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Example sentences for "dashed"

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darwaza; darweesh; das; dash; dashboard; dasher; dashes; dasheth; dashing; dasht
  1. Hyams dashed on; I followed; and there, to my unutterable surprise, I beheld Rogers of ours kneeling at the feet of the Latchley!

  2. A number of gazelles were started; the Bascha seized a gun and dashed after them upon his Arabian stallion, almost the whole of the cavalry scouring after him like a wild mob, and we ourselves riding a sharp trot to witness the chase.

  3. I knew now exactly why Prince Dalmar-Kalm had dashed on his clothes at sight of me and come into the garden on an empty stomach.

  4. Fierce electric trams dashed clanging and flashing in all directions, making a pandemonium worse than Chicago or the streets of Paris.

  5. I thought it much more probable that we would be at the bottom of Lake Como, having been previously dashed into pieces so small that no expert could sort them.

  6. Then it was only by a merciful dispensation that we weren't hurled over the precipice and dashed to pieces," exclaimed Mamma.

  7. He dashed back and forth among the branches and white blossoms, the hummingbird in close pursuit.

  8. But Polyphemus, who had been looking them over with his one eye, seized two of the mariners and dashed them against the wall and made his evening meal of them, while their comrades stood by helpless.

  9. None had ever been able to answer, and none had ever lived to warn men of the riddle; for the Sphinx fell upon every one as he failed, and hurled him down the abyss, to be dashed in pieces.

  10. His body fell through the heavens, aflame like a shooting-star; and the horses of the Sun dashed homeward with the empty chariot.

  11. The king dashed up, panting, but in surprisingly good shape for a man of forty-odd who had run so far in gold armor.

  12. But the whooping youth swerved a little to the right, and was ten feet away from the terrified captive when he dashed by with unabated speed.

  13. The rain beat upon the roof, dashed against the window-panes, and rattled on the logs of the cabin, with a melancholy sound that made the interior seem doubly cheerful by contrast.

  14. Jack dashed the tears from his eyes, and, compressing his lips, braved it out.

  15. The Medicine Man gave one frenzied kick and screech as the teeth of the canine sank into his flesh, and, scrambling to his feet, dashed out of the lodge with no thought of the dignity belonging to his exalted character.

  16. At that instant Deerfoot bounded to his feet as if thrown upward by a spring-board, and with a slight whoop, dashed straight at the animal, swinging his arms and jumping from side to side in the most grotesque fashion.

  17. The crowd around the entrance became so noisy that the chieftain suddenly lost patience, and, springing to his feet, he dashed the bison skin door aside and speedily scattered them.

  18. Taking Carl's cap, which the Dutch boy had filled with water, Matt dashed the contents in Dick's face.

  19. These towering cliffs have been worn away by the action of the lake, which for centuries has dashed an ocean-like surf against their base.

  20. Unsuspicious of danger they played with the sportive waves as they dashed upon the shore, and were swimming and diving in all directions, when the terrific yell of armed warriors broke upon their ears.

  21. It must not be taken for ALL, that in any sense are given by the Father to him, because the Father hath given some, yea, many to him, to be dashed in pieces by him.

  22. So Christian and Hopeful looked down, and saw at the bottom several men dashed all to pieces by a fall that they had from the top.

  23. That mountain has been the death of many, and will be the death of many more; it is well you escaped being by it dashed in pieces.

  24. Prince of those grounds, to catch vain-glorious fools withal, and was dashed in pieces with his fall.

  25. Young children were dashed in pieces, yea, those unborn were destroyed.

  26. If it were not for the anchor the ship might be thrust upon the rocks, or it might be dashed to pieces by the waves that break upon the coast.

  27. Near Chantilly, whilst travelling at over fifty miles an hour, the points were tampered with, and the express dashed into a goods train laden with minerals.

  28. He seized a glass of water and dashed it in the face of Mr. van Jool.

  29. The mule rolled over and over until the bottom was reached, and we supposed of course the poor animal was dashed to pieces.

  30. A few of our cavalry dashed in, and forded and swam the stream, and all opposition was soon dispersed.

  31. On the 4th his cavalry dashed down and captured a small picket guard of six or seven men, stationed some five miles out from Pittsburg on the Corinth road.

  32. Doubtless his head was his strong place; if it had not been, his brains must have been dashed out.

  33. The yacht dashed madly on towards the scene of the disaster.

  34. We can put the fire out if we stick to it," replied Levi, in encouraging tones, as he dashed a bucket of water on a volume of flame that rushed up at the side of the chimney.

  35. I dashed it off in twenty minutes," said the other.

  36. But you dashed it off in twenty minutes," the other man reminded him.

  37. The black water splashed, and dashed the little boat against the giant hull; but the noise was lost in the incessant shock of the water and the continual fall of one wave after another upon the shores of the island.

  38. Loo was stunned by the force of the wind, which never paused, and which dashed a shower of foam into his face; he again felt on his lips the salty taste which he so disliked when he came near drowning.

  39. They dashed up furiously; the frothing crests were blown forward; then they poured down like cataracts.

  40. And on the seventh day, while he thus spoke, a stone from the machines of the Romans dashed him into atoms!

  41. Those rugged and sombre Apennines, the cataract that dashed between, suited, more than the actual scenes would have done, the mood and temper of his mind.

  42. There was a pause of several moments, during which May dashed more than one tear from her cheek.

  43. She paused, gazed at herself a moment, then, with a frantic gesture, tore the diamonds from her hair and neck, and with a bitter laugh dashed them from her.

  44. Then there was a sharp hiss and blow behind him; his horse snorted and leapt forward, almost unseating him, and then, still snorting with head raised and jerking, dashed at the slope.

  45. The three ladies stopped for a moment, close together; and simultaneously the struggling man broke free and dashed back into the crowd, screaming with anger and misery.

  46. She nodded and passed into the hall without speaking, and turned to Sir Nicholas' study; while Hubert's steps dashed up the stairs to his mother's room.

  47. Up"; and he slung his right leg over the flank and sat up, as Mary released the bridle, and dashed off, scattering gravel.

  48. At least once a day a courier dashed in through the south-west gate, with news that all must hold themselves ready to meet the enemy by the end of the month; labour grew more incessant and excitement more feverish.

  49. He noticed nothing of the hoofs that dashed up the road and stopped abruptly, and of the murmur of voices that grew round him; he only heard the gasping whisper, the words that rose one by one, with pauses and sighs, into his ear.

  50. And then, when the sensitive strings of her soul were stretched to anguish, a hand dashed across them, striking a wailing discord, and they did not break.

  51. Just as Anthony was leaving the house, a servant in the royal livery dashed up to the gate; and the porter ran out after Anthony to call him back.

  52. There was a sound of opening doors, and of feet that ran in the house below; and Lady Maxwell rose up and put out her hand, as a man-servant dashed in with a letter.

  53. Jane dashed around to the other side, adding her strength to the task.

  54. And then, to escape his tormentors, he whipped up his horses and dashed out of the Hall grounds at top speed.

  55. A moment later the mountaineer rushed in, and with a club he had picked up at the sheepfold dashed out the brains of the creature; and thus the strange and unexpected encounter came to an end.

  56. Then of a sudden the mule turned and dashed away through the bushes.

  57. They dashed on the field and swept up Captain Armstrong and his gallant warriors.

  58. Five minutes before the hour the Harvard captain, with his red-jerseyed and red-stockinged warriors at his heels, dashed through the gate at the northwest corner of the field.

  59. And away the Codfish dashed down the street.

  60. Read the News in the morning," and grabbing a handful of manuscript the Codfish dashed out the door, slamming it vigorously behind him as was his habit.

  61. Getting his bearings from the direction in which the yell came, he dashed through a short street and stood before the main gate of the Club.

  62. Ta, ta, there's my call," and he dashed into the boathouse where his crew were preparing to take the shell out.

  63. Troubled and excited at the first menstrual flow, she dashed her feet in cold water hoping to stop the flow.

  64. Our sanguine expectations of realizing immense fortunes were dashed to the ground, and we felt pretty blue.

  65. So, leaving my saddle and bridle with the wagons, we rode to the windward of the buffaloes, as usual, and when within a few hundred yards of them we dashed into the herd.

  66. We instantly dashed over the bluffs, and advanced on a gallop towards the Indians.

  67. Comstock and I dashed into a herd, followed by the referees.

  68. Crosby dashed by him and leveled another of the herd, while Livingston dropped a third.

  69. My horse was close at hand, and, mounting him bare-back, I at once dashed off after the mule herd, which had been stampeded.

  70. He dashed over the dead body of the villain whom he had killed, and just as he sprang into the door of the house, he saw two powerful men assaulting the woman.

  71. I finally gave the signal to charge, and we dashed into the little camp with a yell.

  72. Of course the main thing was to give Alexis the first chance and the best shot at the buffaloes, and when all was in readiness we dashed over a little knoll that had hidden us from view, and in a few minutes we were among them.

  73. They then charged upon us once more, for the last time, and as they turned and dashed away over the prairie, we sent our farewell shots rattling after them.

  74. He gladly handed me the dispatch, and spurring my horse I dashed up the creek.

  75. In a second he had dashed up the area steps and stood upon the pavement.

  76. Next moment both men dashed outside, and both girls, utterly amazed and breathless, found themselves suddenly in the arms of their lovers.

  77. For a second they hesitated; then opening the door, they both dashed up the forbidden stain.

  78. Newton dashed out towards the boat, and in a minute was safely astride upon it.

  79. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "dashed" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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