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  1. That chessmen of the conventional type are by no means absolutely necessary for a game is shown by the Korean Tjyang-Keui, whose figures closely resemble the pieces used by the Chinese.

  2. A very interesting set of chessmen in the British Museum was found at Nig, in the Isle of Lewis, and is described as "North European, Twelfth Century.

  3. The chequered backs gave rise to the supposition that the board for playing chess had been transferred to the backs of the cards, and the chessmen had been converted into printed figures on the faces of the cardboard.

  4. And hereupon he saw the youths arise and clear the chessmen from the board.

  5. Then Arthur took the golden chessmen that were upon the board, and crushed them until they became as dust.

  6. And he beheld a chessboard in the hall, and the chessmen were playing against each other, by themselves.

  7. And Peredur was wroth, and took the chessmen in his lap, and cast the chessboard into the lake.

  8. He fingered the chessmen as though all his attention were engaged by them.

  9. Before that sinister stare her own eyes sank, and sought the little travelling set of chessmen and board that were before him.

  10. When it was fine he would often bring out a little travelling set of chessmen and board and proceed to amuse himself, working out or composing problems.

  11. There was even a very artistic set of chessmen at which Coulthurst glanced during a pause in the conversation.

  12. Sorry to leave you alone so long, but we can get the chessmen out at last," he said.

  13. But after this last pleasant declaration she started up, chessmen or no chessmen, and darted out of the room.

  14. A few specimens of chessmen have been discovered: a king, elaborately carved, is figured in the Introduction to the Book of Rights.

  15. The chessmen of ancient times appear to have been rather formidable as weapons.

  16. And when death's checkmate comes, the game is finished, and the human pieces lie in the grave huddled together, like the chessmen in the box.

  17. Then, drawing two stools to the table, he produced a miniature set of chessmen and a small board.

  18. The handsome chessmen were used for minarets.

  19. Well, then, you made the cities, but you made 'em out of what other folks had made, things like bricks and chessmen and books and candlesticks and dominoes and brass basins and every sort of kind of thing.

  20. He gave up after awhile, and put the chessmen away in their proper places.

  21. And one or two of the bricks and chessmen had fallen down.

  22. He strode up and dashed the chessmen violently to the ground, and kept on touching his sword.

  23. I have had some rough chessmen made out of bits of wood, and am settling down to discipline my mind again to some sort of methodical thinking.

  24. There was a good fire burning in this looking-glass grate, but the flames went the other way of course, and down among the ashes, back of the grate, the Chessmen were walking about in pairs.

  25. She had probably been playing with the Chessmen and pretending as usual, so it is small wonder that the heavy eyes closed, and the black kitten grew into the shape of the Red Queen--and so the story began.

  26. Sir John Tenniel's picture of the assembled Chessmen is very clever.

  27. He has put so much life and expression into the faces of the little Chessmen that we cannot help regarding them as real people, and we cannot blame Alice for taking them very much in earnest.

  28. Earflaps were sometimes added, as may be seen on the chessmen found in the Isle of Lewis, now in the British Museum.

  29. They put away the chessmen and with St. Clair and Langdon marshaled the troops in line of battle.

  30. Upon the box reposed a board of chessmen and at intervals the two intent players spoke.

  31. There were two beautiful large ivory work-boxes, inlaid with stripes and circles of tiny mosaic; and there were even more delicious little boxes of soft fragrant sandal wood, and a set of chessmen in ivory.

  32. Only day before yesterday, I saw that set of ivory chessmen on his writing-table.

  33. There were the ivory chessmen that he had brought from India, under a glass shade on an inlaid table in a window.

  34. He sat down in the chair by the window, and leaned upon the table, scattering the Indian chessmen with his elbow.

  35. I am sorry for that; for I have brought you a set of chessmen that once belonged to Dost Mahommed Khan.

  36. I let my fingers dawdle among the chessmen during a pause intended to whet his curiosity, and then replied: "I wish you to ask her to bring you a sealed envelope which I gave her six days ago, the day after the jewels disappeared.

  37. For a moment he fingered the chessmen idly.

  38. I never see it played without thinking of Tara of Helium and what befell her among the chessmen of Barsoom.

  39. It recounts how Maxen Wledig, Emperor of Rome, had a vivid dream, in which he was led into a strange country, where he saw a king in an ivory chair carving chessmen with a steel file from a rod of gold.

  40. Then Arthur took the golden chessmen and crushed them to dust in his hand, and besought Owain to quiet his Ravens, which was done, and peace reigned again.

  41. And Captain Shad, who had bought those chessmen at Singapore from the savings of a second mate's wages, lost patience entirely.

  42. They took David into the parlor and the cat wriggled from its owner's arms, jumped upon the table, knocked the case containing the chessmen to the floor, and not only broke the glass but decapitated one of the white knights.

  43. Besides the chessmen Mr. Elphinstone had sent workboxes and card counters with the various tradespeople of China minutely carved on them.

  44. Napoleon was probably no less pleased with the chessmen because each piece had a small eagle carved on it.

  45. Following the Emperor to the billiard-room, she saw upon the table some gorgeously carved chessmen sent to him by Mr. Elphinstone.

  46. The chessmen are too pretty for St. Helena," said Napoleon; "I must send them to the King of Rome.

  47. The chessmen of Henry VIII were last heard of in the possession of Sir Thomas Herbert, those of Charles I were with Lord Barrington.

  48. The Emperor's taste for chess, his celebrated chessmen and his communications on scientific and social matters with the East and elsewhere could be no secrets to Alcuin.

  49. A shelf of books had been put up; beneath, a small table held the jade-and-ivory chessmen drawn up in battle array on their field.

  50. They had recourse again to the chessmen and Paul's stories, and they reverted often to their friends and relatives at Wareville.

  51. The chessmen were put aside for the time, and five hungry beings ate as only borderers could eat.

  52. It is not often that a collection of old chessmen is found among household curios, although it was not uncommon to discover among sundry ivory carvings a few odd pieces which had been secured on account of their beautiful carving.

  53. In India and China some very remarkable chessmen have been produced.

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