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  1. Lloyd and I made a chessboard out of a carton.

  2. When I got back to my compartment, Lloyd had taken away the chessboard and all his buttons.

  3. Thus a chessboard was an ideograph, and stood for a gift, and sometimes a building.

  4. It was called men, and sometimes the chessboard is preceded by an owl, the phonetic sign of m, and followed by a zigzag line, the phonetic sign of n.

  5. And rising up she went to the Red Branch, where she found Naisi and Deirdre with the chessboard between them, playing.

  6. And Naisi asked for the king's chessboard and chessmen; which were brought: and he and Deirdre began to play.

  7. The sons of Usna were at that same hour in their booth; and Naisi and Deirdre were sitting with a polished chessboard between them playing a game.

  8. Illustration] It will be seen in the illustration how a chessboard may be divided into four parts, each of the same size and shape, so that a complete re-entrant knight's tour may be made on each portion.

  9. They can be made, as we have seen, out of the chessboard and the peculiar moves of the chess pieces.

  10. Illustration] We cannot divide the ordinary chessboard into four equal square compartments, and describe a complete tour, or even path, in each compartment.

  11. I have shown in the diagram how twelve knights (the fewest possible that will perform the feat) may be placed on the chessboard so that every square is either occupied or attacked by a knight.

  12. Take that chessboard and, before day dawns upon the torture chamber, cut it into four equal parts of the same shape, each containing sixteen perfect squares, with one of the gems in each part!

  13. In how many different ways may I place six pawns on the chessboard so that there shall be an even number of unoccupied squares in every row and every column?

  14. All you need is a chessboard and the thirty-two pieces, or the same number of draughts or counters.

  15. Here I, of course, mean in the lines parallel with the diagonals, in the chessboard sense.

  16. It was with a view to securing the interest of readers who are frightened off by the mere presentation of a chessboard that so many puzzles of this class were originally published by me in various fanciful dresses.

  17. No rook's path over the chessboard can exceed this number of moves.

  18. The method of dividing the chessboard so that each of the four parts shall be of exactly the same size and shape, and contain one of the gems, is shown in the diagram.

  19. On an ordinary chessboard every square can be guarded by 8 bishops (the fewest possible), if no bishop may attack another bishop.

  20. Try the puzzle with a pencil on chessboard diagrams, or you may regard them as rooks' moves on a board.

  21. If I was childish, and had faith in omens, I’d rather not have lit on that old chessboard At my home-coming.

  22. There is, at one side, a small table with a chessboard and chessmen upon it, and a wine flagon and loaf of bread.

  23. Presently he comes from the door, and goes to the table where the chessboard is.

  24. If I were childish and had faith in omens I’d rather not have lit on that old chessboard At my homecoming.

  25. Chessboard is brought, all play and are beaten save L.

  26. Also made chessboard of gold and silver, which plays of itself against all men.

  27. Chessboard is sent as present to Guinevere.

  28. All who have taken pains to excel in knowledge, Command to place this chessboard before them, And to exert their utmost ingenuity To discover the secret of this noble game.

  29. Then Buzarchmahar made them place the chessboard before him, And seated himself, full of thought, and expanded his countenance.

  30. For never hath he seen," he said, "a chessboard before, Nor ever hath he heard about it from the experienced men of India.

  31. They placed the chessboard before them, And observed it attentively, time without measure.

  32. They placed the chessboard before the King, Who gazed attentively at the pieces a considerable time.

  33. Not that I can see where the fun is in just sitting staring at a chessboard for half an hour at a time, though!

  34. And so Billy pored over her chessboard feverishly, tirelessly, having ever before her longing eyes the dear time when Bertram, across the table from her, should sit happily staring for half an hour at a move she had made.

  35. Then he sprang over the chessboard after the nine.

  36. The chessboard is divided (see accompanying diagrams) into sixty-four chequered squares.

  37. A small table on which the chessboard had stood was overturned, and the chessmen were scattered about the floor.

  38. The brothers were devoted to each other, as twins often are; the overturned chessboard proved that normal relations had existed between them that evening, that they had played their usual game before retiring.

  39. Crewe's growing interest in the chessboard and his problem suddenly vanished.

  40. Colonel Talbot and Lieutenant-Colonel St. Hilaire sat beneath an apple tree, and the chessboard was between them.

  41. On his second visit the chessboard was mended so perfectly that the split was not visible, and the two colonels sat down to finish their game.

  42. It has been asserted, but incorrectly, that this chessboard was the one preserved in the Musée de Cluny, after having long formed part of the treasures of the Kings of France.

  43. Vieux de la Montagne, chief of the Ismalians, a chessboard made of gold and rock crystal, the pieces being of precious metals beautifully worked.

  44. On arriving there he finds the door open, and in the hall a chessboard and chessmen playing by themselves.

  45. The loss of the chessboard is the starting-point of the task, and the cousin reappears as the black maiden.

  46. It will be noticed, however, that they bear chiefly upon two adventures: that of the chessboard and stag hunt, and that of the loathly maiden.

  47. The black maiden comes in and reproaches him--he may find the chessboard again at the Castle of Ysbidinongyl, where a black man lays waste the dominions of the Empress.

  48. Chrestien, where did it get the chessboard adventure from, and if it knew Gautier as well as Chrestien why did it not finish the Grail adventure upon the same lines as it began, i.

  49. She is here quite distinct from the lady of the chessboard to whom Perceval returns later.

  50. He favours one side which loses, whereupon he casts the chessboard in the lake.

  51. Turning now to Gautier, in whose section of the poem are to be found the various adventures growing out of the chessboard incident, this difference between the Mabinogi and himself may be noted.

  52. Chessboard Castle); stag hunt; loss of dog; fight with the black man of the cromlech.

  53. Chessboard Castle, who hated her and wished to diminish her and her knight's pride (p.

  54. His chessboard was of silver, glittering with precious stones at each corner.

  55. But the queen is sleeping in her chamber now," said Eochaid; "and it is there the chessboard is.

  56. In all these movements on the great chessboard of war with its army corps, divisions and brigades, what was a single regiment among so many hundred?

  57. See, here is the chessboard of Concobar, with which he is wont to divine, playing a lonely game with fate.

  58. It was a beautiful chessboard they had, all of white bronze, and the chessmen of gold and silver, and a candlestick of precious stones lighting it.

  59. Now," said she, placing the chessboard in his hands, "I am mistress of ceremonies.

  60. You must sit down at the chessboard and let Julia play for you," and she pushed them both toward the chairs, which she and Mr. Middleton had just vacated.

  61. And he beheld a chessboard in the hall, and the chessmen were playing against each other, by themselves.

  62. The chessboard is not in the place where thou didst find it; go back, therefore, and slay him," answered she.

  63. I granted him his life," said Peredur, "that he might cause the chessboard to be restored.

  64. And Peredur was wroth, and took the chessmen in his lap, and cast the chessboard into the lake.

  65. And the way in which thou mayest recover the chessboard is, to repair to the Castle of Ysbidinongyl, where is a black man, who lays waste the dominions of the Empress; and if thou canst slay him, thou wilt recover the chessboard.

  66. Mercy will I grant thee," said he, "on condition that thou cause the chessboard to be restored to the place where it was when I entered the hall.

  67. In Diagram A is shown the puzzle in the form in which it may be presented on a portion of the chessboard with six knights.

  68. Now, tradition--on this point not trustworthy--says that the chessboard broke into the thirteen fragments shown in our illustration.

  69. The representation of a squatting Arab, robed in red Oriental swathes and with a chessboard fastened to its knees, sat cross-legged on a box-like structure.

  70. It was moved about without any regard to the chessboard rules of war.

  71. Oaklands, raising his eyes from the chessboard as I entered our little drawing-room.

  72. The blocks were two inches square and there were eight each way; in fact, it was a copy of the chessboard her father had made.

  73. The chessboard stood prominently on the moss at the foot of the tree, and the frame, with its picture, hung from one branch.

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