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Example sentences for "bursted"

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bursaries; bursary; bursch; burse; burst; bursten; bursteth; bursting; bursts; burthen
  1. He said too, "that for his part he was glad it was a pig and not a hog, for that he verily believed he should have bursted himself.

  2. Shortly arrived the packet from New York, with news of a far more dreadful thunder-clap which had bursted on poor George in America--the capture of his grand Canada army!

  3. And then Robbins died, and at the funeral he bursted off the lid and riz up in his shroud and told the parson to let up on the performances, becuz he could not stand such a coffin as that.

  4. Then; for a while, he had gained a meagre living by sewing up bursted sacks of grain on the piers; when that failed he had found food here and there as chance threw it in his way.

  5. If in the fire-box end, a piece of scantling or post can be sharpened and driven into the flue from the fire-box door; it will then burn off up to where the water from the bursted flue keeps it wet.

  6. What shall be done with a badly leaking or bursted flue?

  7. How may the engineman assist the trainman in finding a bursted hose?

  8. They were both quite dead, and frozen so hard, that the flesh had bursted out under their finger nails, and their teeth stood out.

  9. He did not enter the world the right way, but bursted from the womb.

  10. See a broncho bursted (obviously changed over from "busted").

  11. These are usually plugged by tapering a piece of pine wood and driving it into the bursted tube by means of an iron bar.

  12. Happily, in the very instant of its firing, lieutenant Jossilin knocked it up with his sword; and the ball grazing my shoulder, bursted through the side of the house.

  13. But, to my infinite mortification, no lightnings bursted forth; no thunders roared; no enemy fell.

  14. Shortly, after Mike had taken up his position as a sentry might on more important and graver business, the great doors by him suddenly bursted open, and the two young ladies hurried out.

  15. It was on that memorable day in November when the heavens seemed to have bursted their flood gates and let out a deluge to come down in gimlets to pierce the fog and smoke with its weird pattering.

  16. Great blisters formed and bursted in my hand, beads of perspiration dripped from my brow, and towards night the blood began to show at the root of my fingers.

  17. Some mischievous comrade took advantage of his position, seized a good sound cob, then just as a shell bursted overhead, the trembling little fellow all flattened out, he struck him a stunning blow on the back.

  18. Rivers have bursted forth, when earthquakes shook “The globe; some chok'd have disappear'd below.

  19. I only knew that the gun had bursted from seeing its fragments.

  20. I had the tympanum of the left ear bursted through, the warm air from the lungs issuing from it at every breathing.

  21. An oven opened in the baker's face, and emitted a softly rattling expiration like that of a bursted bellows.

  22. There was shelling for about 20 minutes and then two bursted over my head.

  23. This deaf-mute wrote, “I was standing and a shell bursted and that is all I can remember.

  24. We pay no attention to the Irish Nationalist members, whom we regard as a bankrupt lot of bursted windbags.

  25. And here this Jute Bag Company is bursted up because it had not capital to carry on with.

  26. There was one which stuck Against a single cloud so white it seemed A bursted bale of cotton.

  27. First he bursted the bonny black, And then he bursted the brown, And then he bursted the swiftest steed Eer carried man to town.

  28. One, or even two, can rarely get as much into a bursted carpet-bag, repacking it in a public road and perspiring with the fear that somebody is coming, as they can into a sound one at a time and place of their own choice.

  29. His gray shirt was buttoned with locust thorns, his cotton-woolen jacket was caught under an old cartridge belt, his ragged trousers were thrust into bursted boots, and he was thickly powdered with white and yellow dust.

  30. On the night previous, as they were marching us along, one villain tried to shoot me in the back; but although the cap bursted loud and clear, the gun missed fire.

  31. We were in front of our guns, lying flat, while the shot and shells from both sides hissed, whizzed and bursted over us.

  32. I got in the push and, as soon as we reached the cracker boxes we give a box a fling from the top of the pack and bursted it, when we all began eating like hogs.

  33. The article of rank finally got down to corporals; and rank finally bursted the government.

  34. It had the appearance of a fellow taking a running start, at an angle of forty-five degrees, with a view of bursting a board over his head, but when the board burst his head and both his hands were clamped in the bursted places.

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