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Example sentences for "crestfallen"

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cresses; cresset; cressets; crest; crested; cresting; crestline; crests; cresylic; cret
  1. Considerably crestfallen and perplexed, they left the geo, and sailed slowly up the voe once more, asking one another what was to be done next.

  2. She offered advice, which was taken in good part by the now crestfallen aunt.

  3. Presently he said, with a crestfallen air, 'You were to go alone.

  4. At last did Linton strike the right chord of the fellow's nature; and in his subdued and crestfallen countenance might be read the signs of his prostration.

  5. The difference is that some men sit down under their sorrows, crestfallen and beaten; others rise above them, and make their injuries the road to fortune.

  6. The crestfallen youth fitted another spear to the handle--for he carried several--and launched it in desperation into the middle of the flock.

  7. A mighty shout hailed the victory as the wizard arose and retired crestfallen from the scene, while the victor gravely resumed his coat and mingled with the crowd.

  8. The accusation, thus plainly stated, had a directly opposite effect upon the crestfallen lad.

  9. And then, when he saw how crestfallen I was, he smiled and hiccoughed again.

  10. The Swiss went out much crestfallen from an interview that was beyond my comprehension.

  11. She positively gloated over the crestfallen Mr. Sommerville.

  12. These accusations met with no ready answer from the somewhat crestfallen elders, whose only defense was the entire unexpectedness of the way in which Sylvia was distinguishing herself.

  13. I never saw anybody look more crestfallen than he.

  14. His mother seemed crestfallen that he should display so little inclination towards the other sex; and expressed her disappointment with some candour and a very proper reference to the influence of years.

  15. If Miss Drummond looked grave, the Form looked utterly crestfallen and ashamed.

  16. Very crestfallen and miserable, Aldred took up her unfortunate painting, and began to walk away down the path towards the wood, leaving her brother to follow.

  17. Crestfallen and sullen, the troopers reined in, listening in silence to the commination addressed to them from the pulpit of the cedar.

  18. The glance he directed at the crestfallen Goumiers let it be inferred that his words were also designed to reach their address.

  19. With which she left the room and went serenely down-stairs, followed by the somewhat mystified and crestfallen colonel, who had left his two men to make fast the broken door.

  20. Yes, it pleases me to think how crestfallen he will be!

  21. The governor went on, having spoken, and the actors in the farce looked crestfallen at one another, the point of the jest somewhat blunted by the governor's complete approval.

  22. And for the girls I have wondrous beads," added Giles, seeing Damaris's crestfallen face.

  23. The crestfallen warrior saw fit to hold his peace, making what haste he could towards the safety of the inn.

  24. Consequently, they were rather crestfallen when I ordered that our share of the meal should all be roasted there and then.

  25. By this time they had reached the gate, and Dawn was carelessly inviting him to enter, but he declined in rather a crestfallen tone.

  26. He saw each striped champion come up gracefully and retire crestfallen to the bench, even as the Dickinson batters had done.

  27. Turkey, crestfallen and muttering, arose and dusted himself amid the jeers of the onlookers.

  28. Little Smeed, Poler Fox, and Snorky Green struggled in vain for recognition, and retired crestfallen and defrauded, to watch the scramble for each succeeding dance, which had to be portioned among three and often four clamourers.

  29. A thwarted, crestfallen Hoopdriver it was, as you may well imagine.

  30. These latter went crestfallen back to look after their chief and their winged bloodhound.

  31. His two crestfallen companions meekly obeyed, and after considerable blundering due to their inexperience the nets were once more got aboard the skiffs.

  32. His chums were quite crestfallen over their mistake, but he only laughed.

  33. And Arsenio, cruelly let down from his heroics, looked funnily crestfallen too.

  34. Bloomfield, who had also regarded the afternoon's business as a test of his authority, looked as crestfallen as the real captain, and for the first time that term he and Riddell approached one another with a common interest.

  35. At any rate, he gave deep offence now to Game and Ashley, who retired in high dudgeon and greatly crestfallen to proclaim their wrongs to a small and sympathetic knot of admirers.

  36. Hans tried to be very attentive to Miss Abigail, but she repulsed him, so that he was very crestfallen after that, not a little to the amusement of the others.

  37. He looked very doleful and crestfallen during the rest of the journey to the Pueblo, where they arrived at nine o'clock that evening.

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