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Example sentences for "bursary"

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  1. Robert leaned to the collar and laboured, not greatly moved by ambition, but much by the hope of the bursary and the college life in the near distance.

  2. My mother received a legacy of 1500 francs, and to one of his relatives he bequeathed a bursary at the Seminary of Soissons.

  3. But, in spite of the most urgent representations, they could neither obtain for me admission to the Prytanée nor a bursary in any Imperial lycée.

  4. Others that are not in a position to do so much as that have very frequently established a bursary or scholarship, sometimes sufficiently large to maintain a student at the university, or to partly do so.

  5. A bursary entitles the holder to free education at an approved secondary school for three years, together with a cash allowance of L30 per annum.

  6. A bursary is what an English undergraduate would call a "Schol.

  7. At the bursary examinations there was some English we had to turn into Latin, and it said, 'No man ever attained supreme eminence who worked for mere lucre; such efforts must ever be bounded by base mediocrity.

  8. So far the school-master had spoken frankly, even with an occasional grin at his own expense, but his words came reluctantly when he had to speak of Tommy's prospects at the bursary examinations.

  9. Open to Fellowship Arts Graduates George Heriot £30 1 year Open to graduates of Bursary for Women the United Kingdom for training as teachers.

  10. Natives of Moffat, Bursary Peebles, and students of name of Alexander or Johnstone preferred Marshall £36,18s.

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