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  1. Although he never said anything about it, I thought he did not wish me to see what the chest contained.

  2. Here is Matt Rockwood's money," said the lieutenant, as he took from the bottom of the chest several shot-bags.

  3. He has a chest at the Castle, which he always kept locked, and I don't know what there is in it.

  4. I understood you to say that the key of the chest was not buried with the owner," said the lieutenant.

  5. There was nothing else in the chest that related to me, but I felt that I had enough.

  6. Is that the chest of which you spoke, Phil?

  7. He laid one hand upon the man's chest and thumped it in different places; laid his ear to it and pressed it close.

  8. But happily, on my return from the cabin, I found my chest and bedding carefully stowed away in the steerage.

  9. London quart bottles; and a chest of Delph ware.

  10. The highboy, it is true, antedates the others, but in the early days this piece of furniture was called a high chest of drawers and the lowboy was called a low chest.

  11. My lungs felt glued up, and the muscles of my chest refused to work.

  12. By placing the patient on the chest the weight of the body forces the air out; when turned on the side this pressure is removed, and air enters the chest.

  13. His chest heaved, his lips were tightly compressed, and his nostrils dilated, as he gazed alternately at Guy and Lucy.

  14. He was seated at the inner end of it on a low chest near the stove, the light of which shone brightly on his thin old face and long white locks, and threw a gigantic black shadow on the wall behind.

  15. Rub the chest and face warm, and dash cold water, or cold and hot water alternately, on them.

  16. So Julian stretched himself out upon the leper, lay on him, lips to lips, chest to chest.

  17. The corners of his mouth were drawn up over his teeth; an accelerated death-rattle shook his chest and with each one of his aspirations, his stomach touched his spine.

  18. The species of shroud that was wrapped around him had fallen below his loins, and his shoulders and chest and lean arms were hidden under blotches of scaly pustules.

  19. Then the heaving chest grew more quiet, and after a moment, his eyes lighted with a happy smile as they fastened on Beryl's face, bent over him.

  20. Another key fitted a chest she owned, and still another fitted the door of her house; while strongest of all proof, she found a piece of cloth which she identified as part of her husband's coat.

  21. In the hot embers, it smoked, shrivelled, disappeared; and the attorney crossed his arms over his chest to crush back the heavy sigh struggling for escape.

  22. Within that sculptured chest was sleeping the mummied remains of some distinguished personage.

  23. The only piece of furniture this chamber contains is a chest of red granite, chiselled from a solid block; its size is larger than the passage leading to the chamber, so that it must have been placed there when the room was built.

  24. The shaking of the earth continued about five seconds, with unequal vibration, sufficient to awake a gentle sleeper, throw down a knife carelessly reared up, or rattle the brass drops of a chest of drawers.

  25. Bad also as their houses were, a chest of carpentry tools would be necessary to complete them.

  26. So close in fact that the black and gold of his uniform brushed the massive chest of the cadet from Venus.

  27. Tom brought his fist up, with the thumb extended and wiped it across his chest in the traditional spaceman's signal that all was clear.

  28. Though a few inches shorter than Astro, he was what Astro might become in thirty years, heavily muscular, with a barrel chest that filled the gold-and-black uniform tightly.

  29. Iron hasp from trunk or chest lock; has rectangular keeper and rolled terminal for lifting.

  30. The left horn pinned the cape to Tomas's naked chest over the heart.

  31. There is a long chest full of money and diamonds in the room.

  32. But in a minute the judge rucked the coat up over his chest by the way in which he stuffed his hands into his pockets, obeying an irresistible habit.

  33. There was no such chest in England, and the King was forever at his wits' end how to keep his men in the field.

  34. The feudal system enabled an army to be drawn rapidly together with small expense, but at the end of a few weeks it dispersed again as swiftly, and only by a well-filled money-chest could it be held together.

  35. With a hoarse shout the outlaw toppled backward and had hardly reached the ground before Aylward had his knee upon his chest and his short sword deep in his beard and pointed to his throat.

  36. Had Bark been as sure of hand and certain of aim as any archer who lived in later centuries he could not have sent an arrow more fairly to its mark than he sent that admirable sliver into the chest of his big brother.

  37. His chosen band who were with him now were all bowmen, and about the shoulder and chest of each was still slung his weapon, but there were no more arrows.

  38. Were not his arms and legs longer and stronger than theirs and his chest deeper?

  39. Having secured the services of some active smart lad who can ride and vault, the lighter the better, make him stand on a mounting block, an inverted empty wine chest will do, placed near his fore leg.

  40. It may be described as a corset in combination with a chest-expanding brace, and as such corrects the habit of stooping, and by expanding the chest flattens the back and keeps the shoulder-blades in their right place.

  41. The chest can hardly be too deep, but it can be too wide, or have too great breadth between the fore-legs.

  42. He felt his chest again to make sure it was not clammy.

  43. He pulled it farther apart, baring his chest to the deliciously soft night.

  44. She clasped him round the chest and fondled him, distracted with pity.

  45. She thrust her hands in his chest and pushed him apart.

  46. The key of the oak chest was about his mother's person, and he must obtain it; he must search for it in corruption and death, amongst creeping worms and noisome stench.

  47. But we must not disgust our readers; it will suffice to say, that the key was obtained, and the chest opened.

  48. Jemmy's chest and hammocks were in the boat.

  49. I could perceive, however, from her heaving chest and restless manner, that no common agitation was stirring her bosom.

  50. This being done, and four canisters of Dartford gunpowder being procured on tick, our military chest being in a most deplorable condition, I waited for the moment of attack.

  51. Snatching up the pistol I let fall, he held it to the man's chest and commanded him to be silent.

  52. The broad brow and stalwart chest of the Saxon lay bleaching beside the bronzed and bearded warrior of Gaul, while the torn-up ground attested the desperation of that struggle which closed the day.

  53. Elzevir had found a battered sea-chest up on Peveril Point, and from the side of it made splints to set my leg--using his own shirt for bandages.

  54. The Maestro was triumphant; his chest had gained two inches in expansion.

  55. She told me afterwards that he had sewn up the clothes in the neatest manner wherever they could be made smaller; and the effect of the jacket, which he had stuffed out in the chest with hay, as we discovered by the perfume, was very droll.

  56. The chiefs of my department, and the head of the American Secret Service, firmly believe that the missing papers are in that chest and will be discovered when the chest is opened in London.

  57. You have all heard that the seals of a tin chest belonging to a neutral country had been tampered with.

  58. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "chest" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.

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