Mrs. Dallam.

  30. The little woman burst into tears, and kissed her as she sat in bed.

  31. It was not until prayers were over and the solemn gathering seated at the breakfast table that Mr. Spence burst upon it like an aurora.

  32. The first passionate burst of grief had spent itself, and the son was very calm.

  33. Barilli had assured her that she rendered this fiery burst of rage and hatred as well as he had ever heard it; and, folding her fingers tightly around each other she drew herself up to her full height, and sang it.

  34. Grey sat down beside his ward, and throwing her arms around his neck, she burst into a passionate flood of tears.

  35. She bent down, and with firm, icy lips, lightly touched the forehead of the governess, and walked away, unheeding the burst of tears with which the frigid caress was welcomed.

  36. Even had it possessed a lock, a vigorous man could have burst it through in a moment.

  37. A hoarse, frightful guttering roar burst from his red slavering jaws, then he lurched sideways and fell forward, fighting the air madly for a moment, and lay still.

  38. You can't talk that way about Mr. Newbold; he saved my life twice over, from a bear and then in the cloud burst which caught me in the canyon.

  39. It'll be a cloud burst sure, we'll have to git out o' here an' in a hurry too.

  40. The others pointed out to Armstrong that if the woman they all loved had by any fortunate chance escaped the cloud burst she must inevitably have perished from cold, starvation and exposure in the mountain long since.

  41. After the first awful deluge of the cloud burst it moderated slightly, but the hard rain came down steadily, the wind rose as well and in spite of their oil skins they were soon wet and cold.

  42. God bless that--" burst out the man and then he checked himself, flushing again, darkly.

  43. The cloud burst was over, but the rain still beat down upon them, the thunder still roared above them, the lightning still flashed about them, but they were safe, alive if the woman had not died in his arms.

  44. A sudden cloud burst filled the canyon, washed away the camp.

  45. Miss Enid Maitland was clad in a way that would have caused her father a stroke of apoplexy if he could have been suddenly made aware of her dress, if she had burst into the drawing-room without announcement for instance.

  46. Damned if I know," answered Mr. Simson, with a burst of candour.

  47. She would run down home and burst in upon her father.

  48. It would come one day: the world war that one felt was gathering in the air; that would burst like a second deluge on the nations.

  49. The thing seemed to have become alive--to be threatening to burst its heart.

  50. One day Phillips burst into a curious laugh.

  51. Thus rose A mighty barrier which no ram could burst Nor any ponderous machine of war.

  52. But burst these words From Cato's blameless breast: "Then with like vows As Caesar's rival host ye too did seek A lord and master!

  53. Nature feared Chaos returned, as though the elements Had burst their bonds, and night had come to mix Th' infernal shades with heaven.

  54. But well the captain knew, Volteius, how the secret fraud was planned, And tried in vain with sword and steel to burst The bands that held them; without hope he fights, Uncertain where to avoid or front the foe.

  55. Now, Guise, begin those deep-engendered thoughts To burst abroad those never-dying flames Which cannot be extinguished but by blood.

  56. Why burst you not, and they fell in the seas?

  57. Then an exclamation of astonishment burst from him.

  58. Then it was that impulsive youth and inexperience burst out, and while I was glad to hear him say it, I knew it was indiscreet.

  59. At that moment a boy burst into the room wholly unannounced, laid a telegram addressed to me on my desk, and was gone as quickly as he came.

  60. When Tubby said this so grandly he tried very hard to keep a straight face; but discovering the gleam of merriment in Rob's eyes, he burst into a laugh.

  61. He was nearing Hoag's barn, and thinking of making a short cut to the village across the fields, when a man suddenly burst from the thicket at the side of the road and faced him.

  62. The sun, now a great, red disk, had burst into sight.

  63. On his bald pate glistened beads of sweat which burst now and then and trickled down to his bushy eyebrows.

  64. I want it that way," he added, in a low, firm tone, and with smoldering fires in his eyes which seemed about to burst into flame.

  65. Her people are an excitable, flaming people who may burst out in a spasmodic revulsion against their commercialization.

  66. They roll their r's, shout as though mad with anger, and then burst out in childish laughter at nothing.

  67. Every move provoked a burst of laughter, whether successful or unsuccessful to the hilarious one, and never a suggestion of strife or thought of gain was manifest.

  68. The air was sweet with perfume, and as Bobbie gazed about there suddenly burst through the blossoms a band of smiling fairies.

  69. The bubble was splashing in a burst of water and light.

  70. As the verdict was read out the spectators in the court burst into cheers.

  71. He burst open the bedroom door and, with the help of Arthur, packed up a change of things.

  72. I could not help it; I burst out laughing.

  73. The big man started back and stared at me; then burst out laughing.

  74. Joan buried her fair head in Virginia's skirts and burst into tears.

  75. She now burst into open tears, into which wounded pride entered as much as wounded affection.

  76. Joan burst into a laugh, and embraced her warmly.

  77. My father,' she burst out suddenly, 'is always scolding me for my extravagance!

  78. A sudden adjusting light burst upon many familiar things at that moment.

  79. Then, having set the trap anew, his feeling burst out petulantly-- 'A girl like you to throw yourself away upon such a commonplace fellow as that quarryman!

  80. He calls himself a plant which has burst into bloom too swiftly and opulently.

  81. There, in more than one place the inflammable straw roofs had already burst into flame.

  82. She was starting to hurry after him when her dress brushed against the candle placed low down on an oak-block; it fell over and set fire to the flax which burst at once into powerful flames.

  83. My eyes were opened on this subject by a fearful thunderstorm, which was accompanied by a cloud burst and hail.

  84. First of all, her father, who should have burst out at her in a tirade for having left Lord Nick for Donnegan said nothing at all, but kept a dark smile on his face when she was near him.

  85. At this Jack Landis burst into an enormous laughter.

  86. You talked foolish, then," burst out Lefty suddenly.

  87. But the shack in which Lou Macon lived burst with light.

  88. Donnegan did as he had done on the stairs; he burst into laughter.

  89. There was still the same silence, and Lester burst out: "It don't work, Donnegan.

  90. He would have spoken, but a burst of blood choked him; yet his eyes fixed and glazed, he mustered his last strength and offered his revolver to Donnegan.

  91. They burst into loud guffaws, supplemented with resounding slaps of their cupped hands on their stomachs, at the same time raising an imitative cry of "Sink-ka!

  92. In one thundering burst of amazement the truth swept over me; we were in the harbor of Papeete!

  93. When we dragged him over the rail he collapsed in the scuppers and burst into tears.

  94. I then did what I think was exactly the right thing under the circumstances, namely, to wring out the offending head-covering and throw it as far from me as possible, an act which was greeted with a hearty burst of applause.

  95. Without them our craft must certainly have burst asunder.

  96. As I took off my duck's-back fishing hat, filled it to the brim and raised it to my lips, a cry of horror burst from the throats of those swarthy giants.

  97. At this point our wives burst into laughter.

  98. Only a few days before Whinney, usually so philosophical, had burst out petulantly with: "To hell with these islands.

  99. With the first burst of laughter it seemed that all embarrassment on the part of the natives had been dissipated.

  100. Thus standing, they again burst into the melody of their national love-song.

  101. As soon as the first German shell packed with these new nitrates burst inside the Gruson cupola at Li├Ęge and tore out its steel and concrete by the roots the world knew that the day of the fixed fortress was gone.

  102. But finally man got closer to nature's secret and discovered that by loosing a swarm of gaseous molecules he could throw his projectile seventy-five miles and then by the same force burst it into flying fragments.

  103. The Zeppelins burst like wind bags, but the nitrogen plants worked and made Germany independent of Chile not only during the war, but in the time of peace.

  104. Each species seems to burst upon us with a united impulse; you may search for them day after day in vain, but the day when you find one specimen the spell is broken and you find twenty.

  105. Vegetation and birds being distributed over the year, there is no burst of verdure nor of song.

  106. Others, more lucky, or better versed in telescopic observations, got a view of the fortress, and perhaps burst out swearing at the evident massiveness of the walls and the size of the columbiads.

  107. The flame burst out, flashing the gaunt figure into bold relief.

  108. No tropics can offer such a burst of joy; indeed, no zone much warmer than our Northern States can offer a genuine spring.

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